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  1. I wonder if they will do a time jump for the final episodes. I could see them meeting again when SG is someone else. Maybe a HS female student or a hyung for DJ (since we have already seen harmony, harabouji, HS male, kid, ahjumma (shout out to misty!!), etc). What do you guys think?
  2. I love the actor and actress. I really do hope we see them again very soon. The male lead had already starred in a show that finished not too long ago (AYHT) so I hope to see Ewok again at just the same rate of speed. She is too talented not to be a main character again.
  3. This knetizen perfectly summarizes my thoughts. I was really anticipating for this to be less dark than it was advertised. I also don’t like the turn of the events where YJ is miserable now that she lost her child but live a life so happy she never once spared a thought for JY so if her kid were still alive, she wouldn’t even want to be with him. Whereas JY had been on a whole sabbatical and self discovery while in sadness during the time she was happily married, and now seeing her he wavers but has had nothing circumstantial happen to him where if it had no happened he would be with SE except for meeting YG herself. Honestly had JY not treated SE like he did this last epeisode after how she has pursued him and given so much (which was her choice so yes doing those things doesn’t mean one should expect to be returned or unwavering devotion from the person they are pursuing) but if you wanted leads that are relatable or at least not acting like trash, then don’t have one breaking an innocent girl’s heart and another settling with their ex because of past grievances. My sentiments exactly!! This is what makes the third charm so absurd, at least if there were character development then it would all make sense. But honestly the situation both leads are in is toxic. Yeah by the end I was drained too :/
  4. Finally caught up with this show. The chemistry is off the charts. I also love their communication and friendship, something I rarely see lately in kdrama couples because it leaves room for misunderstandings and angst. But even with these two, in all their petty jealousy efforts, still sit down and ultimately have an open conversation at the end of the day as seen in the last episode. That’s why I’m not too worried about the CEO, mother, or arranged fiancée. That said, who was the one that tried to hurt uri cutie couple?! Part of me think it’s either the fiancée or really a crazy stalker fan or the sighting CWH had vs the night of the attack are two different people. Whoever it is, I just hope that the cop is not corrupt and actually gonna find the culprit instead of being some puppet of the wannabe fiancée or CEO.
  5. I’m right there with you chingu. I am disappointed and underwhelmed by the romance aspect of this show. I’m not saying it makes the show any less good but personally as a romance genre lover myself, I was really bummed to see that there was barely if any romance. It’s just I miss seeing SBS’s on screen romances so I had beeen looking forward to it. Such a waste of hotness!
  6. One thing guys. I forget the dads name, but they he dad in the mom group that is also friends with bin or his ‘double agent’ for KIS, isn’t he the husband of bins ex flame that he thinks is dead? The heels were a dead giveaway (no pun intended). But it hasn’t been addressed yet so maybe I’m just wrong?
  7. Yeah also let’s put this in perspective. They are in a relationship and what if he saved her life from dating and got this disease. Honestly it would matter if it happened in past or present, he saved her life and that was the consequence (propaganasia). Also if she does feel guilty, wouldn’t she stay by his side and let him decide whether he wants her to be by him indebted or break up instead of her?
  8. I absolutely agree. Wish this wasn’t such an underrated drama. It deserves more attention than it’s given credit for
  9. I hope there is a second season. With same cast
  10. Nooo I can’t believe next weekend is the final episodes! We had a lot of revelations today. I’m still confused honestly on everything but it seems that...
  11. Theres also that mysterious chairwoman that was with the loan shark during that scene in ep 1 when the shark tells the real estate agent to deceive KSA. I am wondering what they are scheming besides getting the building. Redevelopment too? Here’s a few things that I beg you guys to help me figure out. 1) who is the girl in basement’s dreams? Is she his mother or KSA or another girl? I think his mother because also the rim reaper was drawn to the bracelet and maybe they are parents. In the very end of ep 4 right before ending credits, we see the guy basement works with giving the bracelet to another man. Basements dad? 2) why is KSA able to not be frozen in basement’s time freeze? *3)* I have been wondering this since I saw the grim reaper in the first episode make the little boy disappear into dust. He also disappears in family photo as if when they come to reap the soul of a person with an ability, they also get rid of their existence as if they were never there. If that is the case, then what about people with abilities that have children? If they are taken by grim reaper, how can a child think their own parent doesn’t exist like that father and sister did about their son/brother? I hope this question makes sense because I am very confused myself on the whole ‘rules’ for hunting down those with an ability. I was thinking if maybe KSAs mom had one and maybe it also explains why she’s immune to it?
