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  1. it's been a long time i posted on this forum. but thanks to you all. i enjoyed reading those written updates. though the revelation came to light very late but i am enjoying JH scenes. i almost cried looking at JH and HN playing during their sleepover. one thing i don't get and i am really mad at the writer(there are many things i am mad at writer..sigh) . why HN acts so sweet to JE? everytime she calls JE it looks like she is in love with JE as i see she never call HG with so much love. everytime JE gave a cold shoulder to HN, still HN is like JE..JE...all over. i may have to check my bp while i watch her call JE. there is no wonder if we get to see HN forgiving JE and playing happily ever after with her. aigooo
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