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  1. ^^the truly lovely ladies of Lovely Horribly! (too bad Eunjung isn't on here) Which gets me thinking... what if these ladies who are supposedly haunting Philip in his dreams are actually the ones who don't want to hurt him, and will end up actually helping him? And the one woman whom he doesn't suspect, which is Yoona, is the real bad guy after all....? Aargh!
  2. ^^thanks for the posting the preview guys! how suspenseful this show is! ^^I also agree about Yoona, CEO Kang being the ones who are really using Philip and plotting to harm him. For what purpose- either out of revenge or something else, we don't know yet... It's really strange for Yoona to track down Gon (the black-masked man) and based on the conversation (where mostly she just talked with barely any response from the guy lol), it even seems like she was planning to join forces with him to plan against Philip... at least that's what it looked like to me. Or maybe we might get the kind of plot twist where those who seem like the good, innocent guys are actually the real enemies? Like maybe Philip's manager Yongman, or the other Jump Five guys who seem harmless lol idk at this point who to trust except for our precious writer Eulsoon! My heart just breaks for her! Also anybody noticed the tree started bleeding/crying after Philip got shot? I think it isn't his eomma's intention to harm him or Eulsoon, but I guess she somehow had to compromise to balance the luck between the two and keep them alive?? I really don't know, this drama makes my head spin lol~ what do you think?
  3. ^^ I'm grateful to have found some behind-the-scenes footage ☺ I love seeing how they enjoy filming and being around each other~ credits to the owner, this isn't mine!
  4. I finished the latest ep today, and I'm left with more questions than answers. I'm highly anticipating next week's eps, and if a drama can get me to feel that (and to get me to participate in a soompi forum lol), then they must be doing really well— regardless of what the ratings say. I'ma place the rest of my comments under a spoiler thing for those who haven't watched (I apologize for thoughtlessly posting the last time and not realizing there might be others who haven't watched the recent eps and are avoiding spoilers. Mianhaeyo.) I hope we can discuss more theories and speculations here on this forum! Fighting!
  5. Annyeonghaseyo everyone! Here are just some of my thoughts about the drama so far: ~out of all the actors, PSH is the only one I do know, so I'm looking forward to know more about the others especially SJH. I'm glad to see in interviews that they all seem to be getting along well and having fun, and I hope that will also give us viewers a drama we can enjoy. ~I'm curious about the amulet. let's say Eulsoon lost it when she was still a girl, and we know it was already in the hands of then sickly boy Philip (I forgot what his real name was, but it also has "Eul" in it right?)... doesn't Eulsoon know that the boy she played with in that creepy forest the same one who has been wearing her amulet till now? Didn't it click with her as to why Philip the top star has her amulet? wouldn't it give her the hint that he could be that same boy from years ago? or maybe that's just part of the suspense that they're building up on, and they'll make her realize it later on. ~also an additional note about the amulet ^^ we see young Philip holding it so I assumed he was the one who took it from Eulsoon, but what if his mom (or someone else did it) and just gave it to him right? I really feel there's more to that scene we'll see later on and it gets me excited lol ~this is just me, but I feel like that black spirit lingering around Philip at the airport and that hand pushing him out of the elevator is his mom... I also think that same voice telling Eulsoon to enter Philip's house and then opening the door too was also her. come to think of it, that spirit (IF that voice Eulsoon heard is indeed the same black spirit) led Eulsoon inside the house to rescue Philip, who was in a ridiculously hilarious situation getting stuck in that chair. also it makes sense for that spirit a.k.a. Philip's mom (imo) to push Philip out the elevator to bring him closer to Eulsoon, because as that creepy old man/fortune teller said, he needs her to stay alive right? and to me in ep. 1 it did show that his mom was willing to do anything to keep her son alive. ~was Rayeon (the supposedly dead ex-gf) really the obsessive type? I just felt that maybe she isn't really...? during the flashback where they took a group photo and she got all shy and didn't want to join Philip and the boys in the picture, I couldn't sense that possessiveness/obsessiveness in her. I'm feeling like even then Yoona (current gf) is the real obsessed one over Philip. or I could be wrong, maybe both women are obsessed with him. ~maybe that corpse they found wasn't really Writer Ki's body? maybe it's one her ways to hide from Eulsoon or to plot revenge against Philip?? but then whose body was it... maybe it was the girl who was being stalked by the black-masked man? that's all I could think of for now. hoping to enjoy this drama with you all!
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