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  1. I feel the same to you. I read the novel and almost forgot some parts. I like Rong Qi the most then Fu Chou, Rong Qi made me tearful hurt for him many times. I also want to hate Man yao who said irresponsible with hurtful words to him. So..I have less understand about this CP love (especially Wu You).... He's childish, since the beginning to the last that he didn't treat Manyao well until she passed away. I feel for him that time like...hey! You did all good things with your brain, didn't you? Pls take your karma...Hahaha...it's the novel! But in drama, I like all actors and actresses. I like set, light, costume, prop and dialogues. And will see every epi though I can bit understand without Eng sub. I just want casts and crews had power to do another better drama for me...chu! Thank you for your spoiles, they remind me many scenes I've forgot.
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