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  1. Ideally I would love if SH would finally come to an ‘aha!’ Moment about his flaws. I don’t think he has reached that level of self awareness despite costing his gf her job and being knocked some slight sense into him by KH. Nor the revenge of the ones distasified with his verdict. I don’t know what it will take for him to realize that trying to ‘make things right’ by paying back the money and going in his sabbatical is not really going to redeem him from all his wrongdoings.
  2. So guys a few things I’m wondering. whos the hooded guy visiting SRs hospital? So he’s the one that’s been paying her bills? what happened to SRs uncle? Is the kid of the aunt that Chan saved the uncles kid? what is Jennifer’s backstory? Was that harabouji and yellow woman her in laws or family? what do you guys think will happen when JW finds out Sr was his first love? Will he find out first that SR was best friends with SM (when she finds out that SM is dead probably) and misunderstand thinking he fell for his first loves bff? Or find out that SR is his first love from the orchestra photo? When he does find out, will he be more traumatized again and will it be something that will distance them rather than bring them closer? What was going on with Chan’s ankle/foot? Is it saying he may not be able to row in future causes of a possible permanent foot injury? Kind of following SRs path where she may not ever get to be pro violinist either, so they can’t follow their original dreams but then follow new Dream they can achieve?
  3. My hope: MS saves SH from drowning and JH too. Sh leaves US for treatment and that is why he is absent for rest of show (hasn’t removed confirmed kiss scene not been shown yet so technically there’s still scenes left to be seen?) and in the end JH goes back to same beach where SH meets her after receiving treatment (I say thus cause if they do add a scene of him in the end, alive, then they most likely filmed it already before he left). i was reading comments about the show, and one person said something quite deep. That when everyone in show like JH were telling SH to get his treatment and thanking him, it was like they were also saying it to the actor KJH. Oh my heart goes out to him and I hope he wins an award or gains a lot of recognition for his amazing work in this drama. Everyone has done a great job. I am curious if we will ever find out what the ‘original’ plot was supposed to be if KJH didn’t leave early. But honestly at the pace and direction it is going, it feels like this was all supposed to happen in first place like nothing was changed.
  4. I’m not sure either chingu but I am worried about him too. I hope he’s okay cause I love this actor a lot and I wish I could just give him a big hug or some signed ‘get well’ card with the rest of all us fans that just want him to know he’s not alone and we’re behind him. I really hope he doesn’t feel guilty about stepping out of the show and that it doesn’t make his condition worse.
  5. I’m gonna miss this show so much and our OTPs affectionate relationship and passionate PDA.
  6. If Main lead’s departure is result of his death, then I don’t think it will be caused by his illness. I could see that maybe he dies in JH’s place when someone sends a killer to get him, or maybe he even is killed by lawyer shin. I can’t wait to see JH revenge version.
  7. Exactly! If you’re gonna miss a day fine, but air all the episodes together instead of dragging the shows feet another week to air the missing episode! What the heck!
  8. Wow I’m shook too fam. This kinda reminds me of that show from a few months ago (forgot the name) where main female lead left show cause of conflict with director and was replaced with new female lead. I mean basically it’s rare that an actor leaves a drama currently airing but when it does happen it comes from left field. Especially in this show where KJH has exhibited such impeccable and breathtaking talent with his raw emotion and versatile acting. I’m gonna be really sad to see him go and more so his character cause I was hoping that maybe his dad had made a deal with the doctor to forge his diagnosis and make him think he was dying to hopefully change his way ps and become better person. Or that doc had wrong diagnosis. Or has a miraculous surgery that saves him. But if the actor is dropping out I don’t swee any other ending but death or he had to leave abroad for treatment and then pdnims put 8n a scene in the f8ale prefilmed with KJH showing him reuniting with JH.
  9. I love how affectionate our couple is. It seems so natural too. What do you guys think happened in the past? Key points driver in coma hit by car grannies recognize mom and scar on SH scar possibly caused by knife grnany got from black witch? Why did she get the knife in first place though baseball CH’s mom burned to death and the ring necklace the black witch has the House, someone dragging kid upstairs, rain and a floow what in the world happen? Sherlock and Nancy Drew wannabes, please arrange a pow wow and get to the bottom of this!!
  10. When SH was about to punch unconscious KH after getting the guy to go away, I really had it with SH. Yes he’s experiencing same kinda feelings KH does when dealing with his mom. But as a judge, he accepted bribes and he’s no good. And as a person, he is also not remorseful whatsoever of his crimes. It’s not enough your brother almost died, but just cause of your pent up anger you want to punch him after he’s already been beaten thanks to you? Not only that, but can you wake up for one minute and realize your wrongdoings? That’s my problem with SH. Sure he may have had wrong done to him too, but he’s not taking accountability for any of his bad actions and it’s really making me dislike him.
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