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  1. Looks like my expectations were just too high after one year of waiting for this drama because the only thing that really kept me going was the tin can couple. The story wasn't that great and had a lot of unnecessary things like turning human Shin into an evil villain to just give him a weak attempt of a redemption arc within the last four/two episodes (Did everyone suddenly forget about his attempted murder of his grandpa and SB? Using NS3 as his murder weapon.). When he cried because of his mom's death I couldn't feel sorry for him since he treated her like trash the whole time after he woke up. And like other people mentioned Laura's death was such a waste and only for shock value since NS3 would've survived those falling barrels, but not her. Should've killed off human Shin instead. Really stupid, but overall the show treated its female characters really poorly. Hope GSY will get a better project in the future. Didn't you inform yourself before starting to watch the drama? It was clear since Day 1 that the romance would be between NS3 & SB. And the writers made human NS just too unlikable to ship him with SB (and not to forget how toxic their relationship is). Btw, NS3 lost all his robot powers after David "fixed" him (that guy isn't as skilled as Laura was). Now, the only real downside is that he doesn't age.
  2. Is this serious or are you joking? He obviously faked his tears to mess with SB. And I don't understand how some of you can romanticize NS's abusive behavior towards SB (like "he hit her at the airport because he liked her" etc??? ).
  3. Did I miss something or why is he supposed to die now? She got the kill switch from mom and the chairman is currently not interested in using it (and SB doesn't know that David is a traitor). So RoboShin is safe for the moment.
  4. My comparison sheet is updated. Looks like both versions are (mostly) the same since last week. Episode 10 (DF version) only had the scene missing in which So Bong finds the note NS3 wrote her.
  5. That wasn't the battery watch, but the manual control device. NS3 took it off so that his mom wouldn't be able to interfere with him saving SB.
  6. The last weeks' schedules for AYHT were always wrong, so I wouldn't put too much faith into it. And DF hasn't posted any notification on the drama channel regarding a delay/change in episode uploads. So I think episode 11 will still be released later today. Only Tuesday's episode was later than usual (was released between midnight and 1 am in my timezone GMT+2)
  7. No idea why they're doing this, but it has nothing to do with copyright. It also happened with Moon Lovers and The King Loves where the international viewers got a different version.
  8. I've updated my comparison doc with the new episodes. KBS watchers missed a lot of scenes (some of them giving context to why Seo suddenly asked about NS's doppelgänger, mom joining the company...). Sorry for (almost) always posting the dialogues instead of summaries.
  9. I know I should've added a typical to "jerky chaebol". Dramas with this kind of pairing (chaebol heir who is a complete jerk at the beginning vs. female lead from a normal or poor background) are countless and (almost) always the same (plotwise). So I am glad when the writers change things up and both leads are normal and/or the male lead is nice. The schedule for KBS World got updated, episodes 13-14 are airing on Wednesday like always and the other two the first time this Thursday. But they repeat the episodes a lot before next week. Dramafever will upload episodes 7 & 8 tomorrow (13-16), they updated their message on the drama's channel page.
  10. The schedule shows episode 6 (11-12) which was already released last week, though. The new ones should be 7 & 8 (13-16). They also didn't fix their notification on the drama's channel page yet. And thanks for always linking those great fanvids. Can't believe there are still people wanting her to be together with the human (aka the jerky chaebol) later, only because he's human and nothing more. Reproduction isn't everything, they could adopt or let mom create a child robot for them or they get a pet (roomba or a real one doesn't matter).
  11. @juju84 @jerboa83 I am so glad I am not the only one loving our heroine! We should definitely form a So Bong protection squad, because I am really tired to read so much hate on her on other sites (e.g. Dramafever's FB page).
  12. According to their official schedule, they really air 4 episodes on Tuesday! So we're getting the normal 4/2 episodes next week. EDIT: But I am curious if the schedule on KBS World will change. They haven't listed any new episodes of the drama for next week yet, only repetitions of old drama specials in AYHT's timeslot.
  13. I know the aunt is mean to everyone besides her father and son, but her reactions and the things she says (e.g. regarding Ye Na) are on point. So I can't really hate her.
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