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  1. Alright guys please help me out. I’m very confused right now and I really want to understand because I feel like this is all so important. What did the father mean to his second son, the heir WJ, to ‘take care of his mother’ and then next scene he’s next to a bath tub with a hair dryer in it, rips the ticket?
  2. I feel like I’m running in circles at the rate this plot is going. More than ready for the finale at this point
  3. A bit confused about when IG sold her soul...isn’t it first grade? Why would the most valuable soul only get one wish? That kinda feels like a cop out and they really did IG dirty like that.
  4. That song must be definitely a clue...before he played it to her after she gave him the pen, didn’t she remember getting phone calls at the beginning if the drama with just the sing playing in the background? So did NJW kill YG or was it someone else (cause I believe NJW was the last person with YG right?)
  5. This show reminds me of a jdrama. Now I do say that quite a few times about dramas, but I guess what I mean is it can be very misleading and complex with not-so-innocent characters including possible even the Main leads. In this case, I feel the way this dynamic between the leads started was very much like a very old jdorama I watched once (and highly recommend) called Ice World. It is about a police officer that suspects this woman (that has a multiple streak of lovers that all end up dead) of being a murderer, but while completely convinced she’s a killer, he is also on the verge of falling for her too. Much like JY In this case. Also HYY reminds me of the female lead that both are likely innocent, yet choose ‘weird men.’ In this shows case, maybe it turns out like the jdorama a hundred million stars where the And seeing All these character shows in the midst of a conspiracy reminds me of another jdorama called N no Tame ni where a murder occurs but the details are so skewed you can’t tell really who is responsible for the murder because any character seems guilty..which also seems like this case. i tell you, I was so ready for the reveal to be that the truck driver, YG, was actually Maestro’s dad and that’s why he took the fall-so his son could rise up. But now we see it’s money and revenge related. WHat really is going through maestros mind? Why introduce YY to his grandma if he’s capable and ready to murder her?
  6. We need a side by side of that wannabe first grade soul pop star and IG for an imitation vs reality meme
  7. Could it be JY was somehow involved too but doesn’t remember? Why else is the father being so secretive and not working with him instead?
  8. Yes it was a sad ending....ideally I would ave liked it to be like goblin But maybe this is another way to show us the inevitable parting that we sometimes escape through stories with happy endings..we all have to face death one day. But the beautiful ending in this is that it doesn’t end in death. We have hope we will meet our loved ones again, whether we spent a short or long amount of time with them in this life. that said-if hotel blue moon becomes a thing, I hope I can see a cameo from uri leads living happy life in their next lives,
  9. The suspense is killing me...I don’t know how much longer I can wait to find out the tru5 behind this mystery!!!!
  10. What happened 15 years ago that the leads own father was fine with sending her away and being apart till now? Why is she the heir over her oppas? Why is the TOP leader went from a good judge to the corrupt evil person she is now? Who killed the leads mom? (We know YDs mom was charged with the murder but I feel like it was either Ms Han or the step mom or even her own dad that killed her mom).
  11. Hey guys is there a season 2 or was ep 8 final final episode??
  12. Sooo some other notes of mine to make sense of this mystery; the very beginning: ‘let’s ride the cable car together’ this statement said by a male is repeated over and over to HYY when she saw JY the first time after the incident, in a wheelchair outside in the ran, she broke down crying when he said she killed him (possibly blaming herself; maybe she was the one that wanted to go to cable car initially which was why guy suggested it?) and this was what triggered her self inflicted amnesia? The truck driver with a scarred hand is also possibly the figure HYY sees in the flashback in that shack NJW is shown to be at the scene of the crime wearing black hat and mask he has a connection to one of the higher ups that the other guy (who also commented on NJW hiring HYY as his assistant to be disgusting) says he ‘hasn’t visited soon and should greet because he was reason for NJW promotion rumors that JYs dad murdered his son because he did not conduct an autopsy or accept any condolences; also seems apathetic to investigating his sons ‘murder’ he also tells JY to leave HYY alone, thus acting like there’s no urgency to get HYYs memory back HYY cousin deleted video recording of HYYs account of what happened and was hostile to JY when he suspected HYY; no urgency either to help her get her memory back No word from JY & Kim Ian’s mom as of now HYY flashing back to holding knife with bloody hands (this time no longer in the shack) what in the world happened that night?!!
  13. I would like to know what happened to KHs Secretary, wasn’t he madly in love with KF? He just disappeared out of thin air it seems. but for reals, it made me sooo annoyed on the last scene between haoyi and WW when he feels entitled to the he one to turn his back first...UM EXCUSE ME, you literally put her life in jeopardy with your road rage and then almost strangled/raped her? And you really think you still have the right to be the victim and ‘deserve’ to be the one that leaves with pride or whatever? Oh please someone put this guy in a lakorn so he can get slapped in the face a million times, now that’s what he deserves.
