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  1. Hmm my English subs said ‘awful’ instead of ‘strong’ but now I’m wondering what the right translation was because it might hint on what ED is hiding
  2. So guys, what do you think is the ‘awful smell of flowers’ in the secret room of the garden? Drugs? Dead bodies (was it where the corpse was found in episode 1)?
  3. Wow. Whoever else was disturbed by the scene of the queen dowager trying to seduce the young guy (reminding me of a lot of instances in real life where poor kids getting scholarship are taken advantage of people in power sponsoring/donating them and because they need the money, they endure it and do not report it because they fear it’ll revoke their scholarship, into of all the other trauma and pain it comes with). But what a turn of the tables that it’s an elder woman towards a younger boy that honestly seems like the same age as her youngest son. Maybe this also explains her obsession with staying young, ritual breast milk bath, and a hint to her secret in the island (didn’t also Sh empress find out the secret and was killed before she could expose it??). Then there was also the perturbing scene of YR’s torture. You can see the downfall in her character by how she behaves with the emperor, beginning him desperately with no longer an ounce of pride within her. But her cunningness still remains that she wants to strike a deal with him and she follows WB when he finds the body. I don’t think this will set back WB in his plans because I think he wanted her to find out one way or another, and this may not be what he initially planned, but I believe he’ll be able to work around it. Even if she tells the emperor he’s WS, he will think it’s nonsense cause he spoke to ‘WS’ in front WB during that phone call. was the other guy in the mental hospital SH’s bodyguard??
  4. Honestly I first suspected IJ’s sister as the one responsible for HRs sisters death. We see in the beginning of the show how she gets in trouble legally and has done in the past. This will be a double betrayal because she’s in a relationship with Hrs brother right now.
  5. Maybe WB is already aware of his blooming feelings for SN. Why else did he ask LH if the emperor was worried he might fall for the empress after executing his and the mom’s request to seduce SN?
  6. Maybe I watch too many kdramas but I have the itching suspicions that IJ’s uncle is really his father (hence his over the top efforts to make the arranged marriage happen like sending men out to get HR). Was that Hrs plan by telling the uncle? So she could get hurt, call IJ to see her hurt and then have him be mad at those close around him so that the only one he trusts and leans on is HR? KAJ, Ijs sister in law. What was she gonna do with that recording? Another prediction of mine is that she’s either working for IJ or JTO (she didn’t seem too surprised when he arrived with HR at the engagement party). I’m still processing this amazing drama and letting it fester in my mind. So more theories are to come XD
  7. What a turn of events it would be if YR does survive the car accident but becomes disfigured and basically the opposite of how WS transformed to WB. Maybe she will physically look so different that they had to cast a new actress and she will be under a new pseudonym too. Maybe that might explain why the actress herself had last broadcast even though her character is still not dead because there’s still much more left like WB getting revenge on her (he said he would do it when she has everything but if she dies now, then all his patience and waiting will be all in vain). @butterflyempress @Matilda_Anne @jbeanie1709 @ktcjdrama My initial thought when I heard about the island was ‘blood diamonds’ like maybe it holds some rare resource like that or gold that is much more valuable than money (since she wants that over anything else). Seeing how she enjoys to bathe in human milk, maybe the island holds some slaves or something that she uses for some other absurd method to stay young.
  8. Aw thank you chingu!! I am glad you logged in and joined the discussion I hope it’s not a sad ending but at the rate it’s going with WB not getting his brain surgery yet, I am trying not to be too shook if the ending is tragic.
  9. @butterflyempress welcome to soompi!!! I absolutely love your theory. Because I never thought of how LH would try to live out his lost life with preggo SH with Sunny and ari instead the he thought it would be if they were still alive and his baby had been born. When he killed YR, many viewers wondered (in the comments of the vid I watched it on) if he ever really loved YR...I’m starting to realize after finding out truth about SHs death, that honestly I don’t think he’s ever truly loved anyone He’s experienced obsession, like he had with SH and will probably have as you predicted with sunny. And lust with KH and YR. Again, never would have considered the possibility that LH was getting beaten by his dad cause the dad secretly knew about him not being his bio kid (is the younger bro biologically related? Oh that would be great cause then he really is the true heir to the throne). Also if this is the case, the emperor also had a love child of his own-could it be that WB is also a blood relative to imperial family? Omomomo now that you bring up the mystery behind WB unknown father, and Sunny’s unknown mother, what do you think of YRs baby daddy/DS’s unknown appa? Yeah it would be such a nice turn of the tales to see YR start sucking up to WB after all the horrible deeds she committed to him and everyone he loved because she wanted to be in imperial family. But the reason I truly believe in the possibility of sunny being the true sir is because of the title itself; last empress. Seems to me like at the end this is her being the last empress (cause I have toyed with possibilities that in the end ari inherits crown or LHs little brother and Sunny’s little sister inherit it). Not to mention she was the one that grandmama left all the inheritance tooo...(I feel like ari is totally gonna be the one to tell Sunny about this).
