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  1. Where's Oppa Hyun Bin ???!!! Your guess is as good as mine! Been MIA in the forum ... you know, real life gets in the way. Bright orange skies, burning sun, rolling black-outs & CoViD all around, here in L.A. - yeah, reality bites! Nice to see both of them looking healthy & lovely, as always. Coming home just in time for his birthday ... the two of them, getting away from it all! xoxo, BinJin Fan
  2. Following this analogy, the Captain is busy shooting his film in Jordan. While he is away, the "wifey" is busy with CFs & a fan meeting for Japan. Hence, the perception of synchronicity in their activities. Now if the Captain turns out to be the special guest for the Japan fan meeting ... synchronicity, serendipity, destiny --- call it what you want, ... they'll be together again!
  3. @CartPusherInLA, you posed a very interesting question ... in my experience, I've shipped other non-Korean celebrities and some of them did become couples who unfortunately broke up at the end. As for Korean actors, I'm 0 for 2. BinJin has been the most steadfast ship I've been on because in SYJ's words, paraphrased --- "it's meant to be." I love weddings ... so looking forward to seeing pictures of theirs; only if they choose to share. Both of them are gifted actors and all we really should ask of them are wonderful, heart-felt, & authentic performances but these two - they have been generous of their time & energy to fans worldwide. If and when they make it to the altar, wishing them only the very best - love & joy & babies, in the years to come.
  4. Dog days of summer ... Wondering if Smart is waiting on HB's return to re-unite Capt Ri/HB with his Yoon Seri/SYJ ... Ms. Basas hasn't dropped any hints lately. Was speculating before that the ad may have been shot in a green room setting already but since they were not signed up at the same time, it looks more likely that the ad still needs to be shot. Hopefully, around his birthday? ... @Peony22 , I vibe with your POV of BinJin's synchronicity of events. Of course, we're looking at everything about them through "delulu" rose-colored glasses ... ... nothing wrong with that; carry on! P.S. Imagine their baby with her eye smiles & his dimples ...
  5. @Choisamsook, the emoji timeline of 2020 ~ all BinJin fans agree! Since we are still waiting for the grand announcement, I just wanted to dwell on the beauty of Bin & Jin. As I've stated before, HB initially didn't strike me as swoon-worthy, but looking at his happy, shy face in TN & his content, loving looks + the extra weight in CLoY --- I stand corrected. This man is truly God's gift to women. Unfortunately, God made him to be with only one woman ... SYJ. I'm literally gushing on how beautiful Jin is ... her picture in a pink dress, with slightly curly hair, holding a pink peony ... wow! All these images of BinJin married on social media ... I have a feeling that they will all fall short of the actual images of their wedding ... crossing all my fingers & toes that this union will happen soon!
  6. Congrats, @ElectricHearts for being the new owner of our BinJin forum. Many thanks to @cybertron for creating this forum. Ms. Basas of Smart had several IG entries dropping hints of another CF, featuring SYJ in blue, sunflowers, seems like a hand touching her face , but "Where's my Oppa??? "
  7. Vroom, vroom to BinJin's Smart CF!!! Well, Smart, you are definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Confirmed that these two are communicating with each other. HB, ever the perfect gentleman, worked with Smart first to test the waters for SYJ. Kudos to Smart for being able to coordinate this digitally & allowing BinJin to shoot in South Korea - definitely living up to your name. Still very curious as to why our Jin is still doing a lot of CFs only; her only possible big project is "The Cross" in March, 2021. She's not travelling which is her usual habit when off work. Flower arranging doesn't take that long. No recent Cinderella 7 sightings. Perhaps, English lessons. What is possibly keeping her busy on the side?! Your guess is as good as mine ... P.S. Note to self: Get a life.
  8. Just doing the wiggle until tomorrow for SYJ's Smart reveal! Over the moon about the joint CF - probably waiting for HB to return from Jordan or could have been done already, like fans have suggested, in a green room. The BinJin Bakery , open 24/7, known for its sweet, delicious crumbs! Love how these two keep us on our toes with any new development. So much fun on this ship!!!
  9. Yes, Smart!!! Since you teased us with Capt Ri not being left lonely & inviting us to a SeRi Riveal ------> the final one has to be a RiRi Ri-veal! Isn't it so smart of Smart to use their drama characters to sell their telecommunication networks? RiRi .... BinJin ... one & the same couple! Thanks, Smart for continuing the journey.
