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  1. Yes there were a few plot holes...like the actress patient that I was worried would show up in the las episode and cause trouble for our couple in the mom’s place. Or that MY never actually had a heart to heart with JR on why she was so possessive of her when they were young and clear the misunderstanding. Or how in the world MYs mom went from being almost dead, to getting plastic surgery and successfully getting a fake identity to fool the doctor and even become head nurse.

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  2. This show had one of those stories that is ahead of its time (1984, matrix..) near the end of this series when it reaches its last arc


    It revolves around the leverage team preventing an epidemic from happening. Whenever a show about cases and current events is aired, I consider that these are all possibilities or real modern day issues to be concerned about. But I had no idea the extent of how much a real pandemic would possibly happen. Makes me wonder if we have a real life leverage team out there in the world and if they’re alright...


  3. @maribella @Lmangla @yamiyugi @Ogolden pouch male MC has double amnesia I think because the story starts out that he has no memory of his childhood from get go of plot. And then he gets in car accident that causes amnesia of his identity as a whole. I believe his fiancées mother is the one that actually crashes into him, so it becomes a huge betrayal when his fiancée pretends not to recognize him to protect her mom’s crime and they basically abandon him since he’s an orphan for all we know and his fiancée was his only family.


    meanwhile, the female MC is a bubbly girl with a big family and many siblings. Her family witnessed the accident I think or helped him to hospital, so they inevitably become involved with him and pity him when he left alone by his so called fiancée. The female MC had limited interactions with male MC before his double amnesia, where I think they just bumped into each other or something, but both times he was very cold and mean and rude and distant you know usual MC stuff. So she kinda was left with a bad impression of him vs her siblings that meet him for first time when her parents bring him home. Well, they soon click and become a very close oppa dongsaeng relationship (maybe by episode 20/23 things start coming to place and the plot starts going? I just love the storyline honestly once the characters become close, because it doesn’t drag at all and everything ends up tying together the loose ends). Who else melts when female lead calls her man oppa? Hehe. Anyways it’s cute show because I hate the love hate game or unnecessary bickering (talking to you Janice and HJ. Let’s be honest their relationship was toxic and abusive as heck. They should not be together, at least those things she ended up doing like trying to kill him or accusing rape on him should not have happened or been included in plot if the writers wanted them together in end), these leads in the story are inseparable and really do bring the best out of each other. Even though the character is a goody two shoes or very nice, she is truly sincere which I like because many time if the female lead isn’t rich or mean, she is the ‘stupid’ nice girl that acts weak or passive or naive/ignorant. She is actually very much the rock for him as he adjusts to double amnesia life for him.


    Now guys, if you were craving a REAL revenge drama with a female lead that really gets true revenge then I highly suggest the Japanese drama Saki. Though not Korean, it is similiar to Gracious Revenge that it is a daughter getting revenge primarily on her mom,  but through seduction, manipulation, calculation and most importantly SUCCESS. Most things we would love to see in a Revenge drama yes? :yum:


    apujgeong midnight sun is similiar to gracious revenge and saki as well because it is essentially revenge against the main female leads own blood, mother again. She is actually now acting in the current drama that replaced this one, Fatal Promise. If you ever wanted a main lead that was an antihero, or the villains always getting their way like we see in many kdramas, then you will eat this right up because that’s exactly how her character was in this show. Sometimes insufferable, outright evil and diabolical, but also so human and not as frustrating to watch because finally a character that gets it done. Flames of desire as well...but a bit more, well a lot more tragic.


    I certainly have more shows I could recommend, because revenge is one of my favorite genres. This is why I was so disappointed with what the potential of this show could have been but failed to be.


    and if you guys end up watching any of the shows definitely let me know! Never had anyone to fangirl or discuss this with!

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  4. On 3/17/2020 at 8:59 AM, mrsj3n said:

    @Ellander88 watched episode 12!

    What a show, what a show!

    Thanks for recommending!

    I enjoyed this every bit!!

    Sad with the ending. I wanted more! Lol

    Seriously! What did it even mean? SJ now on th run/ ‘missing’ after leaving orphanage? But really possessed as evil spirit? We’re they trying to leave cliffhanger for season 2?

