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  1. Trying to keep “close” to HJ by following her around the world. Hope she can do another travel show since she so loves traveling and I love her choices... Now in Burano, Venice, Italy (via Moonjiin Instagram) There seems to be some confirmation of RDKTH season 2 but not sure if they will have the same doctors....
  2. You’re absolutely right. HJ is super stealthy when she is not filming and will disappear for months if she has no CFs. Which is very difficult for us and forces us to resort to “extreme” measures of checking on her friends to help us post something with her.
  3. Seems like Hyun Jin has traveled out of Rome to the north to Civita di Bagnoregio source: moonjiin’s insta post (haha I feel like a spy)
  4. Good morning Hyunjinnies and happy late greetings for the new year. Seems that HJ has been spotted in Rome. Need confirmation....
  5. Since the article was translated by HyunJinLight, I think the overseas group may have been exhausted already. Suspect FB may not be popular in South Korea so there may not be enough traction. Need it on Naver then perhaps can gather more likes....will need them to promote more to Koreans.
  6. @angel2013 glad you popped in and doing better. May you have a speedy recovery! To tell you the truth, I’ve not watched TOL nor RDK... couldn’t get over AOHY. But I like TBI and glad SHJ got another role to showcase her talents and shine again. I’m glad she has a strong following built over the years and may she get more good dramas in upcoming months because there’s a limited market life for actors and particularly actresses and even more so for romcom. I’m not sure I would be able to sustain checking in often as SHJ goes into ninja mode but will certainly try to help out if I happen to be around and there’s help required. After all that’s how we HyunJinnies are
  7. Basically there’s 3 parts of the video. Part 1 where she’s walking in with M2, the reporter asked her thoughts about attending the MAMA awards. Her reply was that it was her first time attending such a large scale music event and she was honored to be invited as a presenter of awards. They also asked her which performance was she most looking forward to and her reply was that since she was announcing the best girl group, she would be looking out at the girl groups performances and there’s so many outstanding groups. Part 2 was her walking towards the 3 hosts on the red carpet. Basically as she was walking to them, they were introducing her as the Romcom queen who is known for a perfect portrayals of a multitude of emotions in her characters and who recently won a lot of praises for her cuteness in a recently aired drama (you known which one). And completely looking like a goddess...they basically asked her thoughts again about attending MAMA for the first time. She said she was looking forward to watching it with everyone. Part 3 was SHJ doing the presentation. After the walk in and introducing herself, she was very surprised by the loud cheers. To which she commented that the crowd cheers made the atmosphere very exciting. She went on to ask whether everybody was Happy today...to which she was answered with a resounding “Yes!” from the crowd. SHJ then explained that just like her latest drama character which has to frequently meet the world with a different face, so does the concept and presentation of the girl groups undergo constant changes. This draws the listeners to these groups and thus they have achieved very good results. She continues by saying “so this time the award that I’d be receiving (**mistake**)”...”oops I’d actually said I received when it should be the award that I’d be announcing...” (**laughter all round from audience **) “the award I’d be announcing is for the best girl group and let’s see the nominees”..which then is followed by the clips of the groups and announcement and her congratulations to the winning group.
  8. Can someone help translate? It seems like a pretty long article to close the drama. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003907104
  9. It’s happy days! Wonder how they are going to fill 1 hour of staying apart.... just give us 2 hours of kisses and hugs
  10. Someone has collated all of her beautiful pictures from The Beauty Inside. Just wish I could understand the writing https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17103299&memberNo=22903361
  11. @samaf take care and hope you stay positive ! On a happier note, it’s fast coming to the weekend which means closer to the final two episodes! Now that I have had more time to reflect on episode 14, there are silver linings despite the overall downcast mood of HSG’s self-torture. First of all, HSG is blessed with a superb manager and world’s greatest friend, Woomi. While Woomi could have tried to console her (well she did try), she kinda of knew immediately that she needed to give her friend space and lots of it. She got her back immediately and worked with great efficiency to announce her retirement, cleared out her house all in a matter of a day or two ?! (Well, it is quite a big house ya’know) and even blocked SDJ from seeing her. Secondly, it’s such a comfort to see where SDJ got his good heart from too - his mom and gramps are actually big softies who will rally behind to give their family members the morale support they need. Overall, the other main theme now coming to me is that of showing care to the ones you love - take even EunHo’s declaration of “now I know who I was meant to save” which may have come across as really pompous to some but somehow just felt so comforting instead to me. I am on the camp of “i understand why HSG chose to leave” and I don’t blame her for saying “I love you very much” as the last thing she would say to SDJ as HSG. It was because I could feel just how deeply she loved SDJ and when she said 2 episodes back that she promised to make him happier than that day at the resort for the rest of his life. I believe she sincerely wanted to make him happier. And because she loved him so, the burden of her guilt at that point made her realise that she might always feel sorry towards him and when your love is replaced by guilt, it will turn to melancholy, and your melancholy will in turn start to burden the other party and from there slowly tear them apart. That’s why I guess her only conclusion at that point was to leave. To leave so that they would not slowly start to resent each other. To leave with him knowing that she loved him. To leave so that he could start to forget her and have the hope of getting back on his feet. I do actually connect with HSG’s thoughts at this juncture... as in to chose to start a different life... I’d think it’ll be for the better of the whole to be separated. One thing is for sure to me is she’ll always love him. Perhaps time will help to heal her guilt. And perhaps she’d always think of him. She might even secretly watch over him. My guess is she really might.