  10. Have been a shipper close to a decade (yes, ahjumma) and through the years, shipping has evolved with the times. Social media has provided more information & images of couples nowadays, what's a poor shipping fan to do? Of course, one will gobble it up, trying to see crumbs, proofs, receipts, timelines that will confirm that Bin & Jin are together. But this is all dissection, investigation - brain work. Actually, this side of shipping has amused me, at times, but also left me in awe of the "Sherlock Holmes" in our midst. Then, there's the shipper's heart ... believing in BinJin. Since 2018, they have been in 2 projects together ; each has not been romantically linked with anyone else during this time period; and a potential joint Smart project in the works. I know CLoY is creating all these opportunities for them to still be together but if they really wanted to shatter our ship, one or both of them could have missed the Baeksang Awards night. I usually operate more from faith & instinct - what sealed it for me was not even the grocery pics in LA. First was the Swoon interview where he answered happiness being close yet so far & giving her a wistful look. And then all the BTS where they were laughing together, her grabbing his belt, his head & gently fixing his hair, him being so frazzled with the couples' rings scene ... seeing all these ... there's something there ... let me follow these two & see if they end up with each other ...
  11. Hello, shipper family!!! Whew, I thought BinJin has finally announced they're together, leading to a massive fandom reaction, causing a forum meltdown. But upon checking out social media, Bin was buying peaches in Jordan & Ahn Yeo Seop ( may have gotten his name wrong) said hello to our couple at the Baeksang Awards. So no big announcement yet ... Glad to see this forum up and going ... it truly is an oasis in these trying times.
  12. BinJin, both with Smart ads ???!!! Could be the biggest receipt, yet. For a couple who has a history of denying their relationship yet keeps showing up in one project after another together ( well, we still have to wait for a third Smart ad of the two of them, "sharing the same space, breathing the same air ...") ---> that, my fellow shippers, is the essence of an open secret. We're certain they're together ... just waiting when they will reveal to the whole wide world! Waiting is the thing, nowadays ... waiting for a vaccine & therapeutic medicines to control this pandemic ... waiting for racial injustice to be rooted out & eliminated ... waiting for a CoViD test & result ... yet in the midst of all this turbulence ... waiting for BinJin revelation is probably the easiest thing to do, considering all things. Stay safe & happy shipping, everyone ... the dock is visible in the horizon ... landing probably by Christmas?! (if the IG pic from SYJ with the two of them in Switzerland, shooting CLoY in December, holds any special significance ...) P.S. I have to say ... this unicorn emoji is so cute!
  13. Just marvelling at how far our BinJin have come ... from a little movie where they acted through a monitor to a massive drama that catapulted both of their careers into the stratospheres... even Bin remarked he couldn't believe the immense success of CLoY. CoViD-19 did play a part in making people of all nations watch in front of whatever device they have but once they were there, the star power of BinJin was what held them there. The moment that sealed it for me was when RJH/HB came out of the back of the jeep, on a motorcycle, in stunning slo-mo --- this ahjumma actually stood up, in my living room, to holler at the screen, " This man is so hot!!!" And now Bin is back at the airport, looking more fly than ever in his black bucket hat ... really, if you look back at his MOTA days, he seems more at ease now and dare I say, inspired? ... (nah,) ... in the moment ?... (closer) ... in love?! ... that's it! If we are in the dumps because he'll be away for three months, imagine them apart for that long ... ( going into delulu mode), our girl is technically free until March of next year ... and since she is the super-stealth ninja of the two - there can be a rendezvous in the Jordanian desert ... 14 days is a mighty long time in quarantine with a movie crew ... in the middle of that desert ... just saying ....
  14. And they kissed again ... We have really been cheated not having a CLoY DVD set with a treasure chest of more unseen BTS. Netflix ,Studio Dragon, & CLoY production team, you owe us - big time! We're in a BinJin drought in the middle of a pandemic - throw us some juicy bits to tide us over until the announcement confirming what we knew all along ...
  15. @MY15 Big thanks for updating us on the evolution mode ... still don't like the dark background but love the font size. And while we're at it, free the emoji GIFs from their boxes !!! SYJ, you rock!!! When you said "Thank you very much!" at Baeksang Awards, you were dropping a huge hint that your eye smiles were directed at Hollywood. You also looked at Bin when you uttered those words so he probably knew, too. Very smart to accept an offer that will film on her home turf since the US is not faring well with the pandemic at this moment. Actually kinda sensed that SYJ was interested in work coming from abroad ... was watching a roundtable discussion of high profile celebrities which included Nicole Kidman who said they were starting a movie project about women in Asia which included a Korean character. Sandra Oh, a Korean-Canadian actress, was also in the roundtable but it seemed she was unaware of this role. If they were casting for a Korean actress, SYJ was the only one that popped in my head, of course. I have a feeling that she was entertaining several offers - The Cross may be the one she's favoring. As for her better half, he may stand to get more offers from Hollywood, as well. Lee Byung Hun has been getting most of the Asian roles ; goodness knows, one can count on one hand all the prominent Asian roles in movies, stateside. He has had one international independent movie in Late Autumn, so he's comfortable in speaking English. Hopefully, he doesn't get type casted in villain roles but if there's one villain role that I wish for him - it's the ultimate one for James Bond! My imagination explodes with the possibilities ... as good-looking as James Bond & backed up by the most savvy Korean technology in the planet ... heck, he doesn't have to speak English because Bond needs to learn his ...
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