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  1. Personally, i want her to join big agency like C-Jes, Soop or King Kong by Starship. Because top stars in Blossom is Chae Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum. I read the comments on twitter said that SJK will set up his own agency (like others Hallyu star Hyun Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho and soon Kim Soo Hyun , to secure more income) . Probably , he will bring PBG to his agency. And Chae Tae Hyun (Co founder ) now in hiatus because of JJY Golden Phone scandal (im not sure if he will retire and how that will effect to his agency). And positive thing is,  i checked wikipedia and So Min is the only one (lead actress) there in Blossom.  If she join this agency,maybe there is no competition among actress in that agency. (cmiiw) .



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  2. nM2Jn9k.jpg

    Tomorrow is 1st August. I hope we can hear some good news from Somin and Joon. For Somin, maybe this week we will know if she stay in Jellyfish or change to other agency *coughpraintpccough*. Maybe her new project (drama/movie) will be annouced once everything is settled. For Joon, just new picture of him is more than enough for me. I miss him so much :bawling:

    I still  don't understand why some Joonminshippers still commenting to other shippers fanpage. As long as they are not rude or not say something bad about Joon or wish them to break up,  just let them be. Of course, they know Somin has a boyfriend. They not living under a rock.  We don't have to tell them about that. It makes them hates Joon more. 

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  3. My wish is to see them in dance movie or drama like my favourite movie, Shall We Dance. 


    Credit jmsc_joonmin

    @eyjooniesh  yes, i also think like that.  This is because there a lot of negative comments when TOP discharge form army. Knetz felt unfair because he finished his service a month early . Maybe he dont want to get that attention like him. I hope he will suprise us with drama cameo or his casting news.  And if someone saw Joonmin together at the coffee shop, maybe he already discharge at that time. 
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  4. My take on this : They want to go public but wait until the right timing. And 1st January 2018  is the perfect timing ( everyone want to know who is New Year Couple  and fortunately Lee Joon got day off from army before that date) . They wait until Somin's drama Because This is My First Life is over and Lee Joon's basic training is completed.  If not, they will not share their date picture on their Instagram. Somin will not post her picture with ring (dated 23/10/2019) and etc.  They just can keep the picture for themselves. They gave so many hints about their relationship. Maybe Lee Joon want to follow his mentor, Rain footstepB)

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  5. 8 minutes ago, eyjooniesh said:


    He's too honest and blunt sometimes, and at that time maybe he wants that, because he's so desperate to be in love maybe? but now, since he has become more mature, he may not want it anymore.

    He and JSM wore mask, and both's faces can't be seen in the dispatch pics, implying they're trying to hide from public, for the sake of both career, isn't it?

    But they visited department store in Pangyo whey they picked up the scarves before eating dinner together :ph34r:Why they went there, is public places , right? Of course people will see them:D

  6. How about stroking her hair? Can we categorized that scene in a romance scene? Because is not in the script:wub:.  I know their kissing scene is calculated but i admit that dialogue in the car is so cringe:lol: but love can make you to do silly things.^_^.  But yes, is not important anymore. They are real and we hope forever. 


    But sadly they not nominate for best couple award although korean viewers love them.:(


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  7. 1 hour ago, eyjooniesh said:

    @irisariadne 23rd July is his original discharge date, which is 21months after 24 October 2017, the day he enlisted. But since Korean military rules has new regulations, they shortened the military gradually since 2018;? if I'm not wrong, it resulted for those who in duty in that year will receive 1 day shortened every months from their total service, hence that's why Lee Joon, Kim Soohyun, Lee Minho, Kyuhyun, Im Siwan, Jokwon, and all other Korean actors who still in service during 2018 will receive the shortened days, Lee Joon received 22 days shortened, so that's why 1 July is the new discharge date for those who end their service on 23rd July 2019. Correct me if I'm wrong



    Yes, you are correct. The original discharge date is 23rd July. I forgot about that date because i always think 1st July 2019:sweatingbullets:.  

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  8. On 7/19/2019 at 7:43 PM, eyjooniesh said:

    I know right they could have just denied it even when the picture are out because this is totally what "just friends" do ...


    I dont think they can say "just friends" because i read somehere (on twitter  if im not mistaken) if the couple denies they are dating if Dispatch caught them , Dispatch will release "hot' pictures (like kissing or hugging).  They have to admit it or just keep quiet like GD. Lee Hyori said she can't say just friends because it sound like crazy &$#% . 


    Lee Joon really want to make his relationship public. He is a man of his word. Most of Korean celebrities don't want to make their relationship public because they afraid of losing fans, cf, drama or movie offers.


    I am 100% sure that  this dialogue is not from the script but ad libs from Lee Joon.




    That is why we feel this scene is real not acting (before their dating news, you can check the comments here : https://youtu.be/Zrdj0yKKIbo . This scene cut ,when episode 51 was just aired ) . 





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  9. Before this i dont know why 23rd July is mentioned as one of Lee Joon's discharge date.

    When @Kruti Sharma said korean fans calculating his discharge date when he deactivate his ig (but 18th October for public service), now it make sense to me. 

    He was transferred to reservist status on 23rd March 2018 . And he deactivate his ig on 16th April 2018. So, using days calculator, its 24 days. His original discharge date is 1st July 2019. Its about 23 days, so maybe he will be discharge around this date 23 or 24 July. I hope so. 


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