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  1. It's not like a couple have to know all things about each other 'completely' especially they're just getting close for around 3 years I think.. I've been married for long yet still sometimes there's something in our past pop up hahaha..
  2. Look at this gif.. look at his mouth movement.. he seems like saying 'yeppeun' / pretty right hahhahaha
  3. I'm SYJ fan who watched almost all her BTS.. I can say that in CLOY BTS she behaved just as her normal self except for the last BTS when she wasn't feeling well may be so she looks a bit weak and un energetic hahaha In CLOY because her costar is HB, I feel that she's acting less dominant.. for me that's a good thing.. it's mean she has respects on HB SYJ is cheery n bubbly n fun but I think it's hard to win her heart or her trust.. she seems doesn't trust people easily that's why she want a guy that wait her for a long time she must want to make sure is it Love or just Lust.. smart girl SYJ.. I really really want they both got together If HB can conquer her heart wahh that'll be amazing
  4. And don't forget they're always sitting side by side too in the bus, in the restaurant.. It's like seat beside SYJ is reserved for HB I'm convinced about HB with all his 'regeneration' but how is from SYJ side? We should find more evidence in SYJ coz goshh her behaviour is really hard to guess coz it almost looks the same with every costar..
  5. Many sweet scenes in this episode But Seri got shot at the end AND no Preview
  6. Actually Vast posted comment "please check DM" to the owner that's why they delete it
  7. What's written on the hashtag? @cybertron I think it is goodbye hair style They even sit side by side while eating SeRi was right.. it just takes 30 min for netz to spread information worldwide
  8. Sorry for a bit OOT but wowww @J13 I think it's just me that shipped Keanu n Sandra coz it's very rare to find people shipping Hollywood actors.. but too bad Sandra always has boyfriend, right?? Even when she broke up with the last, I thought that she'll turn to Keanu but she got a new one already I agree that their vibe is similar to HB n SYJ dunno what but I think their aura whenever they're together is sooo strong that people can feel them even on screen.. but SYJ once said that whoever her partner is it's must be someone she able to love in real during the shooting process.. she can express that feeling very well that's why she can maintain that chemistry with all her partners HB n SYJ looks so good together.. I just wish this time that feeling last, not only in the drama
  9. I guess after the hug JH will give the ring to SR JH : Here, I have present for you (show the ring n put on SR's finger) JH : Now whenever you see this ring, I want you to remember that you have me that always love you even though I'm not with you I think I'm going crazy becoz of CLOY Oh I also think may be there'll be a bed/kiss scene before the morning that JH being jealous
  10. Me also think the same.. I repeated the scene many times n I think SYJ's herself looks embarrassed that she cry
  11. @cybertron I became curious n suddenly want to google also! But I add another words "back hug hyun bin" I find this !! Sorry I can't post pic.. it's HB hugging HJW with the same placement https://id.pinterest.com/pin/362821313699542929/ But still.. RiRi's hug full with emotion is the best
  12. @BINGO_O your comparison pics are very hilarious .. I imagined you googled "back hug in K-dramas" to find those pics I also wondered if HB n YJ discussed that hand placement before HB kinda "may I place my hand like this to make it looks good?" soo hilarious.. oh my heart, i really love this binjin couple.. so sad all these excitement will end in 2 weeks