  14. Adding onto this theory.... Kim Ian’s dad never accepted condolences or like you said conducted an autopsy. At first I thought maybe he was scared of the murderer like he knew another big wealthy person of equal standing to him with as behind it and he was no match. But then how HYY’s cousin throws water on JY. HYYs flashbacks, mentioning the stabbing, okay maybe it can be the obvious that she approached Ian after he was stabbed hence why she had blood on her hands and the knife. But still so,etching doesn’t add up...why did JYs dad tell JY to leave HYY alone (he said that to him shortly after water slap from HYY cousin when JY confronted him of rumor). We now now find out JY hasn’t been close (or much contact I assume) since their parents divorced. So maybe he doesn’t know the true darkness within his brother.. what happened then? If Kim Ian isn’t innocent, what did he do? What if he hired the truck driver to kidnap HYY and hold them hostage. He wanted to play savior...maybe take advantage of her? The stab wound he had was from HYY defending herself from him. where does maestro nam and his higher up come into this? perhaps they were already aware of Kim Ian’s plan and that is why his boss comments how nam is able to have hired HYY when he must feel disgusted seeing her every time....because he let her be bait in a trap to show Kim Ian’s true colors and take his place/seize a promotion thru his downfall. Even if it came at HYYs expense What’s fascinating is that if this were really an unjust murder, then I think HY cousin would tell JY the truth or at least enuff that he doesn’t have to go after HYY to get his answers. What kind of situation is this that she isn’t eager to help him? If not for someone supposedly innocent to be brutally murdered, but even so he leaves HYY alone. What is really going on here?
  15. So I’m still figuring this out myself and may be wrong. From what I gather though, the nurse lost her son to kidnapper (the one YH euthanized) and so did the prosecutor (re: in beginning eps when they first met in the funeral hall and there were two children’s urns with different pictures.) for a minute I wondered if they were also exes, because of how he had a halo ring around his finger he would toy with but maybe it belonged to the child he lost (not sure if it was his son or dongsaeng little brother). ugh I agree so much, here we see YH, who does his job so professionally even when he has his own health against him, then we have this nurse and Prosecutor who are more concerned with personal interests than their jobs which are also to serve others and be selfless. It just an interesting comparison; while one is focused on revenge and the other ‘justice’(I just wanna scream at him every time he takes a stance on anti assisted suicide by saying ‘who gives you the right to choose for us?! We should have the freedom to choose by law as long as the government isn’t choosing our desth for us!!’) we have YH that is simply focused on being a true doctor and healing every patient his way. He may have been framed by the nurse, took the fall for the kidnappers mom that mercy killed him, or his sentence should have been less because the signature was forged for doing clinical trials. Probably the court took the signature that the patient himself wanted to keep living even if in pain to do the trials. Also maybe it changes the whole narrative that the prosecutor had justifying his grudge against YH (cause I mean seriously again- why they hate him so much? He’s not the kidnapper! And he already went to jail did his ‘time’ why you just using him a punching back to channel all ur anger from the kidnapped?! Like seriously they need to let it go already).
  16. For once a dynamic between the leads where no one’s doing any noble idiocy by keeping secrets from each other for the sake of ‘protecting each other’ no instead they re the ones they trust the most and support each other through the difficulties. Love it!! I ship them so bad
  17. So what’s going on with the Zunmin person that the prosecutor invesitigating? And what was the link of the paining it’s that book? Also is the lawyer a bad or good guy with his push for this painkiller (is he sick too with his hand?)?
  18. Maybe they are keeping the extensions till the time jump because they already shot future scenes with her short hair and so for these ones they put extensions..that just werent honestly styled very well. When she first arrived I loved her straightened hair and thought nice cut! But now this episode I’m confused seeing behind on her back long hair. At least they should have put some strands past her shoulder so doesn’t look uneven/unbalanced.
  19. I’m a bit confused by SYs hair...it looks short from the first and near shoulders then behind there’s long hair? Is this a new hairstyle that has been trending or something?
  20. Can someone explain going on with the health minister and lawyer friend that makes him 2 face to YH? I’m a bit lost on that.
  21. Did anyone notice the devil’s sidekick lingering around YK’s performance at the end of the recent episode? I’m starting to wonder if he is YKs biological dad...and maybe that is why pre-HR, she was being abused by her stepdad and basically going through utter torture in life even before HR made a deal with a devil despite being first grade soul. Maybe she started being abused when devils sidekick made a deal with him. then there’s cafe ahjussi, who I also thought might be her biological father but him magically knowing HR is SDC has me convinced like others that he is her guardian angels. Then...Where does KH, HRs amnesiac roomie come in? well don’t forget guys, we also have someone that hates HR and tried to kill him but there was never investigation because music label didn’t want reporters to find out about it. So the criminal has yet to be found..is he linked to KH? No clue, but this may be all tied together. Is lucca SDCs son? Well if memory serves...HR has only been HR for ten years right? So if Lucca was his son, wouldn’t he have any memories of SDC? I think he could be his grandson and his mom the daughter. We do know it’s highly possible SDC had a child cause we saw him give his wife stolen money at the beginning episodes. Maybe I am in the minority...but I ship our lead. I just feel like they our soul mates and who doesn’t wanna see that kind of bond in a romantic light? I respect if they keep it platonic and innocent though, cause at least I have my devil and ceo XD what did SDCs rival band mate do to YK? She seemed absolutely stunned by him. Also does he know about Lucas identity? He’s in contact with Lucas mom. (Even said ohh think of me as ur dad...the irony...maybe another hint L really is SDCs son?) so he must know the truth about L’s birth secret.
  22. Oh my goodness I was thinking the same thing during His scenes with his ex. That poor actress can never catch a break with her leading men being possessed by someone else! Kekeke but does anyone else get some jdorama vibes from this show?
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