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  1. I was just realized that Ji An’s house was number 1, I saw it several times on that blue rustic door, so I asked myself why did the director chosen that house, while they were actually filming not inside that house, but they shot the scenes at a knock down room, maybe in some kind of studio, I saw it in one of instagram pictures shared by the production staff a month ago. So, could it be the director wants to give a hint that Ji An is actually Dong Hoon’s first love after all ? And Dong Hoon is also Ji An’s first love, because all of this time, it was Dong Hoon that crazily searched for her to her house, and opened that number one door.
  2. I totally agree about your thoughts, especially - the sang hoon thank ji an - part , the actor who played sang hoon ( omg I forgot his name..) also thank IU in her birthday fan meeting, where they watched the last episode together, in the video he said “thank you Ji eun for taking care of our dong hoon.. “, I didn’t really take that seriously but when I rewatched episode 16, I feel that sang hoon as dong hoon’s big brother really know how he had suffer a lot, and he knows how Ji An has been watching over him, he really thanks her so much, it’s awesome how the actors were totally inmersed in their characters, even after the show ended.
  3. I’ve seen ‘Black’ ,played by song seung heon and go ara, a year ago also aired in Japan but few months after its ended , not this soon though like ‘my mister’
  4. I think Dong Hoon has reached a comfortable feeling towards Ji An here, He trust her 100% because Ji An’s defended him in the interview , He wants to walk slowly with her means that He likes her and trust her, he wants to enjoy the moment of walking together with her, it is a beautiful scene for me.. but he is shy .. everytime Dong Hoon’s shy and happy, he always looks to the side, and why is he shy? because Ji An had announced to the whole world that she likes Dong Hoon, and Dong Hoon knows its the real thing , she means it , not just a teenage crush. And remember the next episode , when the day of his interview, the first scene was him looking for Ji An who hasnt showed up at the office, I think he missed her and he really wants her to be there to support him, but as we know Ji An already left.
  5. actually, I’ve just watched lee sun kyun movie , Paju, he was in love with her wife’s little sister, and in one of the scene, there’s this lee sun kyun driving, and that girl sat on the back of the car too.. so remind me of my mister, so I think maybe it’s just because they were young.. she was his student too, but they fall in love..
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