  5. 3 hours ago, chococarmela said:

    That's a good one. I don’t think Janice and HJ will end up together. I feel like IC or even EH (maybe both?) will die.

    I would love for EH to be sent in a mental institution for karma of putting MH falsely in one. And IC to be in jail. Both imprisoned, no easy quick punishment like death for the ongoing evil they committed. Would love if JM went to jail too, but then there’s issue of DR. I honestly hate when evil characters have kids, because then them being parents lets them get away with more or excuse 5eir actions for the sake of innocent child. Like YK forgiving JMs antics, sneaking into home or stealing wedding presents for DRs sake. I hope she finally cuts the leech off and doesn’t even give him a single penny, cause knowing hm the mooch will just try to come back to hr again once he runs out eventually, so just cut him off now and let him be and just send off DR to his mo, so that you’re completely free from him. I don’t see any real happy ending for Janice except death or amnesia with a time jump but even thst it’s like, I can’t see Jennis and HJ ending up together with how toxic their relationship was, even now with her throwing him off the edge with her. Carrie, well if Jennis dies then she will have to live, with the grief and painful loss of her husband and captor turned daughter after also uncessarily grieving a dead baby that was actually never hers for so many years. Basically where she started befor erevenge even worse after, showing that revenge really got her nowhere and was counterproductive. 

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  6. 6 hours ago, mujisano said:

    Some characters are not making much sense, especially JGS, I really dislike how his change was so drastic and jarring. Yes, he's entitled to hold both light and darkness in him, but the way this change was executed and shown was not believable.


    And now they're claiming that he is his father's mini-me? Not by a long shot.... If he was, he would have been able to save Danbam each time they were in hot waters, and not have had to rely on Yi-seo's abilities. JGS says he's madly in love with Yi-seo, but WHY? I wish there was some time dedicated to showing how that love began & flourished.

    I found it unsettling how extreme his shift was. But you’re right, he wasn’t competent to save DB every time it hit trouble, so why would he be considered as heir and a mini me to his father? Well, seeing as he bugged his coworkers phone or recorded their conversations (maybe by getting him drunk first to put his guard down?) the only reason he even got so far in Jangga was relying on his connections to DB to get inside intel that would ever so slightly get him ahead in the game. Which will most defiantly come back to haunt him. What will happen to jangga in  he end? Will GS or GW Inherit it? Or the ahjumma that was relocated and possibly become the step mom of that cute daughter (forget her name)?

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  7. On 3/11/2020 at 7:26 PM, reydevan said:

    HJ-na, pls tell your stupid wife that you too didn't get to live with your real mom cos your stupid real mom EH swapped the babies!

    And in the last scene, how did HJ even enter EH and IC's house w/o any one knowing? You mean they leave the door and gate unlocked every time? LOL!!

    Didn’t you know? In this kdrama verse anyone can walk into peoples homes and offices no matter how rich they are! Even if they’re rivals!

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  8. On 3/6/2020 at 6:38 AM, monalisa said:


    Oh dear! I'm so sorry for having mis-spelt your name! Just belatedly noticed it. Very sorry!  How come SEH could just walk into Carrie's house when no one opened the door for her? Also, YK was so careless with her official seal. She should have kept it under lock and key. Must have forgotten about the thief in her house.



    Trust me I wondered the same thing when SEH and others would barge into Jennis office after being a chairman. Now I don’t know if it’s because it’s a daily, but usually in kdrama there are security guards and assistants (besides Danny) usually packed in front so was very confused and honestly annoyed by how people could let themselves right in when I’m used to the secretaries trying to stop them because they ‘have no appointment.’


    4 hours ago, chococarmela said:

    She’s pushing everyone away and acting depressed, what is her plan? To be pitied? She even moved into the Seo-snake house...

    Seriously whatever revenge she has concocted, did she really have to move into to snakes house? Especially with psycho sister there? Good luck ugh


    On 3/7/2020 at 1:10 AM, monalisa said:

    Is this drama 100 or 120?

    Asian wiki says 103 and dramalist says 100.

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