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  1. I love the " if a person close to HB said " it must be true because A FRIEND SAID it.... At least SYJ's friends are more discreet . HAHAHAHA Well we can all pack up. The ship sinked . I mean it's obvious . They are not together .....
  2. Im confused the article says We get different statements from different articles.....that's laughable , majority of articles say: vast released statement , when did MSTeam released statement for these pics as well?? Last time her agency did was back in January of 2019?
  3. In regards of the article , i've learned not to trust a. agencies b. supposed sources - why would HBs friends would comment on his personal life on a media site? It seems fishy...the person doesn't say they are friends and they are not dating, they say " they hope because the drama is a hit" ughh no people were all over about them since their movie and promo tour so the hype didn't start JUST now. It's funny how people forget the pics in LA . As for the sake of speculation, because it is JUST speculation . Let's say girl was more emotional for no reason ( we don't have the script for the scene in front of the fire ) and she easily was portraying SeRi as getting truly taken by the qualities of Captain Ri , SYJ is a veteran actress .... and truly invested in her role , she was adamant in the Pyŏngyang scene that the dialogue was a confession and that Captain Ri liked her back. So maybe it wasn't a slip up. Now for the sake of argument , if we assume THEY are dating in fact and she did felt emotional in these scenes , it doesn't mean the boy is slow and haven't thought about popping the question. We all know they are in their late 30s but IF i repeat IF they date, its not more than 1 year and a half . We are in 2020 . They both are busy individuals - girl said she wants to get married - a lot of people say things they wanna do but doesn't mean they plan for them on the dot. My other favorite actress in Kdramas said a year ago that she wishes in 3 years that people would congratulate her in her marriage and now she is adamant that she is super single . They are on the peak of the career , CLOY's success can give them more clout to get more projects , as if they didn't had enough work already. HB is focused on action movies . SYJ is a blockbuster woman. For now we don't even know if they are together or not so maybe we should not get so ahead of ourselves and suggest that SYJ wants to get married and HB doesn't . I mean for the sake of speculating - the prop rings for SeRi/Captain Ri were custom made , HB picked them. According to the brand store that sponsored the rings. They are props , they could be picked up by the crew members or director. This movie of them picking the rings , it suggest dedication . HB doesn't strike me as a guy like that. And SYJ doesn't strike me as a woman who wants to settle and have kids, she is been a career woman who hates bringing her personal life on the spot . It's fun to speculate but let's not carried away that much.Lets keep our expectations low .... Here we have two kind of people - the super pessimistic that are adamant they are besties and the ones who have them already married ....
  4. the " broke up " rumor is another fan speculation based on their bts interactions and the break filming in between ep10-11 . exes or even friends who are driven apart don't sit next to each other especially fresh on the break up they don't hug even if its awkward , even the last bts with them, HB hugged her Not to mention SYJ in their kiss was super shy , when you see yourself kissing your ex - you aint getting shy - you prefer to be away from that person and stare into nothing from pain.. If they wanted to close any possible rumor of dating or even friendship , we wouldn't have BTS from the party . They are both A-Listers they could inform the staff to not post a thing online . Instead we had them sitting together with a hug non the less. Not sure how we got marriage rumors at the same time with break up rumors. The fans speculate and the media have nothing to actually publish and they just publish for bait.
  5. Im laughing at the media sites - one they do zero research because they would know this "table hand holding was debunked ages ago" and only really inconsiderate fans continue to pursue it with the person who started this whole thing saying its just funny now. Really funny , im sure HB appreciate people saying he is holding hands with his co-star when working, the same applies for SYJ , it's not fun for them at all . Most work places are not allowing co-workers to date or they are strict with public display of affection. I work in a place like that , it's not ethically acceptable in any culture to hold hands with your bf/gf while working . Two - i love how they now claim " VAST denied hand holding because they are professionals therefore they are not dating" like since y all sure they are not dating please stop writing articles based on fan speculation and do fact crossing. Our pair is super popular and the nation is thirsty for A list celeb couple since their couple and source of articles for clickbait left the building. It's always endearing to watch the media sites begging for clicks with "fan speculation" , journalism at its finest. I hope our pair are unaffected by them and continue being close with each other .
  6. What part of them holding hands you managed to identify ??? THEY didn't held hands under the table , thats the point. What so difficult to understand? If they had held hands in a video evidently - and you were able to catch that . FINE. spread it , post it everywhere. The point on that scenario is that we all know, that part of the netizens would judge , not shippers . We all know by now since they are hot topic any speculation tops and headlines will go crazy and that might harm the pair AGAIN with a rumor that clearly don't want . What part is difficult to understand????? Did i say i'm against them holding hands??? All i said is that the pic was blurry and everyone is posting it everywhere without thinking it will make headlines for the wrong reasons when is not even proven . Y all making it as if i'm against them being a couple. Are you even reading what i post? Is it ok to spread the fact they held hands under the table while filming without thinking that people don't care if it' s true or not? Do i have to repeat myself again? All i said is that instead of trying to find a needle on a haystack , maybe analyze what is right there. Do you need further proof? Fine but don't make one out of blurred pics and maybe think of their privacy and share it on a group chat - where other parts of netizens won't see it and start judging or the gossip sites find another headline especially if it's not true. I wont reply on anything beyond this post . Story closed.
