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  1. love the pancake min min @Min2206 +2
  2. @mirmz and I are having our board together in pinterest +2 OK I need to go back to my online class. I am still there but at the same time watching Faith ep 17 hua ha ha ha ha
  3. Ep 17 - Prince Deok Seon wants to married ES. HAHAHAHAAA.. If I was ES I will ask him to shave his mustache first before ask a modern woman to marry him I so hate prince DS mustache. - ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.. I screamed when CY daejang asked ES, "would you stay beside me?" oughhh my poor heart it's so little time and so much to do, I want to spend my day with you la la la - I remember at the scene when CY and ES are standing inside the closet, 8 years ago, my friend said it's from a movie scene. - HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. I remember 8 years ago soompiers
  4. Morningggg.. I am still sleepy but must to cook now +2
  5. Seriously tired :dead:

  6. I am still in my online training class. I just know that I got new hobby as a student. Eating. Lol. I keep ordering snacks and foods online while studying. I love online class. +2 min min @Min2206 @Thong Thin I am missing my handsome daejang I watch ep 17 but our instructor keep asking us to be active and discuss huuu uuuuu uuuuu.. they asked me why I am joining this training, I answered because of I feel compelled lol.
  7. morninggggg It is 9.11 AM in here, time to join my online training class. BRB +2
  8. 280 I am tired @partyon well perhaps because of I must to sit too long for my online training so we had a session in the afternoon. And there was a question for us “what are you feeling right now.” Most of attendants answered “happy.” When I answered “relax and calm.” The speaker laughed and read my answer with a loud voice. He said “amazing ya. Relax and calm. How happy your life is, ma’am.” And we laughed hahaha.. but yeah I was being honest. I was not happy or sad at that time. I was feeling relax and calm hahaha.
  9. 276 thank you @corey and @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 min min btw chingu if I use like reaction means I only use handphone. If I use love reaction means I am using laptop ^_* +2 oh gosh too tired now
  10. So sad.. my best friend’s mom just passed away. I was doing my pre test when I heard this. Could not meet her and now can not go. Need to get home soon.. sighhh +2
  11. @Thong Thin I am on online meeting with laptop and on Faith ep 17 with handphone. PC with headset but handphone with speaker hua ha ha ha.. This is multitasking +2
  12. Morningggg In online training now +2 *H0ney is learning about mortality fertility and migration
  13. 334 min min @Min2206 I am typing with one eyes sleep and one eyes open
  14. 378 can’t wait to watch ROY ep 13 14 I love this drama. OMG I will be having online training from tomorrow until Nov 3rd. I hope I can still watch my dramas Tomorrow should be daejang’s day still at ep 3 of do you love brahms. I seriously think that the chae song ah needs to speak/talk faster so the storyline can run faster too hahahaaaa.. OMG. I only have 1 friend who speaks like her. I can finished 1 novel only to wait her finished her sentences can not wait for nine tailed ep 5-6 too and MTES 17 18
  15. Just able to finished EP 15 and EP 16 - I love it that this drama describes about family values. Like supporting and couraging each other. Love the message of the scene where SHJ transfered money to his mom bank acc and his dad said they can pay off their debt and they still have some left. No matter what support your children because of when they success, they will remember your support and they will make you live a happy life. Sometimes parents think that financial support is important but also sometimes children only need moral support. My dad taught me once that if
  16. Ep 16 The key of the story is in the ep 1. " A virtuous man does not blame the heaven or other men. The farmer does not blame the land, nor the musician the instrument.. The fault lies in the owner, not the object or tool.." (Heo Yeon Woo Ep 1) Prince Yang Myun is a good man. It is just he does not understand the confussian above. He blames the king for not able to save Yeon Woo as a king and cornered the king that if it's him, he always ready to let go off his title as a prince to be with Yeon Woo. I think he is being too emotional and must to gather hi
  17. Happy sunday min min @Min2206 @sadthe1st @mirmz @MinLyn I am watching MTES ep 16 now. After this will continue with ROY. +2
  18. EP 15 The more eps I watch, the more I understand about the tragedy that Yeon Woo experienced. I think when Shaman A RI asked Mistress Jang to protect YW, it is mean to protect her from mistress jang herself. The queen dowager would not know about a spell that can makes little YW sick if it is not Mistress Jang's idea. If queen dowager does not know about this, she will never uses princess min hwa for her plan to kick YW out from the palace. Also it was mistress jang who tolds the queen dowager that Bo Gyung would be the master of queen chamber. She had the choice to tells that YW
  19. 406 I am not too liking JCW’s character in empress ki. Big man but act like a baby. His queen is more masculine than him. In my view it is difficult to be able to liking a guy like this. So it is difficult for me to watch Empress Ki.
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