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  1. I don't know how I ended up in this forum after few months. Maybe cause I just log in soompi again and saw few notifications coming from this forum. I won't elaborate more. Bottom line is, I really dislike this drama wholeheartedly. I regret ever watching it. The only good thing I take from it is Nie Yuan's fantastic acting and LBW being my favourite character. Haolan is annoying. I just couldn't buy her story arc at all.
  2. The golden ball/pearl was bought the same day he bought Haolan. Tbh, this scene shows bad editing because first and foremost, LBW bought the pearl (actually he paid higher price for the box, not the pearl) before he bought Haolan. No idea if Haolan witnessed the grand scene of LBW showing-off his wealth since she was brought in for sell later on. I would also like to believe she never stopped loving LBW which actually hinted that way - from how she reacted upon seeing him after 8 years (excited but had to restrain herself), affected upon learning of his marriage to Bai Ling'Er, she couldn't admit to LBW when he asked her if she loves Yingren and still affected by his touch when he visited the epidemic plague area. But her action shifts 360 degree once she becomes a dowager. To this day, I still don't understand why is she holding so much grudge against LBW? While I appreciate the feminist theme that they highlighted in this drama, but there's something not right about it. Being a feminist does not mean everything is all about you as a woman, about what you want, about your benefit and all and totally ignoring the sides of the man. That is not feminism, that is selfishness. This is exactly how Haolan is. She keeps repeating the mantra of how a woman should love herself first and more but when comes to the men, she expected them to put her first. LBW indeed loves himself but that does not mean he doesn't love her enough to have her best interest at heart. The same goes with Yingren. I read some comments on twitter and IG and I agree that Haolan's love is cheap. Perhaps that's why I couldn't root for her. And not to mention how she applies different standards on the two men in her life. No matter what LBW does for her, she still choose to refute his sincerity. In contrast, she only choose to see the good in Yingren just because he isn't outright manipulative. Haolan is so inconsistent. And as said earlier, she isn't worthy of any of those men's love esp LBW. She does not even know what she wants. She is a lost character. And really? There's an official MV for LBW x HL with the theme song? So, that could be said that the official CP is LBW x HL? Probably they want to make up for cutting out the boat scene or to appease the angry shippers of Yanxi's couple. Or I could be mistaken but that song only playing for the scenes involving LBW and HL. All and all, as most people commented, this drama is a downgrade from Yanxi and I couldn't agree more.
  3. Oh...towards the end of this show, I still couldn't figure out why HL resented LBW so much? While she may has concern over her son's power as the true king of Qin and LBW's carving for power, I still feel that her resentment is too much. She even made a play with Lao Ai just to aggrieved LBW, even when she knows he always and still loves her and no matter how manipulative he is, he is always concern over her well-being. With the boating scene being cut out, her final reaction upon seeing the pearl that LBW left for her is more of a reaction of a woman feeling happily accomplished that LBW finally vanished from her life and stripped off everything. In the end, I agree that the boat scene doesn't need to make in into the final cut. I don't think that HL ever loved LBW at all. She isn't worth his love either.
  4. Bizarre indeed. The drama is called "The Legend of Haolan" not legend of Yingren, yet her char just vanished into thin air. Other than Bai Zhong delivering her last message for her son to understand her intention, we don't know what kind of conclusion there is for her. Same goes with LBW. No proper closure to his char. These two main chars were given the journeys but not the closures. While Qin Shi Huang maybe known as a tyrant, he was an able ruler and a great military strategist. In here, he was portrayed as simply a brat with anger management issue and inclination for violence. The actors who played him and Lao Ai went OTT, I cringed watching their scenes. A lot of scenes didn't make the final cut along with the boating scene which they weirdly released in the BTS. The CP fans are crying foul at weibo. Lol. All and all, the drama is a hot mess. *sigh*
  5. Oh my god. I watched the snippets of the finale on weibo. Goodness, it is terrible. The Qin Shi Huang is portrayed as a lunatic tyrant and violent young king (idk where's his resemblance with either YR or LBW or even HL), Lao Ai, a mere guard can simply desecrated the Dowager's plants just because he is angry of her and the two infamous illegitimate children in history are actually adopted by HL. And HL just dissappeared like that and that's it? The story seems to serve no purpose after Yingren's death. It's like watching a totally different drama. While Yingren was given complexity and perfect conclusion to his char, the rest are just redundant. LBW? Xiaochun? Already they whitewashed Zhao Ji (understandable) and then veered so far away from history but I didn't expect it would be this bad. Read that the ending was so rushed and that 63eps were cut down to 62eps. *Headdesk* Should have expected this from a Yu Zheng's drama. Yanxi was just a lucky fluke from him. I am going to watch the full eps of the finale to have some good laugh.
  6. @joy joy 1 It's because you interpreted it wrongly. LBW schemed his way from a lowly merchant at Zhao to the man who holds the highest power in Qin after the King. He did installed an impossible king. I never said or implied that he abused power or whatever richard simmons you accused me off. When I mentioned he schemed his way, I was referring to how he planned and manipulated every chances and getting rid of every obstacles to get to where he is. And please read carefully before you go calling out on other's opinion... I was angry with the writings that basically crushed all the merits of LBW when they made him climbed onto Haolan's bed after she became a widowed queen. He would automatically be branded as disrespectful, a sexual harrasser and so on and that all the goods that he did would be wiped out because of this indecent portrayal due to silly writers who think that involuntary skinship is cute and romantic and milking too much from existing fondness of this Yanxi couple. So tell me, which part you don't understand? @lyserose Thanks sis. Some people just couldn't grasp the point and went mad unnecessarily. Understand your leaving (I should have done so long time ago) but hope to see you again in another drama forum. I'm watching Romance Supplement too but don't feel there's anything to discuss about it. Try "Haechi", it's promising.
