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  1. it's been a long time i posted on this forum. but thanks to you all. i enjoyed reading those written updates. though the revelation came to light very late but i am enjoying JH scenes. i almost cried looking at JH and HN playing during their sleepover. one thing i don't get and i am really mad at the writer(there are many things i am mad at writer..sigh) . why HN acts so sweet to JE? everytime she calls JE it looks like she is in love with JE as i see she never call HG with so much love. everytime JE gave a cold shoulder to HN, still HN is like JE..JE...all over. i may have to check my bp while i watch her call JE. there is no wonder if we get to see HN forgiving JE and playing happily ever after with her. aigooo
  2. @bold totally also , i am least bothered what JE does now. even if she love HG , HG already in love with HN. let JE chase HG and get rejected by HG. she need to be reprimanded by HG for that if she confess to HG again. i would love to watch that.
  3. May i know what does this mean .. ! trying to catch up with kdrama words. i have come across this word and so 'kekekee..' something like this. plz shed some light one this if anyone can Also, in today's episode when HG staring at the bracelet i was like that was me ..so as most of the viewers's reaction whenever we see that bracelet. when SH said' everything is over' i was like ..woman nothing is over yet. i can't wait to watch the episode when JH knew about what SH and JE done to her. can we have one episode with no JE & SH ?? watching these two in every episode with more screen space given than anybody is no good for viewers like me. HG's dad food experiments are getting bored. Leo makes me laugh no doubt. And the preview ..ooohooo. looks like sparkles are flying around HN. she may have feelings towards HG from now on. at least she will get to realize something is wrong with her heart just like HG realized few days ago.
  4. why am I getting so happy seeing those curse words towards JE and SH ..bring it on ...
  5. i re-watched the episode with subs. i am so angry looking at SH and JE. i know it's just a drama. but still can not control my anger. chances are high that JE's dad might be the first one to notice SJ picture at HN's home as he is the one close to HN's mom. that might be the start of everything.
  6. i am addicted to this dram so much so that i watch without sub now. looks like i am going to learn korean with rocket speed as i understand most of the words I don't want HG to confess his love to HN. let him be firm with his feelings that he loves HN and protect her like he did so far. HN needs some time to date i guess. i don't want HG to be heartbroken if HN rejects him. i want him to confess at the right moment when HN actually feels somethings towards HG if not love at least. Looking at JH today my heart broke. how could SH and JE do this to her. cruel people. the moment JH saw HN shouting 'oomma''.. that was one heart wrenching moment. Hope JH should get to know at least that her daughter is alive. DG's dad should do something. may be he should go pay respects to SJ. then he should identify the pic. may be i am getting greedy here even when i know it won't happen so soon. poor JH
  7. exactly. after all these evil stunts we will JE going hand in hand in final episode all lovey dovey. so as SH with her unni. This is what i don't like in the drama's where they show all evil are forgiven because they are family.
  8. how in the world HG' s mom didn't notice HN's bracelet? is it just me who thinks it weird or anyone else with me ?
  9. the actor who played DG ,i hated his character in his previous drama where he was an antagonist. I hate him here in this drama too even though he is not an antagonist. we are half way through the drama yet no sign of love story btw the leads. for this reason i am liking another daily i'm mother too as the love story started even before it hit episode 50. this drama is dragging a bit. still holding on for the sake of leads. they r too cute to ignore the drama. I guess we will see HN taking off her bracelet tomorrow. that would be a moment to remember for as entire forum is looking forward to. If she still keeps the bracelet she should be dumb for sure. i have no words for JE and her mom. both are evil. How could JE's mom do those evil things to her own sister who is feeding her family practically. she is living off of her sister. and that stupid granny ,she may not be evil but i don't see her any different than JE&co. i will change my mind when she treat HN as her grand daughter whom she adored a lot. it's a long way to go as she need to find HN is her grand daughter. DG's dad helping HN's bio mom. and she is meeting HN's mom. there are chances that HN's bio mom might get to see the picture of HN at her house if their interactions grow.
  10. I doubt DG would say anything even when he witness JE tries to kill HN. i have that much trust on this coward. he would never do anything. it's not like JE is so kind and turned evil. she is and will always be a manipulative *****. to think of it JE and DG are really made for each other. they deserve each other.
  11. hello everyone..it's been a long time that i posted anything on soompi though i am active follower. I am here to express my frustration on DG. this guy has the nerve to act all mighty. HM told him that she likes him. Not just that she tried to talk things with him abt JE he always say 'LATER'. what's wrong with this guy ? can't be straight forward and tell HN that she better forget him and move on. He told HN that he likes someone else not her. when he knew HN likes him he should tell her more firmly that she better not have any hopes. He and HN are friends since childhood. He should at least do this for her instead of being a puppy to JE all the time. This is why people say love is blind. DG is just blinded by his love to JE. I wonder what he sees in her. JE's mom is no less. when JE tried to run on HN she was running behind JE's car and pampering her as if she is hurt. HN was the one who got hurt. that mom has the audacity to yell at HN instead of showing some concern as a human being first. Not to mention i hate the episodes when they provide more screen space to JE's mom and dad. for some reason i feel this drama is so similar to 'Tale of two sisters'.
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