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  1. That's true.. The way they sat so close in that mysterious Mnet interview after HPL ended is soooo suspicious but in a good way.. Labbit couple is still on hype in IG, especially these days that little rabbit is quite bold @YoonaHana welcome to this safe haven.. Your fangirling is very welcome here Glad you find a gem in Ryan Gold, coz he's indeed a gold!! I also won't exchange him for Capt Ri.. Haha. This OTP beats all kdrama couples for me.. Their chemistry on and off cam is on fire, so natural and heart fluttering.. Enjoy lurking here, though this thread is not very active coz we're low-key shippers, but you can find more exciting stuffs in Labbit fans' IG accounts.
  2. @kjwxxxx that was really insightful.. I have noticed that too.. PMY already said goodbye to Miso and her last character in WTWIF, but no official goodbye to DeokMi She can't really let her go..
  3. This was indeed a happy weekend for LaBbit ship.. The bts videos that tukta, ito4mi, jaenagilnim and others shared on IG are so squeal-worthy!! It's 101% obvious that PMY was NOT UNHAPPY while filming HPL, coz all she did was laughed and giggled with our lion, and they're laughing like they're on their own world.. Haters can have all their reasoning and still be skeptical about it, but we don't care..
  4. When oppa is so generous in giving compliments.. I won't be surprised at Minyoung's sweet gaze at him. All women love guys who openly appreciates them..
  5. Yes we are all so curious about what happened behind the scenes.. Do you think it will be included in DVD box2? I'm thinking of buying, but I still have not made up my mind coz there's no English subtitles in the Dvds.. Did you buy Box 1? How was it?
  6. I guess @tukta3495 had bought the DVD.. Look what she have shared earlier.. This scenes are so on fire I think what was broadcasted in tvn was toned down by PDnim.. The kisses on the woodshop on the DVD version was way hottterrrrr!! The way minyoung grasped jaeuck's hair
  7. https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/5-korean-actors-share-serial-killer-roles-affected-lives/ The role of Mo Taegu has took a toll on him But I'm glad he's now doing well and his Mo Taegu is now a truly classic icon. He has raised the bar of how a "dangerously sexy" villain should be.. So proud of him
  8. Oh take your time then to continue your blog.. Let me know if you need help. I can see that it's from his 2016 fan meeting but can't find it too in YouTube..
  9. Hello jaenagil-nim @JJChastity I'm still visiting your blog and refreshing if there are new projects (English subbing of Jaeuck vids) completed.. Hope you'll update soon.. I miss you
  10. Hi friends, I miss visiting here.. Hope you're all doing fine and healthy. What's happening in the world today is so disheartening. At least I have Kim Jaeuck to keep me inspired and entertained. I wonder what's he up to these days? His last post with mooryang and a piano makes me wonder if he's practicing for the "fan meeting" Really, really want to see him in person so I will save up for that day.. BTW, I found this video of him singing "Change the World".. And I'm falling head over heels again But the clip is so short.. I wonder if you guys know or has a copy of the full video??.. I'm really collecting all his videos singing especially English songs.. He's so sexy when he sings.. Please can you share it to me if you know or have a copy of the full video.. I messaged jayden_willuck83 but she's not replying..thanks in advance if you could help me Have a nice weekend!
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