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  1. This is exactly why korean fans are going crazy and emailing bs company everyday to prevent this from happening. This will ruin his image too much
  2. Hi guys Im new to this forum and I rarely comment at all. But I just want to let you guys know specifically why korean fans are so against him doing this drama. Theres really no problem about the body switching part. The problem is who the male character is. He's not just a tsundere male lead. He is complete trash that views women as objects and looks down on women. I am a Korean American seungho fan. Ive been reading about this webtoon and korean fans comments. Ill try my best to translate. Examples of how the male lead looks down on females: 1. Male lead sees a female employee not wearing makeup he says "you are the first woman to appear in front of me with such an insincere/half hearted face. even normal maids have the decency to at least wear lipstick" 2. this line is kind of hard to translate to english. Ill try my best. "I am a male who isnt picky and is omnivorous when it comes to women" Ok omnivore means animal who eats both plants and animals. This comment basically means the male character doesnt care about anything as long as she is a girl. In an extreme way this can be translated as "I can sleep with anyone as long as its a girl, Im not picky." obviously this isnt all. theres more but i cant translate it all. Not only the male lead, but other male characters in the story also look down on women and say comments that objectify them. they make r rated comments about their bodies etc. Other problems -the male character looks down on normal employees. making them do unnecessary tasks etc. Nowadays when people are sensitive about employee treatment and not abusing authority. this can definitely spark controversy. -the first girlfriend of the male lead character was a school bully. Korea is extremely sensitive to bullying issues and hate it a lot.the fact that the male lead's girlfriend was a school bully? thats a big NO no matter how charming the character may be written out to be. just that fact will bring hate. Korean fans are saying sure the writer may be able to change the story to make it better, but just how much better can it get when the entire story is like this? Why take the risk at all? Also, even if its just "acting" its the actor in the end who gets the hate.(a lot of people are fans of the drama so I really dont want to hurt any feelings. but for the drama i am not a robot in the first episodes, there was a line that mingyu said about checking the robot's chest to check the battery and since the robot was actually human she gets mad. do you know what the title of the article on naver was that day? it was "yoo seung ho gets cursed at while trying to touch (actress's name)'s breasts" yes. this was the article title on the MAIN PAGE. he got so much hate comments for this scene even if it was just acting. this is how much the character and what lines the character says in the drama can hurt the actual actor and his image with the general public. that drama was definitely special for many people and it was a work that in the end healed many people's hearts. but the general public does not stick around to be proven wrong. if they watch the first couple episodes and find it controversial, they wont try to finish the rest and think of the actor negatively based on what they watched in the beginning.) Unless yoo seungho wants to go for the playboy image that looks down on women, this role will not help him at all. especially when he is known for his respectful and kind image and thats what people like him for. Just in what way can this help a male actor who mainly relies on the female fanbase? Also, i dont think having three romcoms in a row will help his career. he needs something different especially when his previous two romcoms didnt do so well viewer ratings wise. I just wanted to share this so people can be more informed. I was looking at social media and some fans just seemed to be excited because this drama seems to have lots of steamy scenes like kiss scenes, shirtless scenes, and bed scenes. Well, an actor should not be be well known for doing good kiss scenes and good looking face. he needs to be recognized for his acting to have a successful long running career and this role is just not it. he needs a strong role that can bring him recognition for his acting. I just tried to translate what I got from Korean sites. I'm sorry if I hurt any seungho fan's feelings. I really didnt mean to. I was just trying to be honest because I really want him to be recognized for his acting. I really want him to succeed and hit big. Im sure we all feel that way.
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