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  1. @Joonminshipper  yes, he also said he want someone that he can trust on We Got Married . This gif is  when first meeting of LJ with OYS after her dating scandal with LJW. This is reality show, but why i think his feeling is genuine. People can say oh ,maybe because this show is scripted or he is actor , he do it for rating bla bla bla.  But i feel his sadness is real and upset about their  dating news although she just a virtual wife. 


    Maybe because his past bad love experience when his girlfriend cheated on him , so its not easy to him to trust someone (imo).



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  2. 21 hours ago, Kruti Sharma said:

    I don't know about new one but i guess it's old one as she left a comment there also her old manager posted blur pics few days earlier 

    Yes, she posted that blur photos when they hang out together last month . But, that is different feel (if you know what i mean haha). Nevermind, maybe its not Joon, but Somin's mom, brother or friend :P.  I hope Joon will activate his IG after his comeback, because i want to see his lovestagram.


    I want to see his face :P And i dont know about her stylist team like Gozy . Are they hired by Jellyfish or freelance?

  3. Next week (13 September 2019) is Chuseok. I hope some fans spotted Lee Joon and So Min have a movie date and eating kimchi fried rice:D. But i understand if they want to respect Joonmin privacy .


    I lied :phew: i  miss Lee Joon so much so i need his picture ASAP :ph34r:


    Credit : jmsc_joonmin


    Lee Joon spotted on a cute Chuseok date with his mother


    MBLAQ's Lee Joon was spotted on a cute mother-son date during the Chuseok holiday. On September 9, one online community posted pictures of Lee Joon with his mother on their movie date to watch "My Brilliant Life"' together.  It was revealed that he had taken his mother to the movies in order to help her relieve some stress.  

    According to a rep, the two indeed went to the movie theater, drank coffee, and had a good time.  Even though Lee Joon wore a hood, glasses, and a cap, he looked casual and not too concerned with being recognized as he lounged comfortably in the chair across his mother in the pictures.

    Although a portion of fans saw the two and suspected he might be on an actual date with a girl, they ended up smiling brightly when the woman was revealed to be his mother.(Me ::lol:)


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  4. I saw comments on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter asking Joonmin not rushing or get married too fast. With two divorce news (both couples are from KBS drama) , i think maybe they are worried . For me,  its depends on a person (dating longer is not a guarantee that you will be together forever). And i think they will get married when they are ready. It's a lifetime commitment. Both are mature person. I trust Joonmin in whatever decision they make.


    Joon's interview August 2017:

    Regarding love, Lee Joon admitted, " I don't think i've ever truly been in love before. Marriage seems like a very vague thing to me. I've always thought that I marry someone that I would take a bullet for but I have yet to feel that,which is why I'm trying to cultivate those kinds of emotions."


    Somin's interview December 2017: 

    When asked about her views on marriage, Jung So Min remarked, “It continues to be the source of a lot of worries.” She went on to quote a line from the drama, saying, “There’s a line from ‘Because This Is My First Life’ that I remember: ‘Marriage should be between two adults.’ It made me think that I want to get married once I’m certain that I can take responsibility for someone else.”


    And Lee Seo Jin said to Somin you need to have a baby:lol: 



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     Chae Tae Hyun -Yes, i also think its unfair for him  and Kim Jun Ho:tears: (I'm 1n2 days fan). He is good guy and family man. And i know Korean still love them.  What i mean is what if he feel upset and left the show biz (I  hope it wont happen). But, I want him to active again next year..


    PBG- I thought they are close :sweatingbullets:nevermind i'm  just guessing

    I agree that Prain TPC its good when promoting their actors . From Starcast, Dispatch x Naver pictures and Marie Claire magazine photoshoot . I notice Lee Se Young also had photoshoot with Dispatch. Dispatch pictures is HD quality and beautiful . We are so lucky to get many pictures of Joonmin although its just family drama. I will support Somin in whatever agency that she choose. She knows what's good for her. But as long as is not YG Ent :vicx:


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