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  1. 23 hours ago, Joonminshipper said:

    This is a Lee Joon Somin forum for all news pertaining to the couple. My bad if u feel it is annoying. I tried to delete the post but I can’t. In any case this is the reason why I have stopped posting and commenting in this forum because I realised everyone’s tolerance and sensitivities are very different. I feel a forum should be a platform for you to share about the couple without being judged but I guess this is not so. I never know if something I post or share will trigger someone off. I also get that some of Joon’s fans are not really happy about Joonmin couple or supportive of their relationship. Or some could be more of a Somin fan and feels she could do better with her choice or partner or some are Joonmin fans who think they are perfect for each other. Whatever it is, I did not post this to annoy anyone, in fact to show my unhappiness with Allkpop.

    I hope you will not stop posting in this thread because i need you.  If not, im also lazy to post anything . You are one of some people that make this thread active. Maybe others just come and go. I appreciate for what are you doing. We can't please  everyone . You don't need to delete that article because this thread for us to discuss about this couple. :D

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  2. Because we have not see him for 1 year, 9 months and 22 days, of course i have to make a gifs  :D 



    I have mixed feelings when i saw this pictures . First, I'm so happy because actually i lost hope to see his new picture before he will be discharged.  And I never expected this to happen. Its like a teaser of new drama, this is a teaser where we can see glimpse of him before his comeback.  Second, why 3 of 4 pictures, he looks so sad:tears:? I think he looks different here (more mature?).  Hopefully, we can see him next week (or month but not year). Can't wait to see you again.  


    Joon last pictures dated 1/2/2018. Then and now, he is so handsome:blush:








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  3. DWNP4eV.jpg

    Yes, its confirmed next month and before 23rd December 2019.  Because when he said D-** Not *** on his facafe (15 September 2019). I use  days calculator- between 15/9/2019-23/12/2019 is 100 days. So he will be back before Christmas. But,  Kfans said 10 December 2019? . So its D-33 now. Lets see. But i really hope early December. 

    There is no doubt they are still together , she wore their couple jacket on Halloween is one of the proof.


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  4. On 11/3/2019 at 3:39 AM, FrFox said:

    I didn’t get it about the stool, what’s wrong with them? Someone else has them?

    Nothing wrong. According to eyjooniesh, Lee Joon designed that stool and 2wenty6ix is his logo . 2 is pronounced like lee in Korean and 6 is because English word June (6) is pronounced like Joon #26. You can also buy that stool at Strol owned by Joon's Ceo, Mr. Yeo Jun Yeong.  

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  5. giphy.gif




    Some people said that this is 26 stool in Somin new house (im not sure its her house or family house). I thought the same thing too. Maybe yes or maybe no , but i dont care. Afterall they are real couple and this is shipper thread. So ,its 50%-50%. Its not like crazy stupid Se****in shipper, from bracelet, to ring to S word - (S for single seriously???):blink:



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  6. %EC%8B%A0%ED%95%98%EA%B7%A0-%EC%9D%B4%EC

    Yes, me too. I also want her to accept this offer. Shin Ha Kyun is a great actor ( plus he won Daesang in 2011 for his medical drama , Brain) . Somin can improve her acting skills with him. I dont want to see her in the same role again and again (rom com/melo).  She is 30 years old now. Its time to take new challenge in acting. I think its different from D-day. Her role is interesting for me

    Jung So Min, on the other hand, reportedly received an offer to take on the role of Han Woo Joo, a musical actress who helps patients with mental illness through her acting.

    I-fans maybe dont like this kind of drama (medical genre/possibilty no loveline between leads) .And finally maybe no shippers like her previous drama :lol:)


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  7. giphy.gif

    Credit: @jayemsarang


    @Joonminshipper tbh i admit i one of that fan. Because  its a long wait and im tired of waiting.This waiting is painful because no news and picture at all. I feel upset and jealous when see other actors have new project . And those who enllisted in 2018 (like his bestfriend Yonghwa) will be discharge on 3rd November 2019. But, thanks to you that keep this thread alive and i really appreciate it. I thought that i will active in  this thread on December but after i see what you did, i change my mind.

    On the day he discharge, i want him to show up in radio show (Jung So Min Young Street?), interview, product launching, fashion show or whatever, i dont care as long as i can see his face. I hope Joon not hiding for another one month and only by next year we can see his picture in the drama script reading.  :angry:



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