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  1. So excited to see the episode tonight..OMG LH smile MYR seems to lose ground with LH..thanks god
  2. This week's episodes were so unbelievable and tensed. I enjoyed every emotion shown. LH indeed had a tough childhood; isn't easy to forget that harsh treatment. But this isn't a reason to act like a crazy man. I think that his madness started after his Empress SH death. I wonder how it's relationship with Sunny will develop furthermore. Maybe his nourished feelings for her will change him and see the real MYR. I am looking forward how Ari will get on Sunny side. About the dead of GED i am so curious who killed her. Every villain in this drama is evil beyond imagination. I can suspect everyone. Therefore SSR plays his role beyond expectation, JNR too. Addicted to this drama
  3. This drama is so addicting and frustrating in the same time..Every character is evil, with mean intentions..sunny is way too innocent and naive..the emperor with his golddigger are disgusting..i am wondering how he will fall in love with sunny if she is so hysterical and disturbed right now? He is so in love with YR..based on what it will be the change of heart? I feel so sorry for sunny..god she is all alone now..lied and assaulted by everyone..how she will manage to rise above all and be a dignified empress if she doesn't have any allies? The way CWB tries to gain the emperor trust by hurting sunny isn't a nice method..she needs to get rid of that sick family
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