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  1. love the pancake min min @Min2206 +2
  2. @mirmz and I are having our board together in pinterest +2 OK I need to go back to my online class. I am still there but at the same time watching Faith ep 17 hua ha ha ha ha
  3. Ep 17 - Prince Deok Seon wants to married ES. HAHAHAHAAA.. If I was ES I will ask him to shave his mustache first before ask a modern woman to marry him I so hate prince DS mustache. - ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.. I screamed when CY daejang asked ES, "would you stay beside me?" oughhh my poor heart it's so little time and so much to do, I want to spend my day with you la la la - I remember at the scene when CY and ES are standing inside the closet, 8 years ago, my friend said it's from a movie scene. - HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. I remember 8 years ago soompiers
  4. Morningggg.. I am still sleepy but must to cook now +2
  5. Seriously tired :dead:

  6. I am still in my online training class. I just know that I got new hobby as a student. Eating. Lol. I keep ordering snacks and foods online while studying. I love online class. +2 min min @Min2206 @Thong Thin I am missing my handsome daejang I watch ep 17 but our instructor keep asking us to be active and discuss huuu uuuuu uuuuu.. they asked me why I am joining this training, I answered because of I feel compelled lol.
  7. morninggggg It is 9.11 AM in here, time to join my online training class. BRB +2
  8. 280 I am tired @partyon well perhaps because of I must to sit too long for my online training so we had a session in the afternoon. And there was a question for us “what are you feeling right now.” Most of attendants answered “happy.” When I answered “relax and calm.” The speaker laughed and read my answer with a loud voice. He said “amazing ya. Relax and calm. How happy your life is, ma’am.” And we laughed hahaha.. but yeah I was being honest. I was not happy or sad at that time. I was feeling relax and calm hahaha.
  9. 276 thank you @corey and @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 min min btw chingu if I use like reaction means I only use handphone. If I use love reaction means I am using laptop ^_* +2 oh gosh too tired now
  10. So sad.. my best friend’s mom just passed away. I was doing my pre test when I heard this. Could not meet her and now can not go. Need to get home soon.. sighhh +2
  11. @Thong Thin I am on online meeting with laptop and on Faith ep 17 with handphone. PC with headset but handphone with speaker hua ha ha ha.. This is multitasking +2
  12. Morningggg In online training now +2 *H0ney is learning about mortality fertility and migration
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