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  1. Hi , please vote our Joonmin couple.  Currently, Joonmin in second place behind Rain &Kim Tae Hee. You can vote 10 times everyday. I think its easy, you dont need to create account for this poll. .Just find the picture for the best couple (black background not pink), click JM picture and  refresh the page to vote again. 



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  2. Which one is the correct date (1st July, 23rd July, 25th Sep or December 2019)?? :blink:  I think for the countdown, I will stick to D-169 ^_^





    I  miss him so much  :bawling: 


    Its almost one year since LJ last picture with his army friends and after that, there is no picture of him.

    To be honest, im jealous with other celebrity fans . Their bias have army musical, update their instagram, news in Soompi and Twitter but no news about Joon.   





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  3. 13 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:

    Vote for JoonMin! The Best Real Couple. So far they're on 6th place. 


    PS: I really miss them :)))) 

    @irisariadne where are you? 

    Happy New Year to all Joonmin shippers:) .

    @eyjooniesh Im still here , not going anywhere:lol:. But, i don't know what to write in this thread  because Somin also not updating  her IG since New Year.  I think she is busy with her job (movie and DJ) . I also miss them. This is just a suggestion : but maybe you can post this poll  in your instagram, so that more JM shippers can vote them .Although this poll is just for fun  but I hope JM can get at least  Top 3.   Next month is Joon's birthday :D



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  4. On 12/27/2018 at 12:37 AM, eyjooniesh said:

    Recently from a reliable source, Somin told on her radio station that she likes to listen to Ariana Grande's ballad song, and her favourite Christmas song is Santa Tell Me, which is by coincidence, the same favorite Christmas song of Lee Joon. 

    Well , thay have many similarities. So no wonder they choose same Christmas song as their fav. song. :wub:

    On 12/27/2018 at 12:37 AM, eyjooniesh said:

    Similar to TOP, he also has to wait 5 months until he get the further military draft notice to be reassign to public service. I'm sad too, but I think there's still hope he can discharge early. The k fan said his discharge date and alternative service is keep secret by his agency. But I don't know where she heard he will discharge during winter. Hopefully he will have a successful comeback. 

    I think TOP and Joon have different situation because TOP had marijuana trials . I also not sure about him ,but i think maybe MMA want him to settle his case first, so that is why he has to wait. . I am still hoping we can see Joon on 1st July 2019. 


    As a shippers , because Korean couple love to wear/use couple items,  i just want to asume that it's their couple fridge  :P, although i know the possibility that maybe  Joon did'nt bought her that  fridge . Or she bought it for herself.   Or someone else give that  fridge as a present.

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  5. On 12/23/2018 at 11:46 AM, eyjooniesh said:

    A k-fan said he will discharge winter next year :tears: according to his agency

    I hope it's not true...Maybe not his discharge date but his drama/movie will be airing in winter next year??^_^ I still can accept if he discharge on 23rd October 2019 but not on December 2019.  Why Military Manpower Administration (MMA)  want LJ to wait until 3 or 4 months for his draft notice from MMA after he moves from active duty to public service? It doesn't make sense to me. But , I dont know how to accept this news if it's true. I am in denial right now  :bawling:

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  6. Because there is no update from Joonmin couple, even small things like this can make me happy (So sad TT:tears:) . I mean when i see smiley in Somin 's signature or we can say it's their couple signatures.  

    Somin's latest signature with smiley. 


    Joon's signature with smiley


    Because we know when Somin's smiley exist


    So Somin , can i ask a present from you..(i afraid to say it):sweatingbullets:


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  7. This is reminder to Mookang shippers:warning:

    Please focus on your Mookang couple only and read Soompi forum rules. Its okay to create thread about them, i have no problem with that.But I saw one of forumer in that thread post something that can cause shipping wars . I had enough with Sominki last year .And i think @eyjooniesh and I , we don't want the same thing happen again,am i right? .  


    My advise, if you want to compare something , make sure is  apple to apple comparison. How come a family drama can beat kiss scene and bed scene from mini series (plus is a cable channel).  I am not jealous with Mookang chemistry. Its fake btw. Please tell me if you see her eyes back and forth like this in the TSHLYE.I dont find any.



    . Ok, i need to stop now.I think its childish <_<



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  8. @shsu and @leveille sorry , if you don't mind can i ask you guys this question, why do you think Joon and Somin are not together anymore? Is it because she's not post anything about Joon or  not wearing couple ring in the IG .  Or because her lovey dovey scene in the drama ( i think you know that its just an acting, right?), or because she is friendly with SIG in the BTS (she is just laughing with him  in that BTS , same like us when we with our co-worker )


    First ,  i think  it such a blessing to me  to know they are confirmed dating, that all i need to know. Its up to Somin to post about Joon or something related to him. If she posted it , its bonus for  me. Its different when their relationship  is not official yet, Joon is in army so while filming the drama , she is missing him and she  post picture of heart sign , her black and white picture with gloomy face dated 23/10/2017 that we all know its for Joon.   I dont know about others but I consider myself as a lucky shipper. You can see in this shipper's thread, many of them believe that their OTP is real but how many that make it official like Joonmin. For example, some shippers believe that this celebrity couple (that guy recently broke up with another popular actress with huge age gap) dating for years and they are broke up but no news about this (they based of speculation and hints). Joon and Somin can choose that way if they want to, they can dating quietly without no one notice them.Only their family and friends know about it.  And then few years later, we will hear about their wedding news. But, they spotted dating at public place , that means they want the whole world know about their relationship. I hope we can give Somin space . I think  I  will stop shipping them until the agency said so.  She is just human like us too. I dont think we need her to update about her status everytime.  Now, she is working, let her focus to her drama.


