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  1. Hana photo ^^ New teaser for Sejeong's drama: And Nayoung looking amazing for her musical: And she was of course on V Live: https://www.vlive.tv/video/140049
  2. And of course, Mina is still MCing so more lovely photos because of that ^^
  3. Hotel del Luna has started!! To be honest, I'm normally the kind of person who waits until a whole season is finished before I start watching but I couldn't resist. Instant regret! I really enjoyed the first episode a lot and now I'm gonna have to be patient the whole season as I wait for access and subs for each episode >.< Mina wasn't in the first episode but I wasn't overly surprised or disappointed by that, it was clear by her position in poster's etc. that she is playing one of the minor characters so my expectations of her screentime aren't too high. But if it continues to do as well as the first two episodes have and Mina does a good job, then this could open up some more opportunities for her so that is exciting. Anyways, I'm clearly not the only one who tuned in to the first episode and enjoyed it. It's getting really good ratings already for the first two episodes: Soompi Article (SA) Ratings 1st Episode SA - Ratings 2nd Episode SA - 3 reasons to check out Hotel del Luna And fortunately, we still getting promotional content from Mina and Jelpi have released high res photos from the photoshoot and promotions ^^ Some of my favs from the shoot but you can find the rest of the photos here
  4. There is an upcoming Survival Show (Soompi Article). It involves voting but I have yet to figure out if foreigners are able to vote. Either way it's really exciting. Nayoung has the skills to do amazing but unfortunately her popularity might not be high enough considering some of the other contestants (members from Dreamcatcher, WJSN, WekiMeki, etc.). But there is also a judging element and we don't have a clue what the mechanics of the show are so fingers crossed we'll get a lot of Nayoung screentime and content out of this:
  5. Insta update from Hana: Not gonna lie, no clue what that's about but I'm not gonna comlain about photos of Hana ^^ Sally looking amazing: The girls leave blog updates on the Japanese fanclub but my Japanese is nonexistent so it's just pretty photos for me >.< But here's a link to the website for anyone who wants to have a look at the fanclub: https://gugudan.jp/ (reasonably sure its paid access for most of the content though).
  6. Ok, found the brains to search Soompi and it's definitely a drama. Excerpt from soompi article: “Let Me Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy about Hong Yi Young (played by Kim Sejeong), a timpanist who loses all memory of the night of a murder, and a suspicious tone-deaf man named Jang Yoon (played by Yeon Woo Jin). It sounds pretty good and may I say, these posters are gorgeous. Full Soompi article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1337639wpp/gugudans-kim-sejeong-suffers-from-insomnia-in-let-me-hear-your-song-posters
  7. Sejeong Update: I really need to stop procrastinating and start learning Korean because google translate is not super helpful. I have no idea what's going on but Sejeong has definitely been very busy XD Teaser for an upcoming... drama? That's my guess anyway. CF for Crocs XD
  8. Mina Update: Her drama starts broadcasting on the 13th (I believe), so exciting. So lovely photos to promote that are a must XD
  9. Mina Update: Photos from her MCing at Music Core: Insta selfies: Video from the photoshoot for the drama posters:
  10. New photo from their Japanese twitter, Soyee in Vietnam ^^ Insta update, Sejeong:
  11. Not so recent posts: It looks like Soyee has been having a great time in Vietnam: Nayoung and Haebin checking out what looks like a giant poster/billboard for their anniversary And Hana and Mimi also paid a visit:
  12. other Japanese twitter updates: Mimi looking great: Sejeong at what looks to be Universal Japan: Not so recent but super cute pick of Hana:
  13. Hana update: V Live - no English subs last I checked though >.< She also did an interview in Japan 'Power of K TOKYO LIVE' - so no English though >.< Parts 2 & 3:
  14. Mina Update: New drama!!! Hotel del Luna, the posters look amazing: Plus Character poster and insta updates:
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