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  1. The reason why I thought JH knew the reason was because of the comment HS made regarding JH finding EW mom on the airport. I think it was when HS was telling GS about JH going crazy after EW mom disappeared and was looking for her like crazy. I don't remember what episode it was but at the same time, it's very unlikely JH would lie to JI. Guess we will see when the woman shows up. Unfortunately, I'm not looking forward to this woman. Indeed, his mother made it worse. They say words are powerful.
  2. @bebebisous33 @thistle @Pmyonly @hushhh Good insight. EW can only be registered as YJH son. The only way the mother's name would end up in the family registry is if they got married, which they never did because the woman run off. It seems like JH and EW mom were planning to get married but she ended up disappearing again. It's just my opinion but I have a feeling JH knows the real reason why she run off otherwise he won't have moved on easily. Like you Chingus said, EW mom may have run off because either she got an opportunity of a lifetime or she is the assemblyman's daughter and she couldn't handle JH family status or she got forced to break up with him. My mind is running wild lol. But either ways, she is gonna come back and it's gonna be trouble Chingus. That conversation with JI friend was telling but I have a feeling EW will choose JI in a heartbeat. Just because you are the biological parents, doesn't always mean you are a family. As for whether EW is JH son or not, I'm going with EW being the real son of YJH. It was good that JH took JI to his family shop because if JI can't accept this part of his life, then there is no point of their relationship. The father also looked pleased and happy for his son. As for JH mom, while I understand what she is worried about, I don't like the way she kept putting JH, her own son down and made him feel little of himself. I would understand other people making some nasty remarks and looking down on you because you did something which by the way is None Of Their Damn Bloody Business, but your own Mother doing this to you.... No wonder he has shut down himself all these years. I'll definitely loss my confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely posts and pictures. Unfortunately, I'm on a vacation for a month so I'll have to depend on you Chingus lol. I won't be able to do the draft summary ( if only I knew back in March "One Spring Night" was gonna be this amazing, I would have delayed my ticket). Why????? PS.... The good news about this trip is the fact that, FINALLY, I have a relative (cousin) who is a Kdrama addict like me lol and she is currently watching this show but she didn't catch up yet, but that's fine lol.
  4. @thistle I have not heard of that expression either but it sounds like he meant: JH can break any second. If you poke a needle in a thin ice, it will break. We know JH is really sensitive and I guess dad knows him well.
  5. @dramaninja That slap was long overdue chingu. Did JH just left YR at home on his own? poor YR, unbelievable. GH came back to her senses after she got that phone call from YR. Looks like in the preview, they go out for a family picture and JH has the nerve to look like he got left behind when GH leaves with YR after it's done. I was glad to see less of homewrecker today.
  6. @Hui Fang Ng I think they didn't air that scene yet. In the preview for next week, it shows JH with EU in the bed early in the morning. JH is wearing the same dark sweater. Maybe it happens in the upcoming episode. @thistle Yep, the friend indeed called him a prick lol. @bebebisous33 All those options can happen. But the one I will go with is SI revealing her pregnancy to her mom first. If it's her dad, he is gonna spread the news to SH. I don't trust this idiot.
  7. Jenny didn't get caught yet. She didn't came in contact with ES either. Looks like she is trying to avoid him. The preview looks interesting. Shady lady lands in Korea and she is on ES throat as usual. Well, he is not having it either and it looks like he admits to knowing her crimes. Shady lady met her match lol. As for Jenny, she is stalking ES. Girl, what do you mean it's not time to meet yet? Looks like she is trying to survive on her own which is fine but when you have a lunatic mother who is after you, you need help. Looks like she is not gonna learn until shady lady locks her up in mental institution Another good news is Jenny goes to the market and SI is there. Guess they are gonna meet.
  8. @Kooslee I checked again in the preview and I'm not sure now lol. their apartments look similar. It really looks like JH apartment because of the place the dining table is located. At JH apartment, the stove, the sink and cupboard is behind the dining table while in JI apartment, the dining table is beside a wall that separates the kitchen from it. I hope I'm making sense lol. I could be wrong as well. The writer better make the viewers happy with some loving time lol. I'm still waiting for that passionate kiss
  9. I finally watched with subs and it was amazing. My favorite moments were when YJ came to see Jae In and when the pharmacy Noona met up with JI. I was laughing like crazy lol So I watched the subbed version of the preview couple of times lol and the kiss happens at JH apartment. They are wearing the same clothes except JI jacket is missing lol. So after her talk with her dad, she goes after JH, meets him at his apartment. The kiss happens first because he is still wearing his jacket ( not sure where JI one went lol) and then the scene where they are sitting at the dining table with JH reading the book while JI rests on his shoulder. What do you think Chingus? JI dad to GS dad: let's strike the iron while it's hot..... GS dad's expression mirrors mine. Unbelievable. I can't believe these morons, GS and JI dad. How on earth can you set up a marriage date with no bride? I have no words to say I don't know what to think of GS dad. Dude made me laugh when he told GS over the phone: Do you need to hear that your girl doesn't want to marry you from your old man? Nice answer lol. And then he asks if JI is seeing someone else because he is starting to get suspicious of GS behavior after he sees the pictures ( I made the mistake during the recap thinking they were talking about SI when in fact, it was all about JI) and JI dad's answer is: No, she is not that kind of person, never. Did this guy forget what JI told him the other night? Even GS dad is starting to look at him like a nutcase. We have 6 more EPs, do you Chingus think that ES mom will show up at this rate? According to JH, she disappeared after one month. Now the reason, we don't know yet.
  10. @xXMzSmilesXx Thanks for the translation. OMG now that I'm reading in English, it's more meaningful. And yeah that glass vase, poor YJ thought it was for him to drink lol. Can't blame him, the glass looked like a jar for the water. @tok-soompi me too. Now, if only this leads to bed.
  11. @dramaninja Indeed, SW is a good person. He was protecting GH from the truth but unfortunately, GH won't see it that way for now. She probably thinks he is gonna side with his own sister. I guess the more his family members become shameless and want the divorce to happen for their daughter, the more GH will see SW effort for trying to stop it from happening. I can't wait for this part. As for the theory of YR being JH son, it's impossible as well.
  12. @annamchoi no problem. Both SI and JI are teasing him lol. I loved how they start calling themselves by their first name (JH yaaa or JI naaa). Indeed @thistle he is cute when he is feeling awkward lol
  13. @dramaninja Yep, things are out . I was crying when she confronted him and told him not to apologize because it's not sincere. Poor naive SW, he thought if his sister and JH broke up, things will go back to normal for GH family.
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