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  1. First of all , don't use bold black in your posts and repeat the same thing . second of all , im repeating myself - you posted a video calling out sexual harassment - it doesn't exist in the video or any of the videos posted here - you are the one calling it and making the thread a mess . No one paints LDW in bad light - the opposite . You need to educate yourself about what you write and where. If you don't ship these two or deslike one of them as you clearly do - read the rules the forum clearly has. The place has rules for that reason, please refrain from throwing around accusations like that. Remember these two are real people - aside shipping - they are friends and colleagues and get along well together . And some of us like their friendship while some "ship them" and thats why the thread exists...like more threads in the forum about different couples in drama land. One person making a funny remark upon shipping discussion it doesn't represent the majority of the people loving these two. Can you accept that? The same is valid for some of the people who post here - please refrain from using the same words even as fun remarks - it clearly triggers people - this forum is public and not a private group chat . Remember that when you make LONG posts using inappropriate words. This goes beyond the forum - it harms the majority of the fans....and causes not needed fan wars....be more considerate - this goes for all sides. xoxoxo
  2. No one blames neither of them. Anywhere..... You truly found the wrong place to create a drama. Please remember they are moderators around . Also educated yourself about sexual harassment , it's not a word to throw around . It's a serious matter and it doesn't apply in this occasion, the video was slowed down. She moves towards him so he will move because she wants to get more space for her chair - it's harmless from both sides and overplayed by the shipper thread . Where you see sexual harassment ? Are you ok? xoxoxo Nevermind your replies indicate you are a troll , i hope the mods are around and fix the matter .... Thank you.
  3. This deleted scene could've taken place right after the CEO stalker was arrested and YS was still upset from what have happened. The moment they kept felt a bit distant but i liked the hand holding. Why PD-nim?? WHY??
  4. I found myself really embarrassed reading "this plant nursery discussion". Please remember these are real people , not fictional characters. They have a life and as much as fun it can be to analyze their chemistry and communications off and on screen , is not fun to judge them as humans and twist real life in order to satisfy our imagination . Inna BTS speaks in a really formal way to OYS , she is nice to all her co-stars and staff , meeting someone in an area that possibly is near where all K-Celebs hang out is not a big deal - even if it was in another area . It doesn't mean a thing. It's disrespectful to them first and second it makes the shipping thread really vile for no reason. What's going to happen if one of them goes public with someone else? As much as we ship them , so far there is nothing to indicate they are dating and they should exclusively go out alone or only with people that "we approve " or with people they won't have any romantic interest towards. Yes this is a shipper thread but as long they are not officially together - we should be careful not just for the thread but because it's a public forum for the pichi couple -. Please rewatch TYH and remember what the drama itself said , we as fans shouldn't dictate our idols life to suit our imagination . They are real people , they have friends and family , we should respect their privacy , root for their happiness , together or with other people. xoxo
  5. Just coming out of lurking state to let you know this youtube channel is notorious for korean celeb hoaxes , the info wasn't released by dispatch ( if that was the case knetz would be all over it ) it seems they crave for views and clickbait is their strategy to have more. Just check their videos - pure speculation or they gather info from online theories/speculation. 100% hoax . xoxo
  6. Im usually a lurker but @bidown please remember this forum is public and not private and everyone can read it even if you have spoiler tag on it and
  7. YIN lost weight between Goblin and TYH, it has been more than 2 years, check her photoshoots between that time period and you can figure out .
  8. Im glad her agency decided even THAT late to give some YIN footage. Her friendship and comfortability with LDW is really precious , I'm really glad when actors get along well BTS and they are such good friends.
  9. To be honest im not sure why people blame LDW , I'm not a die hard fan of his but i do believe his role as Jung Rok was portrait as it was always intended to be and he did a very good job with what he was given. The same with YIN , her role was really different than the one she had Goblin and she seemed to enjoy acting and gave the role a blast! They both were the saving grace of the drama and anyone who believes otherwise they need to give us receipt if other actors could elevate the drama better. I do believe the weakest part of the drama was the writing, it became truly lazy in the end but the drama was never meant to be a smart drama based on twists and turns. It was a rom com. Basic and it was obvious way before the main leads were casted. But the drama had bad luck , they couldn't cast someone as male lead straight way, the budget was considered low - compared to other production spends . The secondary male was re-casted after production started and the final nail was the infamous - scandal that end up colliding with the main story. Not to mention the time slot and lead in didn't help at all. We can sit and blame several people but the acting or chemistry of the main leads is not one of them. It's tricky to adapt a novel on screen and because the novel had so much the writers needed better focus when laying out the story - they didn't which created a luck-aster finale. It wasn't bad , it gave the drama closure but it didn't end on a high note , maybe they never wanted it to do so. For me the story it was what it was and i can appreciate it . LDW did justice for JR's character, he started as a man , focused on his work - not able to express his feelings or show them properly. Ended up with him in a healthy relationship with someone who values and doesn't want him to change but he did change without trying because he fell in love. Thats what he was missing from his life. The main couple has one of the most healthy relationships in a drama . They trust each other and love unconditionally , the drama never focused on a deeper meaning . It was a basic rom com . Im not sure why the ratings being low (not low considering the competition) had to be connected to either of them being bad . They both acted in other dramas as leads and many fans wanted them as leads since Goblin. The writing didn't do favors on them and they tried their best. Can we appreciate them and not blame them? The drama ended and it wasn't a disaster finale considering there were no high expectations to begin with .
  10. Well if there was on chaste kiss it was between YR/SW , the kisses between LDW/YIN are far from chaste. And im not even a shipper . Their sofar kiss should be ranked one of the most intimate . Far from chaste. They are both professionals so being close friends in RL doesn't mean they can't kiss properly. Most of my ships have very close besties in RL and they are fine kissing, sure it's not steamy but you have to define what "steamy" means... even RL couples who work as actors they kiss less steamy when they work together. But the finale lucked intimacy for the main couple. Period.
  11. so what happened to your inside source?? they trolled you as the rest of us?
  12. They need to reflect on this finale. I feel they wasted so many eps on building storylines with the finale being a major letdown for the main couple , even Choi/Dan ( a kiss behind the tree?) . The interactions were limited, YS story focused more on the acting part , even though in the novel she decides to become a lawyer after they get married. The writing ignored the novel completely in the last episodes. They just focused on the meta aspect of actors and real life complications of the fans forcing them to actually date even though they don't have feelings for each other. They forgot about YS character development entirely....and wasted most of time on side stories that could be solved ages ago... I liked the fact she tells the world about them but it feels unfinished . The biggest problem with this drama is the writing. End of story. I won't rant further but i feel disappointed , at least LDW/YIN looked HOT in the last scene.
  13. I feel this drama didn't close well in terms it needed more? Like it feels half ended? Who came up with this finale?? WHO?
  14. I suspect that someone from TYH lurks around and decided to troll us . "we want a shower scene!!' "here have it ....LDW fully clothed - just minor water in his face/clothes" Really??? "we want a bed scene!!" "here have it!! JR places pillows between and vows to be innocent" Really? "we want zoom in the kisses!!" "here have all the zooming.....but we will cut right at the good part" Really???
  15. Well last time boy settled to sleep in her room he took a small square - when he woke up , all suit was intact now tie is missing? Game on : find the missing tie .... YS was wearing pink shirt under her white coat ..... now she wears white ... shirt....
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