  10. Haha I love how knetz notice LH’s awfully not so platonic bromance for WB. So in my opinion, I don’t think the nanny is the mastermind behind SH’s death. I mean she sure is a mastermind in her own right seeing her steal ms Hong’s documents and her affair with prime minister. However after watching mot recent ep, I am convinced the evil MIL is the one behind all this. Evil MIL was scared SH would expose her about the island (what’s up with that mysterious island anyways?) so she scouted the nanny to help her, not knowing that she’s an opportunist (is It that much of a surprise when she didn’t even know the kind of snake MYR was alll those years working for imperial family and still sometimes falls for her schemes like agreeing to team up to frame Sunny for grandmas death). Maybe she even enlisted the bodyguard like she did in present time with WB (have we met him yet, SH’s guard?). MIL takes advantage of LH’s insecurities and uses it to manipulate him into jealousy. Of course I don’t think she intended for him to kill her...or did she? (That scene of her playing chess with LH and beating him felt like a major foreshadowing). I would like to think sometime between then and now LH figured out his Mom’s schemes which is why he was like he was at the beginning of the show, teaming up with YR and going against his mom. He wants revenge against her for manipulating him into killing SH. But seeing how he still seeks out the nanny for comfort to this day and believes her lies (that she vouches SH was having an affair with guard, most likely what she was hired to say by MIL) so maybe he still hasn’t seen his mom’s true colors, or at least the nanny’s. The nanny seems like a gray character, I can’t tell if she’s good or bad, if we put ehr side by side MYR, I think we can see the drastic difference in the matter of how they treat their children. At least I think so, but who knows maybe KH just using her kid in a different way. Maybe the nanny is doing all this so she can survive in the palace. At least that’s what it started out as and she became ambitious/greedy. Or it can be her own revenge for being used by MIL and LH (who probably ‘threw her out’ when they were done, and if not for ari, she wouldn’t have even stayed in palace till now). i wonder if DS’s bio dad aka YR’s baby daddy will have some kind of twist too in this show. Seeing how YR was eyeing that necklace, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the corpse they found at the beginning of the show. Only cause looking at SH’s corpse, she wasn’t wearing that necklace and why would she suddenly wear it with her corpse? If YR does die, then the main feuding will begin between nanny and sunny probably, unless they team up together somehow. seeing as how WB was with sunny at the end of ep, the possibility that he saves YR to continue his revenge doesn’t seem possible. Unless SH’s dad saves her (but of course why would he when she sold off her son) or she has some back up plan of someone to help her. who thinks the MILs assistant seems weird? I can’t tell if she’s loyal to MIL or wearing a mask like mot of the people in palace. Her expression after snitching to MIL that she saw sunny and WB together and seeing MIL react happily seemed off. Like She was concerned why she didn’t know what MIL was scheming with WB for Sunny.
  11. Yes the background music in this show kind of reminds me of Black. Also anyone think the sound at beginning sounds like race cars?
  12. YAY we got one! Hopefully next week we do too, wow I love the pacing of the drama and fight scenes. Man the ending of mot recent episode was amazing. Just when you think things are gonna be smooth sailing, the plot only thickens further. And my goodness shout out to the stylist for the main female lead in this show. She’s making me want to raid her closet and steal everything in it including her jewelry!!
  13. I feel like this show is a mesh of Money Flower, Time, and What happened in Bali. Anyone else with me in that?
  14. I think ari’s dynamic with sunny will be like WB’s relationship with YR’s son. They date the biological parents but love the kid as if it were their own.
  15. Will we be getting an episode today (Xmas; merry Xmas everyone) and on New Year’s Eve/New Years?
  16. Wait are we getting an episode this week? I’m confused when the two weeks begin of no episodes.
  17. Hey chingus im finally caught up on this drama. who loved it when JH said “so this is how she’s been living all this time” after the horrible insults from the evil ex MIL? It’s like every experience that’s made to pull them apart only brings them closer and understand each other better. Im looking forward to reading all your theories and predictions. It will help me deal with the painful wait for next weeks episodes. i really am curious what’s gonna happen with JHs friend/‘sunbae.’ She seems like the opposite of JWS where she love for JH will have her be selfless and help the main leads be together while JWS will let his mom continue wreaking havoc on uri OTP because he’s selfish and wants to possess her (I don’t think he really loves her. At least if he ends up doing that. So far he hasn’t except for showing his jealousy. He may support them just cause it rebelling again this mom and for first time in life he’ll have confidence to after seeing CHS do what she wants instead of everyone around her is making her do). Hey chingus im finally caught up on this drama.
  18. Random but I’ve been meaning to ask. Why do they call her lee dae-ri if her name is lee roo da?
  19. Sorry to cut your post chingu. But to add onto this note you made about the second lead, it also seemed that he looked up the grandpa and linked him to SK then seemed somber while knowing Sk now has a thing with GOS. My take is that the grandpa is responsible for her mom’s death. And that’s why the doc responded with such shock at the discovery. I hope this tug of war between them doesn’t last for more than an episode. When one of the eps ended with SK seeing OS saying he’s in love with her, I thought wow this drama is at a fast pace since we already had a kiss (the one she gave in front of her first unrequited love). But now seeing how he’s pushing her away, I hope there’s no misunderstandings and angst built up. Especially if my theory about his grandpa and her mom are correct. Important favor I need from you all!! not sure if others have asked about the full version of this ost yet, but where in the world can I hear it?! I’ve had this bit stuck in my head since I binged this all weekend!
  20. Ugh I ship them so bad. And am I psychopath for absolutely adoring this female lead? In all her darkness, she is a breath of fresh air from others leads I usually watch.
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