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  1. I think so! Maybe the pictures of two kids in a photo is her deceased sibling and their grief is part of why they had EG come into their family. There’s also when EG is confronting Ryan and tells him that ‘DM Hasn’t told you anything about her.’ I am also wondering if the loss of her sibling contributes to her fangirling for SA. Maybe he reminds her of her deceased sibling? Or distracts her from her grief?
  2. Yes there were for a loose ends I don’t feel had closure. who was the guy that raped JSH when she was a reporter? (I thought it was same guy behind all this aka ceo of Nara news but guess not) does HSJ know the extent of JSH’s involvement in his scandal? Who was texting the police under the guise of ceo cho? Since we learn in the end he’s too mentally incapacitated to have been blackmailing him. even more but I can’t think of it. At least the ending was happy? Was expecting HSJ to die while taking a photo or something.
  3. I am here chingus! Anxiously awaiting the final episode. Their chemistry is electric and I wish we had more romance scenes between them. I also would have loved to see more eps where HSJ is the ceo like this.
  4. Wait did we ever find out about how his eyes went from blue to brown? And if DHJ was bio kid of them or just a lookalike of the daughter? Does that mean KSY had always been related to the real DHJ ?
  5. I think SM kept a barrier from JS so she wouldn’t be targeted by her dad. If the preview is like it alluded to that he was using LA, then maybe he was using JI too as bait and all those times he visited her were on purpose to mislead his dad since he had a good understanding on his behavior.
  6. Omomo now this is the kind of kdrama I live for!! I swear if either gonna rewatch this whole show again before the finale or binge it once it’s over. Once again I am left wanting to see the next episode so bad. Wash can tomorrow come sooner?! also I’m confused. Is CEO in love with SH??
  7. Chingu this was exactly what I came on the thread for! The end of the recent episode confused me. Is KSM not as innocent and a victim as I thought he was? Also why did LA touch his chest when he did a reading while back with KSMs thoughts about JI? Is he in love with her? Feel Guilty to her?
  8. Yeah with the scenes of LJH in prison getting beaten up by cell mates trying to be some sort of comic relief, it made me disgusted cause I can’t get over how he used a bat to hit the car of the deaf pregnant couple. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make him more likable or what, but it doesn’t work for me cause I still hate his guts even if his big brother was the mastermind behind it all and he’s really just a puny coward with all bark and no bite. Doesn’t change the fact that despise him tremendously. On a lighter note, who else ships the prosecutor with JH??? Their scenes on the other hand jus make me ship them more and more as the episodes go on
  9. Ahhh okay because part me was wondering if there as another KSH like how there were DHJ and KYE identically.
  10. So guys, one thing I’m confused about. Where in the timeline was number 88 staying with real DHJ then in orphanage with LYE? Let’s say that number 88 was first living with chairman and real DHJ then went to the orphanage. Wouldn’t he have recognized the house and wondered why LYe was staying. in the same house he used to live in before going to the orphanage? I’m just confused about the chronological order and how he goes from blue to brown eyes.p
  11. Gosh I missed this show so much after being on break for a week. Two eps are never enough. I’m left wanting more and semi wishing I waited till all the episodes were out to binge this. Aghh I can’t wait for next week. I’m excited how she will deal with this prosecutor
  12. @bebebisous33 chingu so happy to see you here!! Loved your insightful analysis on the show so far. I do think there are a lot of parallels between the symbol of dogs and the subliminal messages in this show. Maybe that Hanson orphanage was intended to create humans loyal like dogs. Even our female lead, she replaced the daughter like a puppy coming into the home of a family that recently lost their dog. And now she works as a detective, that her father backed her up to do against her mom’s wishes to become a ballerina. Whether it was her idea or not to join the police force, she still seems quite loyal to her dad without knowing her full truth of his involvement in so much corruption.
  13. Usually in revenge dramas we already know the characters plan, but what I love about this show is how unpredictable it is and that in the end even when we think the lead is corner or about to ‘lose’ he still ends up on top, which is very satisfying after seeing so many instances in revenge shows where the main character never gets justice or rarely at least. I also like how unconventional it goes, like the KSW arc and stay of execution being bait. Now my q is, do medical directors really have so much power in prisons that they are the ‘kings’ there? Also how realistic is the show in regards of the imprisoned wealthy using the stay of execution or other situations showing just how corrupt the jail system is???
  14. Wow read episode comments, and some theorize that SG, SH and HJ are clones for rich people kids for organs or whatnot that the chaebols needed.
