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  1. @Cotton Candy i miss this thread too .. Lets see how is the chemi in their new drama.. perhaps their drama wil air in the same month if SYJ's drama progressing fast I also wanna check the first ep hahaha, i don't really like the trailers since SN gave cold n stiff vibe humm I'm wondering if SITR lovers here watch SN just to compare Right now I'm really waiting for SYJ's new drama
  2. I don't think JHI looks happy in this presscon, he's acting weird n awkward hehehehe so did HJM SITR's presscon gave happy vibe which I can't find it in SN's presscon
  3. @infinite7muse_3b47 The holding hand in SITR is led by HI, in SN is led by HJM May be its not PR coz it look like a sudden act
  4. Thats true, Sometimes I can feel that SYJ acted like a mentor. But JHi seems fall for her hahaha.. I'm not sure about her though.. I like to see how happy they were when filming together But I also agree HB is a good pair for her from maturity side, but HB dated many before I really like SYJ's IG post when they did the promotion, but don't know it might be for PR also Btw, do you have the link where I can watch the Negotiation unseen BTS? All I ever watch is a bit only in IG post
  5. Her chemistry with JHI is also considerable though
  6. Now when you said it, i just realized how she's always well prepared.. in MITH she's much revealed her personality which is always on the lead or you can say she is a bit bossy thumbs up for JHI if he really can get her coz it musn't be easy
  7. Wahh she look the Best in Shark but why most of it not a happy marriage perhaps thats why she has a strange thought of marriage ..
  8. Me also cannot watch it.. seems like its only available in some country Did ahe really said that really naughty SYJ
  9. Look at his 'code' for her to stand beside him, and his disappointed face after that And I wonder why there's no pic captured on SYJ's face while they're hugging, makes me think if it is something to hide hahaha
  10. JHI's brother only post a part of the song in his IG story, someone said that only JHI's brother n his girlfriend came..
  11. Thank youu @randomthotzl A bit sad coz we dont have anything yet from Carla Bruni's show today.. Even Jung Hae Joon post the song Stand by Your Man in his IG story i'm waiting unpatiently for any updates hahahaa My Shipper mood is high since last saturday hahahaa
  12. Where did you watch the video? I also wanna watch it hahahaa I tried that link, but its not available anymore..
  13. The part when the narrator exclaimed that they're the only one that's not looking on the stage is so hilarious hahaahaa.. i think its just us shippers that noticed that thing
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