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  1. I am speechless. As I have posted. I am not going to comment anything else about this messy situation until all of it comes to calm.
  2. Hello my fellow sunnies, reading comments here and there, several portal and news, now I understand the amount of stress, anxiety, humiliation, and angriness she was going thru for the past months. My God, I would like to be by her side like a mother at this moment (remember that I have a son that is her same age). Now I understand some of her answers in her latest interviews, she gave us some hints of what’s going on in her personal life. I bet that her weight gain has nothing to do with food, with the fried chicken that her husband did not eat, but because of the high level of stress she has been living with. She simply exploded. She spoke, she said what she had to say, not because she is not a private person, is that obviously her agency was going to publish totally false information in favor of her ex. Moreover, I think she is taking an action that many women in Korea can be inspired by. Korea is a macho country, where women have to lose in most cases. But it is time for this to change. She must divorce, that is a fact. Personally, it would make me sick if a man like him does even touch my finger. That man is really a bad person, is totally unworthy, an immoral and indecent person; cruel, cold. But this storm will pass, time heals and she will rise from this situation with optimism and greater strength. This experience will help her to be more alert and cautious when choosing a life partner. From my part, I don't want to read any more comments about what that man was doing, it's disgusting, and it makes me sick, I want to vomit. If there is a woman who could be with him now, poor of her; such a man, does not love anyone, he just wish to satisfy himself. From now on, I will only write to her in her IG words of encouragement and affection, letting her know that there is an audience, a large number of fans who love her and always support her. I want to encourage her to see that there is a better tomorrow.
  3. I don't think she was talking negative about her husband, she showed his true colors! Immature, inconsiderate man, and somehow, cruel. To face the parents for marriage and divorce is a custom in Korea, it's a matter of respect to the elders, something that us westerns don't do. It seems that he is afraid to face her mother, only them know why. But he was able to talk bad and coursed her with the agency CEO (a female, actually). It's good that she showed who is he, because as I mentioned before, in Korea (a male chauvinist culture) women always loss no matter what. Anyway, she deleted almost immediately the texts, and I hope that she and her soon-to-be ex work out all the matters regarding their divorce. The best healer is time, and I hope they can continue with their lives happily. As for me, yes, I will always support GHS.
  4. I have been reading many, many posts about this situation, and believe me, there much people that now understand her, mainly after the post in the Blind item went public. Regarding AHJ travel to Bali, that trip was for a shooting (is in his IG) not for vacation. Even when he was photograph at the airport, his manager said it was for shooting.
  5. First of all, seems that you don't know GHS nor SHK, so it's not fair to say that both are cold persons. Second, marrying after one year of dating is nothing. I did the same and I have been married for 30 years. I have met people who were dating for several years, they wed and then divorced in a short period of time. There is no written rule for dating/marrying time. It's up to the couple. Related to AhnGoo, a very close friend of the couple said that everything was going fine between both until the end of last year; that the problems started from this year. There is a blind item that exposed who is really AJH. A person posted that she and her family visited Korea for the winter games, and she said they stayed for a month there, and she heard a lot of so called rumors of celebrities from people who helped her and family go places. She told them they are an avid fan of GHS. They said nice things about her & bad things about him. Those rumors appears to be in concordance with was published by Blind item (he is a player that loves to fools around). Third, she has to speak and not keep quiet like most Korean women used to do. Korean society is very cruel with divorced women, and if it is the husband to file the divorce, is the worst. She defended herself from the lies their agency and husband were planning to release to the media. From now on, both parties should work their separation quietly with no more scandals.
  6. That is why she posted the texts, she has to protect herself from any untrue information their agency may be planning to post. Then she also posted that the CEO and AJH were talking bad and cursing her. She exposed them. After that, she deleted all information posted about her divorce. Good move from her. Even my husband supports what she did, taking in consideration the unfair position of a divorced woman in Korea (male chauvinist society). But she is a fighter, and she will be fine, good enough to be back in track again.
  7. I wonder what happened to him. I am also surprised the lack of respect he has showed towards his in laws, specifically, GHS mom. He always used to behave as a man with proper manners. God knows. Right now, I am going to pray that this situation will be carried out smoothly, without further drama.
  8. They way they married had nothing to do with what’s happening to the couple now. SongSong couple has had a big beautiful wedding, and they ended divorced. It seems that something serious happened between them.
  9. My dear sunnies, I am surprised and confused about the rumors on her divorce. That her husband wants to divorce her?! What is this?
  10. @wildcherry How could you affirm or suggest that they don't spend time together? Married couples work and have their own interests, besides the ones' as couple. This comment is totally inappropriate, wrong; full of nonsense, kind of a gossip. Lady, there is something called privacy, private life. As she mentioned in a recent interview, their marriage is not business, they are a normal married couple, and they don't have to do things to please fans; their marriage is not a rom-com or a drama. Simple as that. They don't have to show nothing to anybody. They are celebrities, yes, but they are also private people. Goo Hye Sun is a very, very private person, and she and her husband don't have to show nothing to anybody. Please respect and refrain to post such a comments. Please, pay respect to the lovely couple.
  11. Hi sunnies! I hope that all of you are doing well. @cheerkoo, thank you very much for the translations you do, but please, take a rest. You deserve it! I have a question, did the couple sold their home in Yongin and move back to their flat in Seoul? I have noticed that they are spending more time in Seoul lately, maybe it is more convenient when they need to be close due to work. Koo will have an exhibition in June, and maybe it is more convenient to be in Seoul. Anyway, I guess that the driving time among Yongin to/from Seoul is only 30 minutes approximately. Another concern, besides the cancellation of her contract with the agency, is Koo's health. I hope she is ok. I really want to see her back as an actress, in a good drama.
  12. Hi Sunnies, I hope that all of you are doing well! First of all, and about the President of SK, it was my brother who told me that when he saw the photos. I really don't know him. Sorry for the confuse. So happy and very proud of my angel, who is in Paris with her exhibition of art. I saw some photos of her and she looks very beautiful.
  13. Hi all! Did you see the couple of photos she put in her IG during her stay in Japan for the photoshoot? She looks stunning, a living porcelain doll! So lovely that even her husband post an Oh when saw his wife photo. On the other hand, congratulations to our angel for her appointment as public relation ambassador for Korea Social Contribution Award, and Service Management at the National Assembly Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. She was along with the President of Korea, what a fine outstanding lady!
  14. Hi Sunnies -- It's been a while not posting here; @cheerkoo , I agree with you, I think KHS is not posting so frequently so her husband may have more exposure. Remember that NJTW-5 and the drama Beauty Inside are currently broadcasting, so now he is the one that is more active in IG (with the exception of KHS post showing the jewelry made for her by her husband, which is such an artwork!). Another cute IG post was a screenshoot of the drama Beauty Inside with her husband. She put a heart, as approving the scene of AHJ and the actress Lee Da Hee. The drama is very good, very funny! Regarding her photos at the airport, heading to Japan for Single's Magazine photoshoot, I say that this is how she is; she is not the type of person that always shows a big smile at public events. She is very discreet, just a soft smile and wave.
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