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  1. Sorry, jumping in to comment after it's over - been watching all this while - just quiet. Anyways YES on the last episode. = I <3 the Security couple - soooo cute. = Somehow we're supposed to whiplash turn and sympathize with Lee Dong-gun. After watching 'Hyung' sneaking around, sneering et al for maybe all of at least 14 episodes .. somehow he's actually a secret good dude .... hero saviour who sold his soul for a good cause all these years! While I don't need to know details such as whose father was whose, or why/when/who was adopted/or not ... = The car saving was stoopid. And so far-fetched, and no one ... no one at all - not even the security dude, thought to help. Even if it was going to not make much diff - isn't it simply instinctive, to try to do something? They all just froze and WATCHED Superman trying to do the rescue, singlehandedly. And note: the bad guys didn't even take the perfect opportunity to hit back. Esp that vengeful crazed ex-bf dude of the airport employee. Thet were just sainty UNopportunistic bystanders. WOW, just wow. = And after all the DRAMA ..." I might die, my body is rotting ... I prefer to die than to go back to a wheelchair, I'd rather leave you, let's just treasure our time together as passers-by" ... So he can just go off for a year, and simply get mended, just like that?!!? So what the heck was the fuss about?
  2. triplem: Ditto. It's weird to have Wed/Thurs without the Terrius crew to look forward to. I didn't miss Devilish Joy once I switched over to Terrius, but Terrius is one of those warm dramas that leave a tugging void.
  3. Reading the DB community's comments helped allay somewhat my initial disappointment with the ending; on initial real time Ep 6 Recap (thanks V!) + fforward speed-viewing of the uploaded stream with no subs = what, not even another nose kiss to seal the deal? Down to the comments that it was fitting that the couple put on their own Tiffany rings themselves, in keeping with the mutually supportive and never-pushy nature of their relationship, thus far. And it also addressed those viewers who were a tad troubled AR would jump into a relationship after her husband's death. OK, I will buy that. And I second, third the notions that the Spy Fantasy continues with a sequel of spies who fall in love on a mission - resulting in more adorable siblings for the Joon Joon twins and more Bon running around in suits playing Happy Families. Though I'd still wish there'd been more KIS and Joon Joon time with Bon and AR, Bon and AR moments ... as opposed to so much more Shim time in the last 4 episodes. THANKS for all the recaps, the comments and this overall adorable ride folks, until the next captivating magical drama that makes motivates spontaneous conversation again. The lovable kids, the family, Bon and AR in their slow warm supportive relationship, the KIS crew, the NIS couple, the bromances .... I will so miss them - they will all leave a void on Wed-Thurs for me, for a while.
  4. I started reading re-caps and only watching selective bits since last wk. Just read latest Dramamilk recap (THANK YOU! V ) and FF (without subs viewing) to last scene = > first initial reaction, without watching the whole of Ep 16 (or 15) ... disappointment. And they killed off YT?! What this show had really going for it - The Joon Joon twins, the KIS escapades, the bromances ... AND the warm-glow gradual but so organic Romance between Bon and Ae-rin. = it chose to minimize and diminish all these, the last crucial 2 episodes. Instead focusing on its weakest - the Spy stuff: What would have made the last Mojito@Namsan a beautiful ending, instead of a letdown (for me anyways) - the Beach scene with the solitary bench was better ... Ending: They prep for their new 'spy' role as a couple ... and to make it convincing - starting with a tentative couple hug and couple KISS PRACTICE, after that Mojito. One kiss = > not good enough = > progressing to 2 and 3. And then they really get into it spontaneously. That's all in character with their new spy assignments ... and would have given their romance a gentle nudge forward - now THAT, would be very satisfactory writing. And in keeping with the general theme, while keeping fans happy. Writing which while messy esp with spy details, hasn't really disappointed so far, until the last 4 or so episodes. Even the (psychological ) wrap-up of K and Candy deaths that Bon can finally make peace with (and deja vu make amends - ie saving AR), was so satisfactorily dealt with.
  5. Omo ... it's ended?! Just checking in to read ... derailed to Terrius. Will FForward and catch up all the way to this happy finale then.
  6. 1) Nodding along to the snoring comments. 2) SKorea has been/is one of my favorite 1-week stops when holidaying in homeland SE Asia, over the past 20 yrs. Even before Hallyu hit pre 2001. So been there repeatedly countless times (esp Myeongdong, Itaewon, Hongdae and Ewha) but NOT ever gorgeous Jeju. Jeju has been on my must-visit list since All-In ...esp more so after 'On The Way to Airport'! ;P Oh noes ... no blue Maserati for getaways! What a waste, when those racing sunbaes (AR's parents) are around to give tips too! Range Rover PPL sponsored his earlier range. Think he was driving the Land Rover, and Evoque back in Seoul. I guess they haven't found a Quiznos yet on Jeju. And it's so out of character low-maintenance thrifty AR packed so much PPL beauty products for her stay in Jeju
  7. He bought another Range Rover bec he missed the one in his garage stash - already slumming it, he lost the blue luxury car (Maserati?). And along with it - went shopping in North Face for those 4 parkas too. Errr Jeju has The North Face? For collecting seaweed perhaps? Dude's a planner - he already knew a beach trip in windy cold, was in the works with AR and the kids. (I personally wldn't wear my brand new North Face parka for digging at the beach, but that's just me).
