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  1. Prediction of the ending; YS and Dan face same fate that matil and director faced. But this time director makes the sacrifice and protects Dan from the shooting so that they don’t suffer the same fate he did. And so he can finally die to join matil.
  2. Then what about the YS lookalike that hung herself? Why isn’t she an angel now too on a mission to fall in love? (But I see your point, because in childhood flashbacks it seems Dan had committed suicide as. Kid and jumped in the water..unless he was murdered cause he also looks like he had been an abused kid back then.) Agree with everything chingu, especially the chemistry! Forgot to mention that part but I thought the same thing. It was so magnetic during the kiss scene, how like just from the brush of their lips he got addicted and leaned in for more, kissing her full on. I was not expecting that and absolutely adored it. Getting addicted myself and wanting more haha I cannot wait for future kiss scenes! I’ve always had a feeling it was Runa too. Only after that scene where she ran over animal and had no remorse, justifying it to younger sister. That’s when I started to suspect her as the culprit behind YS incident becoming blind.
  3. I am loving this show guys! Just a couple of things. art angel; is YS a reincarnation of his past love or just a doppelgänger/someone who happens to have same face as her? Why do you guys think she committed suicide? Is art angel still an angel, since he hasn’t aged and the shadow showed his wings and he eats lots of chocolate? YS stage incident; was it manmade instead of an ‘accident’? I know her aunt stopped the transplant from happening, but was she behind the accident too? Or was her eldest daughter? car accident; did art angel cause it on purpose so she could get the eye transplant? Or was that also an accident? how in the world do people think the aunts husband is soft hearted and good?! He helped her burn the ledgers or whatever and knows about her bad deeds but has done nothing. I’m sorry but he’s just as bad as the aunt. So is the younger cousin, YS’s ‘shadow.’ How was it okay for her to be live streaming the party and act all innocent like she didn’t mean any bad by it? I jut hate how the supposed ‘nice’ people are worse than YS who’s looked at as nasty and bad tempered. At least she is real and never maliciously out to hurt anyone or help someone to hurt. Dans mission; right now he’s shipping these two because he thinks art angel is human. What is the real mission/heavens plan? They have to know that Dan was gonna try setting those two up, thinking the other isn’t an angel like him. So what’s the end game? Why make him think he will turn to dust? Or is it encaustic he’s an animal angel, not an art one, that he would really dissipate? YS...gooodness I love her. I know her character gets hate, but honestly she reminds me so much of the cold chaebol male leads that so many swooon over and never criticize. I love for once it’s the female lead that is role reversed. And may I add the actress herself so talented, saw her in still 17 and seeing her play such a drastically different character speaks volume on her impressive skills. ahh please guys give me your feedback on all this, I need to discuss soooo badly about this amazing show.
  4. Chingus, I will forever have a special place in my heart for this show. Being a fan for years, this is the first kdrama I am watching with my mom and she loves it! It makes me so happy to see how into it she gets. And how she understands now why I love kdramas
  5. I think so! Maybe the pictures of two kids in a photo is her deceased sibling and their grief is part of why they had EG come into their family. There’s also when EG is confronting Ryan and tells him that ‘DM Hasn’t told you anything about her.’ I am also wondering if the loss of her sibling contributes to her fangirling for SA. Maybe he reminds her of her deceased sibling? Or distracts her from her grief?
  6. Yes there were for a loose ends I don’t feel had closure. who was the guy that raped JSH when she was a reporter? (I thought it was same guy behind all this aka ceo of Nara news but guess not) does HSJ know the extent of JSH’s involvement in his scandal? Who was texting the police under the guise of ceo cho? Since we learn in the end he’s too mentally incapacitated to have been blackmailing him. even more but I can’t think of it. At least the ending was happy? Was expecting HSJ to die while taking a photo or something.
  7. I am here chingus! Anxiously awaiting the final episode. Their chemistry is electric and I wish we had more romance scenes between them. I also would have loved to see more eps where HSJ is the ceo like this.
  8. Wait did we ever find out about how his eyes went from blue to brown? And if DHJ was bio kid of them or just a lookalike of the daughter? Does that mean KSY had always been related to the real DHJ ?
  9. I think SM kept a barrier from JS so she wouldn’t be targeted by her dad. If the preview is like it alluded to that he was using LA, then maybe he was using JI too as bait and all those times he visited her were on purpose to mislead his dad since he had a good understanding on his behavior.
  10. Omomo now this is the kind of kdrama I live for!! I swear if either gonna rewatch this whole show again before the finale or binge it once it’s over. Once again I am left wanting to see the next episode so bad. Wash can tomorrow come sooner?! also I’m confused. Is CEO in love with SH??
  11. Chingu this was exactly what I came on the thread for! The end of the recent episode confused me. Is KSM not as innocent and a victim as I thought he was? Also why did LA touch his chest when he did a reading while back with KSMs thoughts about JI? Is he in love with her? Feel Guilty to her?
  12. Yeah with the scenes of LJH in prison getting beaten up by cell mates trying to be some sort of comic relief, it made me disgusted cause I can’t get over how he used a bat to hit the car of the deaf pregnant couple. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make him more likable or what, but it doesn’t work for me cause I still hate his guts even if his big brother was the mastermind behind it all and he’s really just a puny coward with all bark and no bite. Doesn’t change the fact that despise him tremendously. On a lighter note, who else ships the prosecutor with JH??? Their scenes on the other hand jus make me ship them more and more as the episodes go on
  13. Ahhh okay because part me was wondering if there as another KSH like how there were DHJ and KYE identically.
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