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  1. Searched and saw different "How to make Kimchi" videos....which is the best? I think each region have their own ways of making Kimchi, but which would you recommend? Different countries produce different texture of white cabbage, so it would be appreciated if I can get tips from you. I heard kimchi has a lot of health benefits!
  2. I never thought I would get hooked in watching kdramas, because I never liked watching TV series specially when you got tired of the US endless seasons. You know when it gets to the point they ran out of stories and aliens start coming in the picture! Anyway, thanks to kdramas watching TV series became fun and entertaining. I also got interested in getting to know their actors and actresses. By the way, I am not of Korean descent let's say I am half german shepherd and doberman! Kidding aside, watching kdramas got me more and more interested on Korean lifestyle and one of them is going under the knife. I am not against it nor will I judge anyone who underwent surgery. If it makes a person happy then I respect that person's choice. If it will give a person self confidence - leave them be. It's nice to watch the Korean celebrities with their perfectly chiseled face, nose, eyes etc. then I started to check out their before and after kdramas. Correct me if I am wrong, but I observed more actors than actresses who had rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, jaw enhancement? My first Kdrama was coffee prince and I can say Gong Yoo looked the same and I don't think he touched anything on his face, then I saw a Lee Min Ho drama and boy! He is hot but saw how his face "evolved". Great jaw enhancement and they way the did his nose was just perfect! Then I saw Lee Joon Gi, his face was really pretty back then, but then I noticed the change on his squarish jaw until it turned oval shape. He seemed a bit too skinny now that you can really see his jawline, but thought his nose was just beautiful (untouched!)! Kim so Hyun - I don't think anything was done in this actor's face? He didn't look any different from his old dramas and now. Ji Chang Wook, my initial reaction when I saw him he reminded me of Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho = handsome and nice while Ji Chang Wook = ruggedly handsome! Again, I saw JCW's old dramas and my initial reaction was...WOW! Definitely touched the nose and enhanced the jaw line. I started researching the leading ladies and I noticed there are less actresses who had surgery???? I know there are a number of actors and actresses who deny or just ignore questions when asked about it, so we just have to respect them. Other than the actors I mentioned above (correct me if I am wrong), who else went under the knife? This is not to bash or create a hate topic but more of interest and curiosity. I told friends if they want to enhance anything on their faces, I'd pay to travel to Korea because I think the surgeons there perfected their craft!
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