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We know that this is the struggle of many parents, who have seen how at the end of the year or quarter many give them as a gift some other pumpkin. It is precisely now the time to stop that before it is too late. When the children begin to enter a loop of bad behavior, a little study and bad grades, immediately we must take action on the matter to try to correct what is being done wrong. Resigning will not help you in the least. Together we can help you get better grades.

But of course, how do we make the children get better grades? Is it all the fault of the teachers, who do not teach them well? Is it because they do not do homework? What are the reasons why children get bad grades?

Why children do not get good grades?
There are many possible explanations for why children's academic performance is not good. We can think of several reasons:

The child may have some type of attention deficit disorder. Not all behavior problems are a disorder, but you have to be alert and seek the opinion of an expert.
Problems with eyes Problems such as myopia or unresolved astigmatism cause them not to see the blackboard well. But they do not want to say it because they are embarrassed to wear glasses. And that hurts their learning.
They do not have a good study discipline. Most of the time if you attend well in class and homework is done, then there are no problems to pass the exams. But still you have to prepare them well and in advance; One help may be for parents to ask the lesson.
They are not in the right environment. A bad study environment, very crowded classes and lack of control can be one of the causes of poor performance. But also that the child is very very intelligent and boredom induces him not to take school seriously. Intelligence and good grades do not always go hand in hand.
We really like the advice you give in With my children about helping children during exam times. Do not link prizes and punishments with notes, do not create pressure, avoid negative messages, comparisons, favoritism with children, etc.

How to solve these problems to improve the grades?
First of all, what is needed is that there is good communication between teacher, student, and parents. Especially, good teachers care about children's learning, and when something is not right, they let parents know. Then, you have to apply didactic techniques for children to improve.

What can teachers do? Try that your students have fun learning and studying, do not see it as boring. Enrich the class if necessary with games and dynamics, but maintaining control. And if the order has been lost in the classroom, take measures to improve the behavior and performance of the group as a whole, locating the sources of destabilization of the class.
What can parents do? Make the children take the study with discipline more seriously: asking the lesson, asking if they have really understood what they have studied or only by memory.
In short, with the collaboration of everyone can work for children to improve their grades at the end of the year. How do you think the education of children can be improved? What other ideas do you propose to improve student behavior?

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