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  1. @jaemin kimpark and @zenya22 thank you for the interview links.. He's very hardworking and passionate on his craft.
  2. Thank you @TripleNa do you know the link to that interview?
  3. a silent lurker here delurking.. Like most of the peaps here, still not over HPL.. I'm rewatching the drama couple of episodes before going to bed.. And currently watching Voice.. Gosh, Mo Taegu I'm having a serious fangirl obsession with Kim Jae Wook, I adored him since Coffee Prince but never really followed his career.. And now I'm watching every YT clips he had and reading articles about him.. Haha.. So many interesting things about him.. He's a rocker, an ambidextrous, a very versatile actor.. ♥ I love when he sings English songs.. I'm stunned upon knowing this: I'm from the Philippines and I never knew about this.. Can someone tell me where did he particularly went here in my country? Or any articles/video clips of him mentioning this?? I'll be catching up reading all the comments on this thread and will be staying here.. Haha.. You guys and all your insights are amazing..
  4. @xpiyox Thank you too.. I haven't posted anything lately. Just quite busy in the real world.. Haha. Yeah this OTP fascinates me the most, the last time I ship a kdrama couple was Jang Keun Suk and Yoona in Love Rain.. I remember I also did some matching pics for them, but MaBbeumi couple made me create a new IG account solely for them..
  5. @xpiyox yes, SHY is really a low profile person.. Wow, so it was your personal artworks that was in the video you shared? Excellent!! I hope to see more of your works..
  6. Ohh.. So she already left jyp? Thanks for that info @booha I hope she will have more career growth in her new agency.. I'm also missing her and want to see her next project.. Hello chinggu @xpiyox thanks for that video, I'm so jealous of people with artistic talents.. I want to learn how to sketch and draw too.. Haha at @booha's response about us lingering here to see dating news of our beloved OTP.. Yes, I say never give up on this 'shipping' business as long as they're both still unattached.
  7. Yes I'm sure his character will have a growth and will be redeemed because he's the main lead after all. I read somewhere that his character will change for the better after encountering a case about missing actresses.. And my MaBbeum heart leaped upon hearing that and my imagination points to actress Joo GiBbeum (maybe she can cameo or something??) haha.. Yes it seems CJH is growing his hair, I like him with longer hair (GMS' hairstyle specifically) he looks more younger with it.
  8. me too happy to hear about this new drama though I wonder about his new character which CJH is going to play. It seems he is a dark character to start with. I know some CJH fans are divided about his new character, WB look or GMS look?? It’s a hard decision because I like both  CJH posted IG. He looks somber and dark. Could it be he is showing his new character?? Also excited to see him in a new drama. So his character will be a villain-protagonist type.. Haha, that's interesting. re: his new drama character look.. I love if he revives his Gong Ma Sung look. I fell in love with him because of it. And the webtoon character resembles GMS or CJH?? Haha.. It's like he basically jump out from the manga.
  9. Dear chingu I completely missed about SHY in that scene. You are so observant. haha maybe we are seeing his subconscious spilling about SHY?? haha So much suspense with these two. Btw SHY is still busy with cf sponsorships Thank you for sharing your delightful imagination about mabbeum, SHY&CJH  @booha well, I watched that part many times already.. Haha And just like Kang Ho Dong I want to catch CJH spilling something.. I agree with you, his sudden "yes" reply to KHD's "sometimes those rumors are true??" is probably his subconscious mind.. I think he's an honest person, he's bad at bluffing..
  10. CJH admitting there were 'dating rumors' and I really believe it's with SHY because their kissing scenes went trending during DJ's run.. I love how Kang Ho Dong keeps on squeezing CJH to reveal something but CJH was so careful but he's blushing.. How cute
  11. A teaser for the variety show that CJH will be appearing on this week.. Seems like he will talk about TLE?? And little Ari was there too. Is this supposed to be a promotion for TLE? But I heard he filmed this in lieu of the extended episodes.. He can't film the last episodes because he agreed to appear in this show, thus the schedule conflict.. Anyone knows where to watch the variety show with English subs? I can't seem to find the show on the sites I'm watching for kdramas/kshows.
  12. Wow this thread is on hot topic now.. Welcome to our newbies here.. I'm also myself is a newbie.. I just came to know our Jin Hyuk after watching Devilish Joy last year.. He's such a dreamy white knight in shining armor as Gong Ma Sung so I was hooked right away after watching Ep. 1.. Plus his voice was so deep and manly, I have a thing for guys with deep and baritone voice.. He's been working non stop, and I also hope he will take a rest but I also hope to see him in a new project to remove the bad taste of TLE. Nonetheless, I will keep on supporting him whatever he decided on to..
  13. @booha thank you dear for posting #MaBbeumCouple here.. I'm flattered seeing them being shared.. We need something to forget the 'bad taste/bitterness' caused by the TLE issues.. That fan made video was also sweet. Thanks to the creator.
  14. @willenette my thoughts exactly.. I really think something isn't right with the drama extension.. I somehow lose interest in watching this ever since they reveal that Wang Shik has only 3 mos. to live.. I was like, WTH? I think they were really changing the plot direction because it seems the netizens are favoring the Emperor to end up with Sunny, because he acted cute and like a lovesick puppy in the recent episodes.. And I only scanned the scenes with CJH on Ep47-48, and yeah there was nothing much for him.. His character has no closure or whatsoever, so that's really bad!!! I've read someone ranting also if CJH was only a cameo.. And I was upset as her.. I think I won't be watching the last 4 episodes since the reason I'm watching the drama will not be around, I'll just read what damn reason they will come up with regarding his character.. sorry for my rant, I just feel so bad for CJH.. hope he won't be treated this way in the next project he will choose..
  15. I'm disappointed with the news.. How could the lead actor be absent on the final episode? Are they really going to kill his character so that Sunny and Emperor will be the end game? I guess CJH-JNR as drama couples are really not meant to be.. Haha
  16. https://www.soompi.com/article/1284817wpp/devilish-joy-production-company-clarifies-plans-outstanding-payments-cast According to the article, the production will pay on Dec 31. Hope it's already settled now. I'm missing Song Ha Yoon.. She's so low profile and private person. And I'm missing CJH's smiles.. His NWS/CWB role is so stoic and serious, that's why I'm rewatching DJ and falling in love with MaBbeum again. Come to think of it, there's also no wrap up party for DJ?
  17. Because I'm missing oppa's smiles, here's a treat for us. Have a happy and blessed new year to all of you JinHyuk fangirls and boys..
  18. Congratulations oppa Jin Hyuk!! It's a happy new year indeed for him winning the award.. Yeah he gets emotional in receiving the award. I felt sorry for him knowing how hard it is for them to film TLE. But at least their getting recognition they deserved and TLE's topping the ratings. That's why he looked too serious during ceremony, he just came directly from shooting and must be still in character as Wang Sik/Woo Bin.. Oppa fighting!!
  19. @booha Merry Christmas to you too and have a great New Year ahead!! I only read your last post in this thread just now.. Too preoccupied with the holidays and personal stuffs. But I'm still not over DJ or MaBbeum couple.. Heehee. In fact last night, I'm rewatching DJ again. Haha. I was just sad about the issues regarding DJ production still not paying SHY and the 2nd lead actress their full talent fees for the drama. That was unfair. Hope these issues be resolved soon.
  20. @booha I haven't known CJH since DJ so I'm not familiar how he is offcam. If he's more open and comfortable around SHY than his other previous onscreen partners, then it's a good news for me!! @Si Fa praying it will happen too.. Really hope to see them again together.
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