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  1. okay so by far the BESTEST EVER episode of arthdal was today... So song joong ki has double role... Eun Seom , Tanya and the twin represents sword , bell and mirror and these three will bring the world to end... I wouldn't mind it for world... and may I add , by far this is SJK's best drama... even better than DOTS... presumably because th Genre is untouched... Everyone literally everyone gave breath taking performances.. and no I won;t give synopsis because this will lose the suspense and thrill... peeps , just go and watch it... you won't regret it...!
  2. i seriously don't get all the hullaboos.... even if its a GOT attempt...who cares...??? it is not like that they have completely plagiarised GOT... it can be called GOT inspired... Highly distubing and irritated... all the stories in these world have been told before and the success depends on the way of telling the story.... commenters are on another level altogether... agreed they may have taken few concepts of words , but this is no where GOT...!!! please....
  3. 950 @kokodus kang's kitchen??? are you kidding? I don't watch variety shows much.. i AM watching one drama on real time ... arthdal...and after a long time , i am loving a drama which i am watching real time... @triplem i am hearing a lot of buzz about le coup de fondre & keep your head only my shoulder... although i am not sure whether I am gonna watch it or not..... however i am planning to rewatch legend of yunxi... too bad they don't have it in netflix.... for YT , Ads are really annoying... next one which I really wanna watch in this year at least - vagabond ( K - Drama ) & Pillow Book (C-Drama). Kim So Heun is going to be released on 1st july..... let's see how does he plan his comeback ! i hope he will not make us wait for another 6-7 months for his new drama.... God knows..!!!
  4. thai dramas are okayish for me...i don't find it at par C or K dramas... before I watch anymore ugly duckling , let me go back to my xu feng and jin mi... then i will again come back... I don't even remember the number of times i have watched Ashes of love and it still does not get old for me... !!!
  5. @kokodus you must realise that i have jst watched that kiss series by fast forwarding and i am already on 5th episode of ugly duckling... i like mild & mek.. is there anything else i can watch after this?? please do suggest.... 934
  6. @kokodus you should most definitely NOT WATCH "The Kissing series"...story is drag... OTP is nice but they don't have much scenes which makes us go swooning...like the way it gave us xu feng and jin mi....or maybe ye hua and bai qian...
  7. tagon will surely fall for Tanya.... at least the synopsis says so... see the issue with Tagon is he wants power....its the same reason he fell for Taelha...
  8. @Lmangla what she means is logically well put..thats what you are... so rational... you wont like crazy things...and u r not sucker for romance either crazily like us... u r more into quality content... thats why i am surprised u r not watching arthdal... 846
  9. @Lmangla I was also very very surprised to see it being picked by netflix...i mean by netflix we understand quality content... there are so many amazing dramas but this drama getting picked...very very weird... one side netflix has sacred games , train to busan , ashes of love , love o2o but another side they have well shitty dramas as well... all in all i believe they are trying to balance out everything;... good content+bad content = makes it some content 850
  10. Trust me when I say this.... the story is meh but even if it is his possessive attitude and the weirdest most plot twist , you can't stop yourself falling in love with the lead guy...it is very very weird coming from me.... even i feel weird... but lead guy is way too good and the way his eyes flirt....so dreamy... kill me already <3 850
  11. Thanks to you...my boss will literally fire me... Let me complete The Kiss series first then I will watch the other one... Mild is really really cute... Have you watched "well intended love" - that C Drama??? Thanks to Netflix ., i am on lala land..
  12. @kokodus Good suggestion... but before I start ugly duckling , you need to tell me who does she end up with??? Mek or the other guy... so far i am liking kiss series... second couple is really annoying .. specifically the girl... But i am fast forwarding to Mek & Mild scenes... they are the only reason I am watching.. After that I will start watching ugly duckling... Thaanks for the suggestion.. 844
  13. @bebebisous33 that CAN BE a possibility as well.... hey , do you remember there is one realisation by somebody that Tanya's curses have started to be fruitful.... can you tell me which scene it is ??? and how exactly it is becoming fruitful??
