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  1. Anyone able to translate the relationship chart?
  2. No new episodes this weekend or?
  3. No new episode today either though, bummer! edit: looks like there’s a new one!! Gonna watch it now...hehe
  4. (Sorry not sure if I can post again when last post is mine but..) wheres todays episode?!?!
  5. I would love to see a drama with SSR and JNR again, just this time his character not a total meanie whack job having an affair. I did kind of like the bad guy x good girl dynamic in a sense, cause he’s so good at being charismatic and rough around the edges while her being so angelic and kind. Seeing how the leads from goblin reunited in Touch your heart, I would love a imiliar kdrama like that for them.
  6. Wow this thread should have more pages!i think this show is very good. You have comedy and serious feels (when she finally found out about her husband’s affair, I realized this drama isn’t just about humor cause it can be so funny sometimes). I absolutely agree the leads are doing a phenomenal job at the body swap roles. I first saw LYR in her revenge daily The Promise. Honestly it seems as if they’re two completely different actresses when comparing the shows, that’s how good she is with the characters. She changes her voice, etc. The other lead UJW is incredible too! How she can go from LB to BM without leaving any trace of anything from the other character still astounds me. But I do think we will see the characters start to get each other’s ‘personality’ if that’s what the crazy science guy said. Also our girls let the other childhood friend that drugged them off too easily. If that were me I would have done way worse!!
  7. Indeed I am content with the ending because I could see no other fate for all the characters. However, just as we got so many flashbacks of Hyuk and sunny, I would have loved some with her NWS if they really had some thing special together. I think in the end the summary just doesn’t match up to the show. I have experienced that in the past with a kdrama where the synopsis turns out to be nothing like the actual story (but can’t think of an example from the top of my head because I’m still so shook from this finale).
  8. Now I’m getting where stars land nostalgia. is it possible they will use rocky bear as the sub actor? Like he gets brain surgery and goes back to looking how he used to?
  9. I am disappointed with how it’s turned out but I will still see the final episodes because I’ve unexpectly grown very fond to Ari and attached to her arc >_> I am curious where her story will take her. After this week, I think sunny will remain empresss and watch over ari who will become the next empress (hence last empress because sunny last one to be empress not from imperial family?). I guess I’m just gonna stick around to see the ending. But I’m not fully invested in this like I was at the beginning or with some dramas in past. I think I already started to get less invested when the bad guys would just keep winning and we were only a few episodes close to the finale before the extension. After awhile of always seeing the villains ‘win’ it gets redundant and boring because I wanna see the good guys succeed too!!!
  10. Sorry to cut your post chingu. Especially when I agree with all of it. Just wanted to add my own 2 cents to your 3 cents how you say IJ was passive with Hrs sister case reminds me of in the very beginning of the show when he sat passively in his car as HR’s shop was raided and I think she was even hurt. His secretary asked if they should go out to help her but he said no and just sat back in his chair. That stayed with me till now cause I didn’t like that scene at all. He’s not a bad person for the kind bad persn he could have been growing up as a chaebol. But that doesn’t mean he’s innocent and completely good either.had the takes been turned, would he have done the same as HR did? I’ve really tried to understand SH and like her, but honestly I can’t stand her either. I’m just sick of her being so sick of HR. I get that she’s scorned woman but she shouldn’t have treated HR so badly from the beginning when HR wasn’t even hitting on IJ or nothing. And also put responsibility on IJ s hypocrisy for how everything went down instead wanting to kill HR then destroy her. I mean doesn’t this woman have bigger fish to fry?! If her mom trying to set her up in another arranged marriage with better candidate SH interested in, then yes it obvious she in love with IJ and taking it out on HR. But man there’s a limit really. How many more hissy fits she gotta have before she finally gets over herself? Your child knows you’re her mom for Chrissakes! And really, after meeting her you still not attached or miss her at all and want some sort of relationship with her? At this rate SH doesn’t even deserve Jennie, Jennie deserves way better,
  11. Wait wait wait is the nanny KJS sister?!!! that would be a makjang level twist cause then ari and do are technically cousins??
  12. I really liked that HS was hiding in background and overheard the conversation the queen had with LH. If HS ever had any doubts whether it was him or the king she loved, their discussion made it very clear that after the clown took the crown, that’s when she fell in love with her husband.
  13. Kim hae sook was so good in dear judge. I can’t wait to watch her in this ^__^ haven’t started yet but I’m thinking of waiting till there’s about six eps to start it so that by then hopefully it’ll be when the revenge starts,
  14. Thank you chingu. Right now, it is not the characters I am frustrated with. It’s the story and writing. There was so much potential. I would have loved to see HR and IJ join hands as lovers and fellow revenge buddies against the MIL and half brother. I mean essentially they are the common enemies of both, but after the last two weeks it seems nearly impossible for them to be allies and even if they were, the ship sunk the moment HR crossed the line and drugged him. I say this because she didn’t even seem that remorseful or worried about him (at first I even thought she actually poisoned him to death) so even if it’s because she knew he wouldn’t die, I don’t see any sincere love if she still wasn’t worried about him or felt guilty drugging him right there and then. It just took the picture and finding out the truth from the thug for her to feel finally guilty. i love the concept that there’s a not so goody two shoes female lead. But not only have they ruined her by completely crossing the line and getting even viewers to despise her, but they even did plot holes and made no sense by making her somehow not connect the dots about IJ being abroad when her sister got pregnant. I have been wondering why she hasn’t used those tapes yet, but your theory about her preparing a position for her son is true seems quite plausible. The only thing is since he’s their only child, IJ and the youngster sister have no children, wouldn’t it already be a given that he’s the heir since his father is now in charge? The recordings she has doesn’t seem like it would help her husband keep his position so her son could inherit it. Seems more like she’s saving it for putting him in a comprising situation-but when? Now we even have a two years time skip. If she wanted to get her own revenge when her MIL and hubby were on cloud nine by inheriting the company and gaining control, wouldn’t she have gotten revenge by knocking them off their high horse right there and then? I am very confused and wonder what he true motives and plans are. @anony12345 has an interesting point though. Maybe she’s securing her sons spot as heir cause he’s actually not biologically related to her hubby JH. I am sooo frustrated by this writer. I was so excited for a revenge drama-i love the genre. But this is just ruins the whole genre for me. I want to cheer on the main lead getting revenge, not get frustrated and disappointed and think of them now as a villain. And now I can’t even support my ship because their relationship has become so twisted and convoluted. Despite all that, since we only have two weeks left, let’s try to hang in there and watch the rest to see how it all wraps up, huh chingu?
  15. A question about Ari. She doesn’t know the nanny is her mother? I mean if she was adopted by the empress and she knows LH is her real father, then she should also know princess isn’t since brother and sisters didn’t do the nasty to have her. Also the nanny got the nice room because she’s officially acknowledged as the bio mom and even showed up in news blurred, didn’t ari see any of that and connect the dots since she’s very intelligent?
  16. Ahh JHs homemade mom food looks so good now I’m starving and I want some of her dishes!!
  17. Freakin mom. I’m not fluent in Korean but I’m pretty sure she admitted that she didn’t tell SH to break up with JH because mom didn’t want him to get hurt. It was because she was afraid of the media or people’s gossip and her normal life being disrupted.
  18. Whoever predicted that the rotting corpse from the first episode was SH was correct. Seeing the body with the necklace (though her body looks completely intact and fine compared to the charred body in ep1) confirms that it was SH. Probably that awful smell of flowers was really the corpse.
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