  7. I would say its a mix of both manipulative and noble idiocy. When YR left the note to his son to take care of his mom for him, it was apparent where this writer is going. One is he wanted to have it all out of his selfishness, and second he truly meant for everything he did is for her benefit even at the expense of her hatred. My problem with HL is that she is too self-righteous and not to mention she fall in love very easily. She got herself into the mess to begin with and expecting to come out shiny and clean. If she didn't fall in love despite associating with those men, she won't get into this much richard simmons. Also, she placed blame on those men instead on herself for letting that happened to her. But again i don't blame her entirely, should she was left undisturbed as the daughter of Censur Li, she would probably marry a good man and life would have been simpler or she may ended up marrying Prince Yao (again, she will encounter another hell).
  8. @therewillbeddl I agree with your points given that I remember what LBW told Haolan in ep 25, he is a royalty. That is his previledge that no matter how well he play his game, LBW could never surpass him because of that previledge (that is ofc unless he is less intelligent royals like the princes of Zhao). LBW ended up outlives him, created his legacy but he is all set for a doom ending, again, because he isn't royalty. No one could be more powerful than the one rightfully sitting on the throne. And for goodness sake...I am so done with the love triangle. Haolan isn't worth it.
  9. What the hell are you talking about? Hey come on. LBW schemed everything for his main goal that is power. Yes, he has the people at his heart but he wanted power, also for the reason to protect himself, and not all are for the noble reasons (you can like a char but not to turn on a blind eye on his faults). When did I ever mention or implying of him abusing power? He is already a very wealthy merchant when this all started but he needs more than that for survival (look at what happened to his dad) and his personal ambition. And there's nothing wrong with man with ambition. I don't see any problem with that. And who the hell do you think you are to call me a liar?
  10. LBW suffered injustice the most and his char arc been destroyed by this later half. Most of his actions towards HL are in fact out of his char. When he could pulled himself out from holding HL's hand (the scene he rescued her where she revealed her pregnancy) and then glancing at her only from afar before he left for Qin, i so don't understand how he could suddenly simply pursue and be all touchy with her when she's no longer just any man's wife but a queen and now the mother of a king. What a crap load of writings. Now all he does is becoming HL's skirt chaser.
  11. What's his purpose of making her hate him? So he wanted her to hate him for his noble reasons? And he wants to "win" over LBW by leaving a deeper impact but still the bottomline is, he made use of her? I don't know how to brain this but no matter how I put these two and two together, the action is unjustified. He wanted her to think of him by making her so angry that she was denied every chances to understand his action that is actually meant for her benefit due to his deep love and devotion for her. That is plain selfish. If a guy ever do that to me, I would stomp all over his grave because he's been a selfish manipulative jerk till his last breath.
  12. Don't know whether it will be a sad ending or a happy one since this drama was marketed under the reunion of the Yanxi couple. At weibo, the shippers are hoping for an open ending which is silly in my book. No, just no. The boating scene could be just an illusion. Perhaps something that LBW dreams about but never materialized, who knows? So far, there has been no affair between HL and LBW unless you count the one before she married YR. Based on the way HL view and treats LBW, i doubt she will entertain his pursuit even after YR death. Then again, there's Lao Ai and i am curious how they will spin the two infamous illegitimate children. Heh. Accordingly, LBW should be exiled but eventually commited suicide. HL should be imprisoned by the son but not likely this will happen to her. WJY said that all characters have sad ending. At this rate, I hope LBW will die of self-destruction. The writers been dishonoring him with crappy writings.
  13. @lyserose Garghhh... They are trying hard to destroy LBW. Climbing into the bed of dowager queen who obviously has no interest to bed him and still mourning her late husband and I am sure in a matter of time everyone will start calling him a pervert and whatever sick names out there. Idk but I feel like this writer have a thing for forced skinship, she or he must have thought that this is cute instead of sexual harassment which is not ok. So you see, the writing is pitching hard a noble idiot vs a pervert. You make the bet, which one will emerge as winner? I feel like slapping this writer. All the good merits of LBW with how he schemed his way to the top and even assisted in installing an impossible king could just be crushed because of this silly kindergarten level writings. I am mad.
  14. When I mentioned they share the same bed, it was just a generic reference. He could be sleeping alone at time and ofc, there's Siluo. Sure she knows he has always been sick since in Zhao but his health apparently deteriorates and his cough is getting worse and still she could not see beyond it. And HL by nature is someone who would investigate should she find something suspicious. She knows about medicines for the epidemic area being tempered and she fights over the issue but she doesn't follow up on anything with regards to Yingren's health despite suspecting something not adding up?
  15. It was all an act but still noble idiocy is the biggest crime in any drama. I still reiterate my opinion that he robbed her from her rights in making decision. It's like how I always get annoyed with my colleagues. making decision all on her own and claiming credits for it, so will appear like she is the clever one or in this case, YR will emerge as the noble one. What the heck? Secondly, I will consider that person as downgrading my intellect to think that I cannot be trusted in any of life decision or that my mouth is so big that I will leak all his grand planning and finally, he is so full of himself to want her to thank him for his so-called selfless action and lives in regret for how she misunderstood him. Again triple what the heck????? No. Not really. The way I see it, HL always have a prejudice towards LBW that he loves power more than anything which is partially true. She always thought that he schemed everything.
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