  12. Wow this thread has certainly picked up speed in the last Episode 14 and I was quite worried after reading all the strong emotions that were racked up about the story and the actions of our main leads that I was really hesitant about watching it. Finally picked up the courage to watch the subbed version for greater clarity and surprisingly my reaction was much more subdued... wonder if it was the predisposition I already held going in to watch the episode or just the writing. Somehow the entire episode felt much slower in pace compared to the previous. Episode 13 had so much going on so much so that by comparison, episode 14 could be considered a stroll in the park. I was like watching two people’s emotions unravel in s-l-o-w motion. Not that I found it boring nor getting impatient but I was just like a third party viewing a very private exchange between two people - watching from afar how they would act, how they would talk and how they would come to terms with the complex jumble of emotions. Frankly speaking, now that I’ve watched the entire episode, the raw emotions displayed by LMK while impressive at first... just couldn’t match the superior grasp by SHJ of the deeper emotions rising up in HSG. I can only say I was left in awe by the show of a true master of emotional control and expressions by SHJ. Kudos. I have much more respect for her as an actress now than even before. Now to the story development itself - Firstly I had trouble connecting to the actions of SDJ at the opening of the episode after he found out that HSG was the person he saved and rushed over to her house, only to let her cry on her own when he seemed to understand her pain but didn’t seem strong enough to comfort her when she needed it the most. I know at the end they sort of ‘explained’ in a roundabout manner that he was afraid of what she would say then and there ... which was “let’s break up” and he was not prepared to face it. Which leads me to wonder whether he was also not able to say confidently himself that they would be happy together ? My conclusion is that he wasn’t sure. And that’s why although it would seem odd to me at first why he almost ran away from her after she asked him to... in a way, that was his weakness. Because if he was clear, he would have said then that it was not her fault and not wait till many days later when she was still clearly in pain. It was just like his grandpa said.... he could be foolish at times (almost felt like that was the writer-nim saying that to SDJ). Second part which I couldn’t quite ‘get’ was the breakdown of SDJ at the end - I wasn’t quite sure he was unhappy with the thought that he possibly would never see her again or was he more upset that he was not able to remember her face ... (although he could always look at her picture again just like the “First 50 Kisses” where the heroine wakes up every day not remembering anyone). Strangely, the episode left me feeling emotionally “empty”, a bit of dazed effect with no great anticipation nor rush to see the next episode. It was almost like I felt just like HSG - I need space and a break to let the feelings and thoughts sort itself out It’s like the weight of the words said have a lingering effect.... casting a spell, telling me that I cannot be truly happy after this but I cannot cry for them. Do I consider that as a very successful effect that the PD and writer and actors wanted to create ? Somehow I feel that the writer is still leaving some big message to the end which I am not able to guess. That said, I am interested to see how the story will pan out, and I do agree with the comment that the mood right now certainly doesn’t gel with a RomCom and probably veering into Melo. It’s the final two episodes... let’s stick together for the final stretch !
  13. Sorry to take you guys back to Episode 13 but in view that I’d have to wait another 8 hours to understand what they are talking about in Episode 14, thought I’d then try to catch up with the rest of you on the ‘reflections’ bit... Episode 12 and 13 was probably one of the pair of potentially thought-provoking episodes in my opinion because I personally became vested into the question of “am I able to love this person who is now a 70 year-old man” ? A part of me was really quite repulsed by the form that HSG took in episode 12 and I’m quite ashamed of it. It really made me think whether I was so attracted to SHJ’s beautiful exterior and it really didn’t sink in when the screen time of her previous cameos were quite brief / short so much so that I didn’t feel any negativity to them. In fact, at some point I even felt that the changes were quite cute to some extent and even just a slight inconvenience that could be easily overcome. However the latest switch was quite a bomb in my face. I actually felt ‘urgh’ in my mind... what a freckled old man with a raspy, slightly rough voice that was hard on the ears... it was really jarring and a real wake-up call to how I personally “saw” people. How I perceived beauty and how our inner biasness could be so camouflaged until a really difficult situation is presented to us and we will be able to see our own true preferences. The scenario really struck me. Therefore it was a bit of a waste that the writer didn’t take that opportunity to challenge the audience’s perspectives and perceptions. The director also didn’t seem to have given us enough time to figure out how we should have handled this if really the change back was not going to happen... we got a slight sense only on how SDJ felt but weren’t quite able to see it in LMK’s expression (to be fair, it could be difficult to portray the inner struggles...). In that sense, I was hoping somehow in the Episode 13 there could have been more time set aside to address this question and also the fundamental premise of the title of the show. That said, Episode 13 was also probably the most balanced of all the episodes so far, covering the entire spectrum of friends, foe, family and lovers. There was the comedy and even the loveable King Kang ! In retrospect, the try to balance all that and also provide the appropriate cliffhanger at the end of the episode might have been a editorial challenge for the PD...tough choices but overall, a job well done! Now I have to be content to wait for the subs for episode 14....
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