    Second, I also don't understand what the hell  is happenening here because why we need to worry over nothing. When i start shipping them, i just want to support them as a couple  because i sense something between them in the BTS and Instagram. I have been silent lurker to this thread since it exist . And  after Joon enlisted, I just continue shipping them because i think maybe they will confirm their relationship after he discharged from military service. But, not until i read Sominki thread which make me feel  to join this thread. Not because insecure , but there is nothing i can see in Sominki interaction actually. Although at that time,some  JM shippers start to shift ship to Sominki and they have many shippers , i  stand with Joonmin couple because i know they are real. And i dont have to wait for long for that. After one month, im so happy to hear JM dating news.You can see the bts with LMK, she  just treat her like a sunbae, compare to Joon. With Kim Young Kwang-like brother and sister. That why people call her Queen of Chemistry, she can have chemistry with wood (coughkimhyunjoongcough). That is her personality, she is friendly. Just because is she is someone girlfriend , why she had to distance herself with her partner ? Do you want her to be like her  hoobae, Kim Jung Hyun when he so cold with his co star  Seo  Hyun?  

     Nothing can beat her interaction in BTS with Joon, people can see the difference.  With SIG?? .  Compare to BTS with LMK (both dramas produce by TVN) , there is nothing and minimum skinship in that BTS with SIG. TVN also just show that only few seconds the BTS of kiss scene  . And they also not showing the BTS for bed scene. This is a comment i found in  the Youtube


    maybe tvn didn't release many of their kiss scene because somin dating lee joon irl xD

    It like TVN knowing her status and edited the bts. And its not  same like BTS with LMK, there are many bts vids for kiss scene (bus stop kiss scene , beach kiss scene, first night , Horang's house kiss scene and final kiss scene)  


    I saw what happened in IG among JM shippers and i feel sad about it. If people not understand the situation ,  at least  give a chance to them make a correction or you give advice or explaination.  And not just throw everything away ...


    Shipping celebrities is for fun, but if there is no fun anymore and make me headache and stress, i think maybe i will suport them seperately and quietly just like before. And support them back  as a couple when they get married. After all,  we all have priority  in our real life (family, job etc) not them (unless you are sasaeng fans ). Sorry if this post hurt anyone. 

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  9. Somin choose the title Stars for her OST song and she also wrote the lyrics. I know the word Star maybe come from the drama title itself - Hundred Million Stars Falling From The Sky  . Or maybe not because we know  who is the  Star is #coughleejooncough# .We've  already discussed about it before in this thread but i want to post this pictures again ..



    Like A Star

    Just like a star across my sky,
    Just like an angel off the page,
    You have appeared to my life,
    Feel like I'll never be the same,
    Just like a song in my heart,
    Just like oil on my hands,
    Honour to love you



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  10. 6 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:

    . [+66,-29]
    Jung So Min ♡ Lee Joon.
    - [+2,-0]
    Excuse me? This is a drama... 


    Cr: melohwa 


    PS: JoonMin effect still there


    Is it about the mean comment from KHJ fan? Telling someone a gay because he wants to kill himself? That person is sick. Did she know the rumor is fake? Even if it's not fake it's still wrong to make jokes about this sensitive thing:rage:

    Yes..that girl is so rude and mean. Someone need to teach her a lesson if she do that next time.

    Btw , that comments from K-netz  make me laugh. :lol:

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  11. @eyjooniesh actually the one that make me really mad is not that comment.But last night someone comment bad thing about Joon to JM shippers's IG  (you already post about it on your twitter). Yes , your oppa is perfect blablabla, i know that.But you dont need to drag Joon's name. Can you leave him alone? You dont need to compare your oppa with Joon. Is that hard?I bet if Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin drama become hit next month, some shippers will compare Hyun Bin with her boyfriend, Choi Tae Joon.

    (Im sorry maybe i overreacting today:sweatingbullets:)

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  12. Ok, I found one:unsure:


    You can ship Somin with her co-actor, i have no problem with that. But please do not comment like this in her IG. I doubt that you don't know her status if you are her fan.  Maybe some people say ,  she just dating with Lee Joon and not marrried yet. So, what ?? You want her cheating with her boyfriend so it can fullfill your delusional mind??? And you are happy if they broken up so your dream/wish come true. What if i said the same thing to your relationship. They are actors and we don't own them.Please respect their private life. I dont think these people know what this couple is going through earlier this year (K-netz make fun of Somin because of Joon's condition etc). People should not cross the line. Good thing that Joon's IG is deactivated , if not some stupid shippers will attack his IG like what Sominki did last year. 

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  13. 26 minutes ago, eyjooniesh said:

    Both of them has mastered this scene so well but here I am thinking if the male character is Lee Joon he would have nailed those scenes intensely too, he was always known as one of the sexiest male second generation idol and he has one of the sexiest build (I'm not sure now if he still has it or not) and people would go gaga around him too if he takes those kind of roles and many more JoonMin shippers will be born perhaps B) 

    Oh and Joon also has been praised highly for his acting too before this

    I just pray for miracle. Because we can have rapist and woman beater back in k-dramaland, so why not Joonmin in another drama . Yes, no doubt his body is so sexy. Who can forget Joon's chocolate abs / honey abs  :rolleyes: and we can see that in  FIS ep 3 :wub:

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  14. Seo In Guk is the best kisser (well, he was voted as Master of Kissing by Knetz in 2017) :wub: and for me his eyes is so sexy, so no wonder many women will fall for him. Somin already had a bed scene before in Can We Get Married? and Alice : Boy in Wonderland but  yesterday episode i think the hottest bed scene in kdrama that i've ever seen ( What's Wrong With Secretary Kim bed scene is just meh for me:phew:

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