  7. Im disappointed at myself for trying to make people understand common sense things - i never spoke about the soompi thread in particular but how the majority of internet and specifically knetizens can take a random speculation from shippers to harm them and second disappointed to our community on how shipping should be practiced. Second of all : i rewatched the video and edited on HD - on photoshop. SHE CLEARLY has her hands clasped together and moves forward while they both move forward . Not sure about soompi rules but its on twitter and on binjin tag. I do believe they are more than friends and ill be glad and happy when they decide to share the good news but until then maybe we should be more mindful and check before spreading things that are clearly .....not there. I mean they did held hands. HB for first was the one initiating it on the last BTS video , we should focus on things that are there instead of fantasizing ....just saying. peace xoxo
  8. Well whether is unprofessional or not it's subjective opinion and god lord netizens can be judging too much about it . What else is new? But if they "hold" hands while filming? That screams " we are together " . Who is holding their co-stars hand in a scene when shooting the zooming out of the desk ? Fans always will look for evidence - it's the nature of a shipper. But that can also paint them on a bad light. We also thought they have been holding hands when looking at the squad bts. But again it was HB's locked hands in his waist. We can't tell if they are holding hands, its too blurry and the light plays tricks on the mind. HB's posture doesn't suggest he is holding her hand more like having his hand down . Are you serious? Is it forbidden to reply to someone's post here? In case i forgot it's a forum - discussion board. Im fully aware where im posting. In a shipper thread. And yes the pics should be deleted because in case you forgot CLOY is hot post and if they spread far enough, headlines tomorrow morning will read : HB/SYJ hold hands while filming. What part is difficult to gasp? We can be delulu all we want but we should have grasp of reality. No one says don't ship them. Understand that might cause harm as well....
  9. The pics should be deleted - im not a overzealous fan on weibo . Private groups exist on most social services for that reason. What benefit as fan you have to say it ? They are not holding hands in a park dispatch style ? You say they hold hands in the workplace. While filming . The pic is not photoshopped but it doesn't show anything - it's dark from that side and you can't tell if its her hand or not. That type of recommendation can alert fans , as well gossip sites who will click bait for " they hold hands while filming" . How many rumors do they need at this point? We should be respecting their privacy . End of story. It doesn't matter if its Vast who asked for them to be deleted, common sense says they should be deleted unless you wanna profit from a mindless and no base rumor for clicks or views. HB films with a ring ? It doesnt matter if its on the script - headline reads : marriage They are not close in bts ? headline reads : they broke up Maybe THATS why they don't wanna say a word about their relationship .....whether they are an item or not. It's pressuring and they are filming the last episode.
  10. I used photoshop to replicate the image above- the pic is not fake - however i used lighting to the max and the angle is the same - BUT the lighting underneath could easily play part , she wears white shirt and in the dark her coat can look from a different angle darker. So i don't think they held hands - it's probably that lighting or luck of that makes it look dark while she simply crosses her fingers. xoxo PS: Vast DM me i'm gonna need a salary soon....
  11. Well i can't tell if it's a male watch it does look big on her hand though , but whoever took her pic totally had to adjust themselves for it which requires dedication , she is truly a fashion icon!! Nation first love!!
  12. I think im the one calling him that, using the term "closer" from super ace lawyer who closing cases . He is master on closing rumors....
  13. Considering these two have been on a rumor spree and accepted to be in the project - while CEO has automate message for the press - denied - have a nice day , the ratings have been increasing anyways without the rumors -and we are on the last week - i don't see any reason to actually "pretend" anything bts - especially since they have been super careful since the start...
  14. We have seen bts from ep1 to e12 where the editing was super careful with minor slip ups. Even the slip ups can be attributed to a close friendship - stretched one but yeah . So in one week not only we have super skinship and fluffiness between them but i think it's the first time the bts video is so focused on them. Most of the times we get fractions - either the director being there or small moments with just them talking. They both have been careful or the editing has been super careful. So in the episode we have one scene where basically they troll the fans - paparazzi - i can't imagine the writers forced that scene on them - NO WAY , they accepted doing it - CEO closer seemed a bit awkward but its within RJH character so we can't tell. They both have come across the question in public - the press conference and the director answered for them - they simply laughed it off with HB checking SYJ's reaction. We all know CEO is super strict with everything - you wanna tell me tvN went a released a video like that without him or his team being aware? These two are aware of being filmed - have been careful so far . I don't think both the parody or the bts scenes confirm or deny anything but it gives the impression that finally they are both in a place where they don't wanna be stressed about it rather enjoy the last days of filming. And i'm happy for that!! I think she wasn't smelling his hair rather than trying to get the scene as close her head to his for the close up? Either way the way she held it and the way he was laughing its telling .... Me a week ago: They both super professional , they wouldn't hold hands Me now: oh well.... never mind Editor of bts video checking his emails , phone : V@ast Ent : CHECK YOUR DMS!!!!!!!!
  15. I can't believe they managed to keep straight face and have a scene like this!! They are not even tired of the whole rumors per day, they are actually laughing at everyone - can't tell if the writers trolled them, or BinJin are trolling us and the paparazzi as well. a. making up silly excuses about the picture b. taking a laugh about how good this picture was with his shoulder line c. She forgot to add " me and my bodyguard we are good and close friends" CEO denial closer - had super pokerface on spot !! I salute BinJin for actually being "brave" and doing this. I mean the writers wouldn't add it if the actors weren't on board with it , like the whole nation is aware of their rumors. Regarding their reunion, their chemistry and acting ability gave us such a good and heartbreaking scene that you can't tell if it's real or not. Kudos to both!! We know our melo queen wasn't feeling well when they filmed this episode, you can notice it . Not only from poor SYJ ....they deserve awards . All of them!! I hope the writer will be able to give us a satisfying ending that we won't pull our hairs out !!! Let's hope !! It's one week for the ending? How does this happened? Can we have more? We need more of them together on our screens!! We are that greedy for their chemistry and talent!
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