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  1. She must have accepted the part then @icyphoenix I had hoped for something else. Something bigger with action, fantasy or ninjas Hi @cnblueminhyuk. I have missed this thread and you guys too.
  2. To my knowledge she never mentioned her desire to play this before. Was this pure fun? Just saying her lines presenting at the MBC awards? It would be a safe choice for an attached woman though! I’ll cheer her on whatever she wants to do but could gorillas, unicorns, aliens or vampires please be part of it? The pure and unrequited love could be a drama/movie with at least one of those, right? I had to ease my mind with this interview 9:00 - 10:00. She is so cute with that haircut and the reaction to the vampire suggestion! She is always up for a challenge so I can’t help wishing and wanting to see her in something spectacular and out of this world.
  3. Hi everyone in here still cheering for our couple Ha ji won and Yoo Seung ho are so cute! and the hugging of So ji sub - so delightful! Still my heart goes out to this daring guy and the unforgettable hug last year Hope Ha ji won and Kang min hyuk will be happy and be hugged a lot in 2019. Can’t wait to find out what drama or movie Ha ji won will take on next and what her heart will tell her to do. Happy 2019 to all of you!
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