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  1. uhmm could be but when he landed in from london days ago he still looked as pale as ever.. summer really does him good huh?
  2. only yesterday did people rant about this thread is moving slower and it jumped to 5 pages forward just now holy mama you sure so quick why is he looking tanned at sudden?
  3. right right! i think i've seen all of his appearances on running man too and kind of agree with you, he's so fun to get along with. unlike any one who's aware of their looks he went all out being hilarious without thinking much about his after image. and oh do you remember when he was paired up with jihyo and had to jump on the trampoline then he was getting weaker hence they failed? it was so pity of him lmao
  4. i've known psj for quite some time but i didn't pay much attention to him before, i actually watched both kill me heal me and ffmw but didn't feel any sparks not even the announcement of his casting for wwwsk had my heart moved, lol i'm sorry captain. the walls eventually tumbled down when i watched the first two episodes of wwwsk did i realize that woahh this man looked extra dapper and fine. it made my heart go woosshh now i can't seem to get out of this abyss all thanks to his charm (aite das too cheesy fiuhfuiuh) and at this very second i grow hating on him for he's getting finer and finer like sir, stahp my mental health is gradually deteriorating *sweating profusely while looking at his airport pics*
  5. oh i noticed that too! she would turn her back against the screen whenever he showed up sis wyd @ pmy
  6. are they taking turns in updating their instagrams now? uhm... i don't mean to scrutiny but the timing is... it's too obvious for one to overlook.
  7. the way he is holding the umbrella though.... kyut aahhh what have you done to me dear sir? everything you do makes me heart-eye all over @ psj
  8. i know right?!?! even in the teaser shooting i didn't see him talking with honorifics either, in this case "yo" that should've been put in ending of each sentence. but maybe, just maybe, the honorifics he used was for calling her name, like "pmy-sshi" instead of "pmy-noona". i mean, regardless of your casual speeches to each other, you'll still have to call someone older using honorifics, amirite?
  9. look at this DUMBAS* he said NO to the lovestagram but look what he's doing now? in front of our salad???!?!?!! im shooketh to the coreth man WOW his audacity is no joke BOOM what is trying to imply i can't get it?!? for fxk's sake
  10. oh honey i don't mean to kill the fun though i like your spirit but could you please refrain yourself from saying sunken/sinking anything? it's just that a lil bit inappropriate, we're still uncertain too with how this is going to unfold so please please be wiser with your words..
  11. it's fine though if they aren't getting martied with each other then simply they aren't meant to be. if psj would end up with kjw then so be it. as for shj and em, i shipped them too. but i think, long before they met in a drama EM had been linked and might be in a relationship with his present wife, hence the denial. it can't be helped.
  12. it's getting funnier and funnier each day i feel like watching a comedic show hahahahaha omg to pmy: if you've ever dropped by this thread, could you please bring us a scrape of eiffel tower's dried paint? that would be highly appreciated. thank you in advance. *bow*
  13. sis almost snapped her neck and flipped the table after her mans being mentioned by another woman wooo i love this lmao chansung's eyes weren't briefed beforehand they almost popped out of its socket, bruh chill
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