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  1. @Winterfairy u think its over for me???? I am also watching it on viki... and anxiously awaiting for another week to end... for episode beyond 50th... all those sweet moments.. JC saying ,"well , i do have bad intentions"... Gosh....!! then of course...YT... hopefully croton will come up with subs... its need of the hour...I don't know what to watch after this... coz nothing ain't gonna match it... next I know that we won't know when we will get to see chang chen and nini again...so another bummer... Chang Chen will have next movie Dunes in 2020... which I am sure will nowhere be this kind of...so i need to keep my horse on stand by for a while...!!! very very upset...i just can't forget his expressions....the depth of his acting...superb performance !!!
  2. i have been watching this drama ...like binge watching multiple times... and don't know how i can get over it... for once i don't see anything in pipeline to look upto... i am so glad that producer/director wrote a long letter to bring Chang Chen on board... because he is absolutely astounding as GOW... it could not , cannot be and will not be anyone else...special thanks to @Winterfairy ... you know what I mean...
  3. @kokodus i am into love and destiny heaven... watched a C drama after quite a long time and loving it crazily & dearly...in K dramas i have watched arthdal , watching vagabond , plan to watch JCW Drama... and Kang Ha Neul Drama... except these, I did watch put your head on my shoulder....
  4. @kokodus i am absolutely fine...how r u?? missed u... what are you watching these days??
  5. 646 @nrllee well i am just watching it because I am just watching it.. No special reason except LSG... will decide my future course of action depending on the way it turns up... Ironically all the dramas of Seungi is there on netflix...gu Family book is called Kangchhi ..the beginning ... god knows why !!! However I am more into binge watching Love & Destiny... cannot get over Chang Chan... Gosh his looks.. Reminds me of **ye hua** days...though Cheng Chan looks old and he is as it is but he nails it...
  6. 648 @triplem of course , yes ;-) come on... I will watch his drama even for my loyalty towards him.... even if I don't like it... on a serious note , it is not BAD but story line has not captivated me much yet... Suzy is good at least in it... :-)
  7. Hi Peeps , How have you been all??? @angelangie @triplem @kokodus missed all of you soooooooo much... Has anyone watched Love & Destiny ?/ gosh its freaking amazing...my new obsession... can;t get over it.. Cheng Chan looked old but still he managed to outshine...
  8. can anyone please tell me why there is not Subtitles after ep 38 ??? I am dying here... Not understanding a single word but watching it perhaps zillionth time..
  9. @lightbringer06 SJK is amazing as both Saya & Eun Seom... Gosh he is so amazing... he was this psycho as Saya for whom killing is as easy as drinking tea ... and eun seom is so sensitive that he cannot even think of killing a person who is a lost cause ... two completely different character and Song Joongki playing with such ease... this guy is good... he is reminding me of his performance in werewolf boy... i could not stop crying in that movie,.,
  10. i think this drama is beyond any triangle and lovey dovey relationships... Eun Seom loves Tanya and Tanya loves Eun Seom./. its pure , unadulterated love...lover since being born... saya came along... but i feel love triangle should not be focus...the focus should be power struggle...and Eun Seom aka Aramun Haesulla's rise with Asa Sin's aka Tanya's blessing... Saya will just be a tool... however , it will be interesting to watch Saya's reaction to knowing that Tagon killer his real family and Eun Seom is his brother...
  11. guys , i just love love love this drama.... my posts were long pending since i did not get time to post here.... first point - Song Joong ki as Eun Seom & Saya... like seriously , he is making me fall in love with him all over again... he seriously deserves to be hallyu star....regardless all those divorce hullabu.. his acting is upto the mark... Second point is - Direction... the way Tanya Remembered her mother's teaching and gradually put everything at place...it was so well written..I literally had goose bumps.. and also the way they showed Eun Seom's rise from mine and Tanya becoming most powerful person in arthdal... it was so so so damn well written... Honestly i kinda fast forwarded Eun Seom's scenes...because those were way too heart breaking... I did understand why Tanya said I am coming for you for Eun Seom.. but I did not understand why Eun Seom said he is coming for tanya... i wonder whether it is revenge or something for Tanya... !!!! maybe you people can tell me that... next is Taelha - well she is manupulative but I just don't know why I find her really adorable though... and i also love the fact that Taelha & Tagon really love each other...i love taelha's confidence... I can keep go on and on but I will put a full stop in my trains of thoughts...
  12. @bebebisous33 also i don't think that neanthals will go jumping on every saram now.. Ragaz has motive.... he wants to take revenge... though mubaek was shocked but looking at how calm ragaz is , Mubaek & Ragaz will surely come up with some solutions...
  13. @Lmangla bed scene??? thats not even a bed scene... !!! its a fact that SHK acts like ice princess.. look at JJH - Kim Soo Hyun... she is soo warm with kim soo hyun... there is genuineness in their relationship plus there is warmth which JJH seems to give.. KSH is also so respectful... i don't wanna compare but sometimes you cannot stop wondering.. SJK deserves better... far far far better....he is not macho type guy but he is loyal ,///... very very very much.. isn't it a Keanu reeves drama??
  14. +2 SJK is so disturbed right now that he decided that he will not make any public appearences as of now... !!! phew...
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