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  1. @bebebisous33 Bravo. I agree with you 100% . Like you said, JR never takes or runs away from responsibilities. He doesn't even think for a second how it came to this or what went wrong. It's like he is always not the bad guy and doesn't even realize what he has done during his relationship with DB and even now. He is still stuck in the past when things were simple with DB not knowing what damage he has caused to her self-esteem and personality. Now regarding his daughter, I couldn't agree with you more. He always tells Jessica to be there for the baby because children need their parents the most at this time; yet, look at what he is doing now. JR wants his cake and eat it at the same time. He hasn't learned his lesson even after yesterday's episode when DB told him what she went through. I'm glad YS took a stand and told him off. If he wants to be a dad to PG, then he better clean up his mess in Seoul first. Whatever he is doing now, is causing more harm than good. @40somethingahjumma Don't feel bad about voicing your opinion. You are not the only one who hates the character lol. The actor is doing a great job making some of us hate his character lol. Indeed, PG is DB son and I'm glad she escaped from that toxic relationship. She kept the baby and raised him so she has every right to state that he is her son only. If he wants to be part of the child's life, then it's PG choice and JR has to have DB consent. I felt sorry the moment PG put two and two together. Thanks to JR indecisiveness and interference, poor child found out the worst way that this man who has been bothering him and is a superman to his daughter is his own father. But the first thing PG asks is why he didn't treat his mother right ? Even calling JR, a cheap man which he deserves it. Indeed, YS and JR can not be compared lol. It's funny how JR thinks YS is like his younger self. If only he knew YS history, he won't be saying those words again lol.
  2. I know lol. It's always the men who have multiple children from different partners lol. No problem. She was able to pull it off because the girls had the same age and the mothers were pregnant at the same time. But I still don't understand how she brought JH into the household. I hope they answer that soon.
  3. @realistic2280a Affairs . Not one but three lol. This is a new record. The youngest is the one she was pregnant with during the accident. The brat is the same age as Jenny. Indeed, if she had a child afterwards, there would have been a problem as you said. Not to mention, the youngest one won't be able to hold her head high like she is doing now. I'm curious who is husband #3 lol?
  4. @lollyminx The episodes keep getting better and better. Indeed, today was all about YS snapping lol. He finally decided not to be a nice guy anymore. The best moment for me was his conversation with his mom. It reminds me how I always tell my mom to this day to buy stuff for herself instead of saving up the money or spending on someone. Treating yourself once in a while is the best present you can give yourself. So the name HM is a fake name. The birth date on the ID that was found was 1986/12/24. It can't be DB because she was registered the day that she was found even though she was born in winter. Looks like the real reason why she ends up dead is because she finds out about the guy who kept putting the cat food. Her fate was sealed the moment she said YS was looking for him. Maybe that's why YS expression is like that in the future when her body is found. He feels guilty....As for the loan shark, he is bound to cause trouble when he comes to Ongsan. Mom's fake dementia is busted lol. HM knew all along and it explains why she was talking to mom as a regular person. I'm surprised YS didn't suspect her either when she was giving him advice about DB or does he already know?. I was crying along with PG when he was speaking to JR. Poor child grow up too fast. I'm surprised too that the Cheap guy is JR lol. It makes sense because GT was always the bad guy who threatened DB with her rent and other stuff. I'm also glad JY put her mother in law in her place. It was funny how MIL started making up excuses for her son but changed her tone when JY dropped the bomb that the other party is a Bar girl. Unbelievable lol. If I remember correctly, wasn't Yeong Shim about the dog owners or was it a cat lol? It was YS first assignment when he came to the village and there was a dispute because they didn't know which animal (The newborn) belonged to who because it was a mixed breed so YS had to check. I thought that was over and they were just running a joke to remind YS of the case throughout the show. Maybe I'm wrong lol. I hope someone can clarify this.
  5. @lollyminx and @confusedheart326 You guys are so likely to be watching the new episode this soon. The raws are not even out yet in the regular sites.....
  6. @lollyminx I hope she doesn't drop dead before HJY teaches her a lesson. JY imagination of killing her husband while worrying about her new wall made me ROFL. Our future governor knows her priorities lol. @ktcjdrama True. I'm not fluent in Korean but from my experience in watching too many dramas lol, I'm hearing the words as "Don't act up". Indeed, the Joker doesn't like DB being happy and moving on with her life. His last sentence says it all: "This is really annoying".
  7. Indeed. I was giving him excuses because of his current stressful life along with him finding out he has a son for the first time. Not that I accepted his behaviour around DB and even worse, kept treating her as a pitiful person. But this is another level. The look on his face while he waited for the results and the relief that came afterwards made me furious. I'm glad that she realized although too late that he never appreciated her. He took her for granted and he is now paying the price for it. Yep, the victim is pretty much HM now. And boy, she made a lot of enemies in a short span of time. I'm looking forward to what the lawyer would do to her before she ends up being a victim lol. Now I wonder who the Joker really is. I'm suspecting the police Chief, the baseball couch, the technician/ his dad, DB mom, one of the four lady's husbands who are regular in Camellia. It can't be the landlord because he doesn't wear that kind of shoes. Not to mention, she never smiles at him like that so he is out of the list. What do you think chingu?
  8. I would or won't mind an illness as long as they stated it from the beginning. But no, they extend the drama and don't even do a proper job. And now all the characters we have known from the beginning are different and acting stupid. I dropped Mother of Mine too lol even before the illness.
  9. Indeed. It was so good because we were looking forward to everyone paying the price for their deeds, but look at this mess. I checked the preview first thing in the morning and OMG, I couldn't believe my eyes with that dinner table meeting.
  10. How many episodes are left from this nonsense? @dramaninja It came to point where the youngest sister can tell right from wrong . It richard simmons me off how they changed GH character and reduced her into this. @nohamahamoud2002 Villians do know everything lol. I'm only reading the posts here and watching the preview. Even the 30sec preview is dragging.
  11. @cosmogirl77 I'm gonna agree with you on the dead body maybe being HM but not HM having anything to do with the Joker. Remember that scene from the bar at night, if HM is the killer or an aide to the killer, how come during that night, the killer was there when HM was using her phone and she wasn't aware of it? I'm starting to think that HM is just a blackmailer who is gonna end up becoming a victim thanks to her deeds. As for #2, I thought the same. It was highly suspicious when mom left, that message was found. Not to mention, the police chief was even suspicious when he heard that DB mom was working in the kitchen perfectly fine. That's not something a dementia patient would do even if they are in their early stage. DB mom really doesn't have dementia and is probably there to protect DB. But I'm wondering if DB mom is also the one who set the school warehouse on fire? I mean with that message in Camellia and PG school fire, the only one who gets affected by this, is DB. And it's working.... But that scene in the beginning with the dead body is bothering me.. If the body is HM, there is no reason for YS to react like that unless the face was completely destroyed and no identification is found. Why do I have a feeling that DB mom is the victim here? I mean with HM blackmailing and DB mom saving DB everytime when it comes to Joker, DB mom is likely to be killed due to her interference... This drama is making our brains overwork lol. We still don't know who the killer or the victim is
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