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  1. I have had an itching feeling that princess will miscarry. I don’t remember if it was last week but she held her tummy in stress and then this week again when seeing CP. All I know is I can’t stand VP and I am ready to take my torch out, start a mob, and watch him go down cause he is probably the kdrama villain I hate the most at the moment.
  2. Finally caught up on this show. I’m surprised it’s less romantic than I expected to be when first hearing about it. I do like the way it is going and our characters. I just hope now that she found out his real name (ugh why is she even listening to her sketchy ex boss anyways?!) that there won’t be any angst or back forth for all of next weeks episodes.
  3. Im Gonna wait a bit more until it gets to episodes 6/8 so can get really into the story. It’s better when we’re behind cause then once we startsbwhen it’s already in the middle, it’s less agonizing waiting for new episodes and loosing track of the story. At least for me xD but I’m so happy that so many more new shows are airing since Gangnam ID, time, dear honor etc etc all wrapped up.
  4. I’m also wondering about those MRI results. The Dr lied to GMS that they weren’t out and by what he was telling the aunt, I’m thinking he was definetly lying to her too. So what did those results really say?? I noticed he’s always chewing gum in almost every scene he’s in. I feel like maybe that might be an evidence against him that will be used later on. Like his gum is still in the hotel somewhere.
  5. It’s been awhile since any kdrama, daily or weekend has done the sibling scare trope. It’s actually my guilty pleasure haha I miss it so much that I wouldn’t mind if there’s a twist like that.
  6. Ugh same here chingu! I’ve just binged and caught up with this show, absolutely love chemistry with couples and the story is engaging despite the occasional ring arounds. My only problem is that it’s about time she knows already! I don’t want her to find out in the last episode like some shows did in the past about the love interest finding out the characters secret *cough* *cough cough*
  7. Couldn’t find anywhere with subs so I just watched it raw with the recap. It was definetly draining as you all have said and I just hope we get a happy ending tomorrow :/
  8. Wait what was that book WD got that he used all the money in that pouch? There were no subs over the title so I’m curious what it was.
  9. Hey guys. I binged the show and the subs were slightly better. If you have a vague idea what some Korean phrases mean and the subs are trying to convey, you kinda get used to it. The show is really good honestly. There are no loose ends in the plot and everything is tightly knit up. The main female lead’s acting kind of reminded me of Hwang Jung Eum p which to me can be a bit over the top and exaggerated at times. And the story starts off with the male lead treating her really badly so if you don’t like those kind of dynamics between the leads then don’t watch it. Otherwise, there is good chemistry between the leads and the story is pretty original. I’m pretty surprised this thread doesn’t have many pages or posts. It is a show definetly worth checking out and giving a try,
  10. Hey guys, finally got around to catching up to this show and I am enjoying it so far. I am confuzzled on a few things like who the heck is the crown princess’s baby daddy. At first I thought it was HS’s oppa because the look she gave him in that one scene that it was her, her dad and him in the palace. But then there was that other guy who got the letter and the possibility @bebebisous33 put out there about the younger prince being the baby daddy. Personally I would not be pleased if HS’s brother is the one who knocked crown princess up because that just complicates things way more than they already are with WD’s dad having been the one that ordered the death of HS’s bio dad. Is WD and HS’s marriage even legitimate when it’s not his real identity and he is technically married to the crown princess? Now there’s one thing I would love to hear from you all. What do you think will happen in the end for these two? Will they remain in the village and live as they are now, or will HS move the palace with him and they will be the future king and queen?
  11. We finally got closure on SE’s unni and the case of sexual harassment with the procesecutor. We also had our couple end up together in the end with KH miraculously getting away with impersonating a judge and her finally knowing but accepting him for who he really is. that said, I’m still confused on a few things and not sure if they were addressed in show but I overlooked them. What in the heck ended up happening to that wife and brother in law that were trying to get revenge? What happened to SC’s lawyer dad? And wasn’t SC getting revenge for SE? By the looks of it when he was in law firm, we would be worse than he his dad especially after how he told her about SH being one that gave testimony just to hurt her cause she’s in love with KH. Also i’m kinda disappointed by how they treated the reveal. I mean now that she knows he was an impersonator and works for the law, wouldn’t she be a hypocrite a little bit? I don’t know, I’m glad she accepted him and he’s not like in jail for his actions. But it just seemed a bit uncharacteristic or inconsistent on how this ended up.
  12. Did episode 16 already air? I can’t find it anywhere....
  13. Just finally finished watching both episodes. It was a great ending. I would have loved a scene of MRs parents physically meeting KS. Or one with showing HJ and WY as cannon. And then they kinda left the dad and mom’s relationship vague. I am soooo glad TH did not take TY back though. She was so elegant and classy by how she handled it. I would have had to take my earrings off and break his ear drums from my screaming about him flirting with another girl I really like the turn out of SA, though with all the focus on her in the show I would have liked to see what other progress she had made. Maybe even a scene with her WH since he wasn’t only guy that I think would go well with her. I did like that JB and bar oppa ended up together, or at least I think so xD overall, I love that we got our much overdue kiss from our couple and how it turned out for them, I really loved that the last two episodes highlighted the happiness and fun qualities oftheir relationship. And how it ended on such a sweet note. Will definetly miss this show.
  14. I loved how it ended and everything wrapped up. They also made me cry buckets myself from different scenes. Sooo good!
  15. Sorry to cut your post chingu! But I am totally with you on how impressive the doggie is. And sooooo cute!! does anyone know what breed he is??
  16. I definetly think it’s #1 or at the very least, she approached him first for directions (maybe with even knowing which stop already) to have an excuse to talk to him. Either way, she did approach him first as shown in the beginning of the first episode (I just rewatched it because I wasn’t sure if he jut volunteered to give directions, but it was her that rppaocjed him). Either way I think the twist will be that it wasn’t his fault cause she had asked him for directions while knowing them just cause she wanted a reason to meet him. And get his name (maybe she hadn’t been able to cause he left the bus so quickly and she says when they meet on overpass ‘his name was gwj’). Kinda like how GWJ wasn’t able to give her his painting and ask to be her friend, she hadn’t been able to get his name.
  17. He finally knows! But now I gotta wait till tomorrow’s episode to see how it all pans out
  18. And then he has the audacity to call SA first thing while he’s drunk and tell her about break up! I’m just so disappointed cause I was really cheering this couple on. But now I would feel like TH is settling if she gets back with him. What he did was unacceptable.
  19. Ugh I really hope TH doesn’t go back with him in the end. He does not deserve her after all he put her through when he thought SA was interested in him
  20. That could be very possible. Watching the end of the most recent episode though gave me an idea for another possible theory. Seeing how KH was able to get through to that female idol, I think what may make SH finally come to his senses is watching one of KH’s trials. If he sees how KH is able to make a positive influence with a judges power, he will get an ‘aha’ moment.
  21. MR standing up to SA and saying she’s dating KS was a big proof to showing MRs development as a character. Already we’ve seen her stop the tendency of ‘grading’ faces but now watching her stand up for herself is a huge step in the right direction. I can’t wait to se her full evolution next week during the finale. And random but I was not expecting the twist of SAs eating disorder.
  22. Ideally I would love if SH would finally come to an ‘aha!’ Moment about his flaws. I don’t think he has reached that level of self awareness despite costing his gf her job and being knocked some slight sense into him by KH. Nor the revenge of the ones distasified with his verdict. I don’t know what it will take for him to realize that trying to ‘make things right’ by paying back the money and going in his sabbatical is not really going to redeem him from all his wrongdoings.
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