  14. i just started with kiss the series thai drama.... loving the male lead... he is hawttt.... 840
  15. this series deserves amazing ratings...not just because of its amazing story but because of the boldness of makers who could create this story on Glamour oriented Korean Screen.... @bebebisous33 true that Tagon's main enemy is his hunger for power....and also as per wiki , tagon will also fall in love with Tanya... I do not think that the masked man is the elder igutu because in such scenario , why tagon will tell taelha to go see the older igutu??? Another thing is , Tanya prophesied , how will it come to be fruitful? would like to Eun Seom getting rid of his innocence and becoming a bit more understanding of this so called developed civilisation called Arthdal...
  16. @Gumiho9 so basically I completed watching ep 4.... It is thrilling... Brief update - Episode starts with eun seom making discovery that in arthdal, children are used as slaves and he is devastated....he again crosses his road with that lady...so that lady belongs to the family of physicians...her father was responsible for killing of Neanderthals.... And he feels guilty ... So in long run, they are going to support eun seom... On wahan part, tanya takes charge.... She says some prophecy about the fate of those who are torturing her... And there we get to know that she belongs to some great white wolf who belongs to arthdal... Her mother while dying tells her that when tanya was prophesizing, she saw great white wolf ( we do see it on screen )... She had a brief encounter with tagon... The fact that taelha supports tagon...her father comes to know about it...he forces her to give poison to tagon... Taelha goes to meet tagon but they end up confessing for each other...taelha tells him that whatever he planned, better be good or else she will also end up dead... There was brief encounter between taelha & tanya here while living tagon's tent.. Now tagon puts his plan on action here...he goes to meet asa ron and suggests a suitable plan for both of them... Result - asa ron ends up declaring that tagon is indeed messanger of god hence he surely can hold rituals... Now both asa ron and tagon finds the guy who falsified tagon... That guy claims that it was saring niruha who planned it...the people of asa ron tries to hostage niruha but all are brutally killee... Meanwhile, eun seom dresses up to hold niruha so that he can negotiate for wahan tribe...everyone surprised to know that niruha has been taken into hostage by some unknown person... So tagon suggests that he goes up and negotiate with eun seom...borh of them come face to face and both of them runs fighting towards each other.... Episode ends... Nice cliffhanger
  17. Can anyone give a quick recap of today's episode?i am awaiting netflix to update it ... No luck till now ...
  18. @Gumiho9 tagon & tagon's father both has a relationship with taelha... Taelha is after power.... It seems taelha is using both.... Tagol's father want both Tagon and asa ron gone... hence he created a conspiracy to kill both Tagon and asa ron... Regarding Taelha's loyalty, it was not given away completely but if we believe wikipedia, it should be Tagon...
  19. @lightbringer06 well nothing much significant.... Eun seom went to wahan tribe home to find out where the people might be taken... He understood that those people came crossing the great wall...he also crossed the wall and reached arthdal.. found out he is in igutu from a mysterious lady....she helped him to hide his lips and helped him to understand what igutu is.... He was devastated to find out that he is a son of a monster... He was very very surprised to see the arthdal city.... P.S. - i am dying to see SJK in action...he is amazing...:D
  20. 786 lol , okay @angelangie
  21. @kokodus adorable was a wrong choice of word... I said adorable in terms of creativity... the appropriate word should be - enjoyable / or maybe acclaimed / intrinsically crafted... too much?? 780
  22. I have watched GoT as well... people are comparing it with GoT but I will not think about it... both are absolutely adorable dramas... and let’s keep it at it.. let’s not compare the two dramas... and nowhere makers said that this will be a spin off of GoT...so when I watch Arthdal , I watch it with open mind... they have invented lingo and that lingo is exactly matching with the tone set in drama... i have no regrets... and i will not criticize each n every thing unless its really needed... so far it looks promising n good... 778
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