  15. Finally caught up with this show but now let’s see if I understand things right: SH/Number 88 is like his father surrounded in blood. Also numbered kids god adopted vs ones with names like LYE. And there was something special about number 88? (What happened to his eyes that went from blue to brown? Genetic) engineering? Or is he wearing contacts?). Then we have SG who’s ‘father doesn’t know she’s living with’ SH. Do SH and SG possibly have the same biological father and are siblings???? Or it seems that both of their fathers are alive at least. Then we have DHJ. So she is originally LYE Then was adopted to replace the deceased DHJ. Heres whats confusing. When SH was a kid, he knew both LYE and the real DHJ right? And at the beginning in that’s photo of a mom and daughter, it was of the real DHJ in the third photo and not LYE?
  16. Please this show is so underrated, you guys gotta check this out! The whole cast is super talented like even the side characters are super into their role. Luckily it seems that subs are coming out faster, so more will get into it
  17. Yeah, I think LA knows that JIs dad is in prison and that he murdered someone (if that’s what the graffiti in HS said) But like JS worries about in the most recent episode, LA and JI have yet to discover their ill fated relation. That her dad was imprisoned for the very crime that killed his parents. I’m dreading when these two find out and I wish they already knew so we wouldn’t have to worry about an unnecessar break up. At least I hope LA finds out first if he’s okay with it then it may make it easier for JI to stay with him cause if she left him once, I feel like she would again as a selfless heroic action because she’s the daughter of the one who supposedly murdered his family. How do you guys think it will go down when this cold hard truth is discovered? oh and I do think though that the bind p LA and JI have that Prosectur refers to are beyond this ill fated connection, as for what, I think it’s in the flashbacks, but perhaps LA forgot about his history with her pre-fall from building, so he only remembers their interaction in the snow after his accident. When LA revealed their childhood connection, JI seemed to be unable to recall who he is, so maybe once she sees a picture of him as a boy we will find out from her perspective that she knew this boy more than that one meeting (though in that one meeting the little girl didn’t seem like she knew him deeper than that interaction so this could totally be a long shot).
  18. You’ll love that scene once it’s subbed @bebebisous33 has anyone hypothesized yet if SM got his own kind of abilities after the fall? Not psychometric but something along those lines, some giftthat also lets him block off LA which explains why he can’t read him.
  19. Oh my goodness! I love the pace of this drama, always epkeeping me at the edge of my seat, I can’t wait for tomorrw!!!!!
  20. I agree, I think Sms mom is the woman in the sketch (to me they look similar) that supposedly took the identity of Hee Sook, the corpse form the brief case that LA does a reading on. Now as for the motive why SMs dad attacked those women in the first fire case, it could be that he saw them ‘herassing’ the mom from afair cause it seemed he had been watching them from the building across and that night the women knocked on her door to ask about joining the women society. Now there’s the matter of ‘ahdjussi’ which they also called JI’s dad by and he even attempts suicide in the end (do you guys think he died or survived??) I’m not sure if JI’s dad really is innocent. What if there were two crimes happening at the same time that night (Ji dad attacking those women while Sms dad tries to abduct his son and wife)? Then again Sms dad brief case had the lighters that blew up the microwave, which seemed to be in the same crime scene of the stabbing of those women. sharp point, both locations of HS death and where SMs dad burned the phot looked exactly the same. I do wonder if it really was YG in the vision or if getting info of the case prior to the reading effected it so maybe it’s not him. Or like you said YG was there but also so was SMs dad since there were a bunch of men. Then who were those men that you asked? And how are SMs dad and YG related (maybe sms dad is an insurance broker too? And he would cause fire for money, but also use the opportunity to go on killing sprees? But then there’s also the question how he got away with abusing SM since like some have speculated, I wonder if Sms dad is a cop too) oh and from recent episodes, seems LA has said insurance money. So a shady insurance c9mlanh could be involved in this mysterious case along wit possibly corrupt cops. YG was most likely killed by Sms dad, only because SM starts getting suspicious if his dad being behind it after YG death when he’s chained up like SM supposedly was in his childhood. But why? Because YG was protecting Sms mom and giving her new identity (but then if Sam was there, wouldn’t he know about mom’s identity too?) or he didn’t want YG to snitch sine they are accomplices? Who hired them? JSs dad? Or is JS dad also working for whoever hired him? Reason I suspect JS dad because of how quickly he closed the case.
  21. Guys I can vouch for this show. Don’t let the sow and soft subs turn you away from such an spectacular story. I wish I could binge this in one sitting that’s how good it is!
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