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  1. I think it would be funny if 3 years from now they end up making a PA2 , and this thread gets revive lol. Shipping is fun! Just take swimming lessons and you will be fine!
  2. I picture it to be similar to Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu/ Ruby Lin & Wallace's Huo's wedding. Some close friends from the entertainment business and close family and friends. Not as crazy as AB and HZM's wedding lol. Yes, I and I really believe that XX and ZLY dated since we can feel the hostility between FSF and XX at these press conference. I would understand if she doesn't work with XX again. Hypothetically speaking, if you have seen your significant other sparking chemistry their ex, would you let them continue hanging out with them? Hehe
  3. LOL! Congrats to the two <3 I wish them lots of happiness! Heh If XX and ZLY use to date, perhaps there would not be a PA 2, too keep the hubby happy . At least we all got out life jacket on! LOL
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