  12. I would love for that to happen. I could see EH praying to god like SR did and apologizing that he will not become a priest because he found someone that needs him more than god does or something. I ship them so hard I hope they are endgame!!
  13. Chingu I absolutely love this theory. I never thought it could be possible that all four of them in the team are children of parents who also worked as law enforcement in a team. What a sweet twist that would be. Some commenters on the sites I watch the show said that HRs dad may be alive and ‘that person’ everyone refers too(black vibes? Reminds me of when we were try8ng to figure out who the main villain was in that show ahh good memories XD) But I thought that the big baddie is guy that HR saw in the restroom?
  14. Am I missing something? I’m so confused why HS’s oppa went back to hanyang and tried to get back together with CP. now that your sister has had to be apart from her husband and you guys were about to run off, you go back to the very place you were gonna run away from? And when he tells the CP that he didn’t want her family to be in trouble, does hat even make sense when her dads the one that killed his?
  15. I think this too all the time. Especially in the scene when she sees the video he stored in mysterious file of laptop and talks about how the celebs actually fall in love with costar to make chemistry more believable or something. Body language and everything, I felt like the fourth wall was broken and it was about them.
  16. There’s still no possibility that the baby daddy is actually the younger prince? Maybe she’s in love with MY but I still have a slight suspicions that WDs brother is the one.
  17. This is by far my favorite kdrama out of the other ones currently airing. It’s the only one I find myself replaying scenes. The mom catching the two of them in bed and the police station scene was iconic. Also was soooo hilarious when Dj asked ‘what year is it there’ casually when they said his son was at station, as if time travel is another possibility among the other phenomena happening. Does GY (Hs girl) know that the Hs boy who helped her is also HSG? Also why does her best guy friend want to become a priest? What do you guys think he meant by being too nice to speak up? I hope he doesn’t become one in the end because I ship him soooo much SDJ’s little sister KSR.
  18. I have had an itching feeling that princess will miscarry. I don’t remember if it was last week but she held her tummy in stress and then this week again when seeing CP. All I know is I can’t stand VP and I am ready to take my torch out, start a mob, and watch him go down cause he is probably the kdrama villain I hate the most at the moment.
  19. Finally caught up on this show. I’m surprised it’s less romantic than I expected to be when first hearing about it. I do like the way it is going and our characters. I just hope now that she found out his real name (ugh why is she even listening to her sketchy ex boss anyways?!) that there won’t be any angst or back forth for all of next weeks episodes.
  20. Im Gonna wait a bit more until it gets to episodes 6/8 so can get really into the story. It’s better when we’re behind cause then once we startsbwhen it’s already in the middle, it’s less agonizing waiting for new episodes and loosing track of the story. At least for me xD but I’m so happy that so many more new shows are airing since Gangnam ID, time, dear honor etc etc all wrapped up.
  21. I’m also wondering about those MRI results. The Dr lied to GMS that they weren’t out and by what he was telling the aunt, I’m thinking he was definetly lying to her too. So what did those results really say?? I noticed he’s always chewing gum in almost every scene he’s in. I feel like maybe that might be an evidence against him that will be used later on. Like his gum is still in the hotel somewhere.
  22. It’s been awhile since any kdrama, daily or weekend has done the sibling scare trope. It’s actually my guilty pleasure haha I miss it so much that I wouldn’t mind if there’s a twist like that.
  23. Ugh same here chingu! I’ve just binged and caught up with this show, absolutely love chemistry with couples and the story is engaging despite the occasional ring arounds. My only problem is that it’s about time she knows already! I don’t want her to find out in the last episode like some shows did in the past about the love interest finding out the characters secret *cough* *cough cough*
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