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    OMG, One week left, right??

    I can't wait to see him :love: 

    If he discharge on 1st July 2019, it's same date with Kim Soo Hyun . Of course , there will be a lot of articles about KSH (he is Hallyu star, and everyone anticipated for his comeback)  . And , i prepare myself with no article about Joon  :tears: . But, from good side, it better for him because for sure K-netz will compare them:unsure:


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  2. Dear All,


    Can we ignore this person (jjadxgfg)? I think he/she is the same person that came to this thread before (soft1234 )

    On 2/24/2018 at 2:29 AM, soft1234 said:

    I dont think he approached to her first .

    and i think she also has other name but i can't remember . Maybe she also is the person that comment in the youtube. She use this name אפרת יהודה . I notice the way she write is same , she hates somin and always talk bad thing about her. She just a troll. 


    9 hours ago, jjadx gfg said:

    Wow .Jung so min never talk or mention  about him since the news come out.make you wondering  she is single women? 

    Please leave this thread , if not i will report you to the moderator. 

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  3. giphy.gif

    Well, I dont think they live together like his Mblaq member , G.O and his girlfriend Yeseul . They got negative reaction from Knetz.  G.O has no agency and he is Youtuber now , and its not affect his job . But ,  Lee Joon want to make comeback this year , so he need to be extra careful. Dispatch are everywhere. 

     @eyjooniesh what is supplementary station actually means? And from this news  , he was waiting for draft notice from MMA at his house. I  dont know how many days or weeks or months he had to wait. 



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  4. @eyjooniesh i have been busy with real life stuff lately and because there is no news  about this couple , make me forget to visit this thread:sweatingbullets:. But , after i saw Mr. Yeo posted that picture on his instagram, i feel very happy :D.  Don't worry , i will active here even after Joon discharge. So, we can talk about his new drama, movie or cf because we can't do that when Joon had hiatus for 2 years. I dont think i can talk about it in Lee Joon's Soompi thread . That is because I feel comfortable with this thread B) . Thanks to you too for being  active on Instagram and Twitter. At least , we never forget about him . I can't wait to see how he look now or is he gaining weight . But, one thing i worried about K-netz reaction once he comeback. Can they accept him back to the dramaland? Or  they will talk about his transfer to public service  over and over.  I still remember when he said about pursuing other career paths after MS, but i hope not he will not do that. I know he loves acting so much.



    Example like Siwon, i read comment about his drama, all about dog and some people said not watching My Fellow Citizen because of him.  



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  5. On 5/13/2019 at 3:05 PM, baulitemegan said:

    is lee joon and jung so min still dating? cause i see there is no news about them breaking up. and jung so min has a child?

    Yes, i still believe they are still together. When Somin sent a congratulatory plant to Joon's Ceo, i think many Joonmin shippers feel happy, its a indicator that their relationship is still strong .  I was surprised , actually, i was really surprised.  As far as i know, she never work with Mr. Yeo and have not meet him yet (or maybe she already met him, but who knows?). So , why she gave that plant to him? And Mr. Yeo is close to Joon. Maybe Mr. Yeo invited Somin to come over to his store, Strol through Joon?? 


    He is Somin's nephew .  If she has a child, i think it's a big news in Korea because Joon is still doing a military services and people will talk about it:lol:

    Credit: cutefairy2017 IG

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  6. This IG account(lee_joon_lyf) change the countdown for Lee Joon from 1st July to September 25th yesterday, because someone  comment on her post claimed she/he understand Korean, but at least please tell us where did he/she read that article . 


    @eyjooniesh Like you said, except from Soompi , so far there is no Korean news sites said he will be disharged on 25th September. :unsure:




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  7. On 4/1/2019 at 1:32 PM, eyjooniesh said:

    Happy April First everyone. I just got some news that lee joon will really be discharged on 1st July 2019:rolleyes: so we only have 3 months left!!!! Wow I can't wait for it. And also heard rumor that he already received so many acting offers from drama and movie producers and director, Lee Joon is currently viewing which projects he wants to appear in as his comeback project. Our actor is hot stuff now he's out from the military-_-yeay and he will announce his upcoming wedding with Jung somin this year too :wub: 


    Okay.. April fool everyone haha. But I really hope those wishes will come true eventually :sweatingbullets:

    I want to reply this last week but my Soompi account got problem , but luckily i can log in today by changing my password (Why this problem always happening to me:sweatingbullets:).  

    Ok,  when i first read about this , im so happy  when its confirm that he will be discharged on  1st July  and he got more projects. But ,  when you said upcoming wedding with Jung So Min, i feel  weird:lol:. I forgot its April Fool . But , I dont mind if its true  :D.

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