  8. Yes that registered with me too. She really WEPT from her heart for Bon of maybe 1 ~ 1.5 yrs (I see her 2 working stints as some months' worth), than her "goose father" of a husband. She seemed more shell-shocked than sad with the sudden demise of Yang Dong-gun in the role of her husband. Then again, her husband and her were 'roommates' more like after 18 yrs. Also that crying later could be pent-up emotions with DOUBLE deaths ... since she couldn't afford to really grieve but had to problem solve quickly with logistics + financial in Death #1. And BON is extra-special to warrant those tears (hey we all know he's special ). He observed, quietly supported and nurtured her as a TEAM mate working TOGETHER with her. They went through many escapades together. He appreciated her, and validated AR's efforts + her big warm heart ... after he paranoidly ascertained she wasn't some spy on their first encounter with the drippy yoghurt milk But some of the hilarious in this show is deliberately or exaggeratedly so, in many ways. Just have to park our brains/logic ... and go with the flow. Like a bench is supposed to be there, on the beach. Or, he had it carried there - just as he found out where she was, and found a student somehow, to go into that cafe. There are no high tides ever in this idyllic scene. too - they just do.not.happen. Kdrama logic! I see high Comfort Level => deep sleep. That scene highlighted the vast disparity in his interrupted PTSD nightmares of life in Poland sleep patterns in his own apt VS how he can let his guard completely down with AR and her family. Completely down to earth exhaustion with the mundane stuff of the island: wearing Ajumma outfits to repair roofs, pick oranges and collect seaweed is hard work. You also do not have to worry about whether they have guns hidden in the seaweed, or snipers lurking amongst the organes or not ... that's complete ease of mind. Hey, it's certainly more manual labour intensive and harder than speeding along on the highway in his snazzy blue car in tailored Suits; maneuvering shake off NIS spies, jumping off bridges and escaping in high explosion scenes. Or deciphering cards at home
  9. I do not often wish for extensions bec they can often go awry even in an enjoyable one. But for this one - I think it would be just fine - so far the suspense, pacing, romance, everything. Even the some of the crazy 'park your brains' spy stunts and intrigue were fine. And I will be so loathe to let AR, Bon and the twins go ... followed by KIS and all the side bromances. So enjoyable an overall drama ... of all the current choices ... this one definitely has first dibs on my heart!
  10. LOL, AGREE 1) Not to mention the physical gratification part - for men esp (not trying to be sexist, just realistic). It's likely they will hitch up again in 5 yrs (yes I had a client who was seeking female companions 1yr after his wife of THIRTY yrs died. They had an amicable relationship. And Ex-BIL married within 3 yrs, after his wife passed away at 39). My widowed mom (attractive for her ag - 64 then) was also approached within a yr by older gentlemen - some looking at her as a companion, some looking at sizeable assets, a couple were even married(!) ... but she said NO very firmly each time: "Been happily married for over 30 yrs, and that's how I will remain - I have only one husband" 2) Psychologically, and even just common sense wise = it makes more sense that IF folks were happily stable in one relationship ... that they'd even want to try replicate those same emotions by taking a RISK in another stranger so soon. Rather, it'd be more logical that they'd want to cling onto that history for a while, and grieve longer/wrap themselves in happy m'ries cocoon ... for that sharedpast/dead person who they shared those happy m'ries with. It's always the very close and happily married companions who feel that sense of HUGE loss, when one partner leaves first. It's like losing your soul-mate, friend, twin in the relationship who did everything, and talked so much with you. Then s'times they even follow suit which is why very loving spouses s'times die one after another within a couple of years. IF couples weren't that close, a relationship wasn't that tightly knitted = it wld be more like the Joon-Joon twins and their (absent) dad. He's NOT that missed. And really neither is that relationship. Sure that same sense of shock/bereavement ... but it wld be much easier to move on. It's only the shared HISTORY that is binding but not the current 'feels' you have with the dead person.
  11. Ditto. Though Where Stars Land is my second favorite of all the current Drama offerings. Third Charm doesn't do it for me anymore, and I just peek into Devilish Joy now and then these days. Terrius has take top priority (esp with its hilarious moments too, along with its really comfortable fluidly natural romance moments. Very nicely put Triplem! )
  12. LOL ... more suits (bec of course sweats, runners and track pants are NOT more comfortable for chases and running around) and blue car? No more hiding guns in flower pots or deciphering cards on the internet?
  13. Hi Cecentre! Agree ... to give dead hubby Yang Dong-geun credit - he at least felt remorseful, and tried to make amends. Alas, that revival of relationship; despite his attempts was not meant to be, whether or not they were even headed for divorce. I'd say Ae-Rin, with or without husband's death, might have already been in a place where she feeling 'Asexual'. With husband's sudden demise - romantically, it was a place she probably just remained, while trying to cope and rally financially so she could immeidately step into the working role of sole family provider. It's pretty organic how the Bon + AR romance is mapping out and growing. Every little step, every interchange shared ... is a gradual step forward. = Bon: fell for her much earlier, attracted first by empathy followed by how genuinely warm AR is - looking after and nurturing everyone else first (including her poor lonely neighbour who only eats bread) and putting herself last, unselfishly. = AR: is just in an asexual, kinda shell-shocked place initially. But I DO see it thawing ... starting with her first significant step at using his gift of handbag (Kings Bag) once she found out it wasn't stolen. Every little interchange - sweet. I am content. Random Comments: The plot is just hilarious. S'times deliberately so imo - the writer is poking fun at how ridiculous some spy moves can be. But fueled by great acting all round, and chemistry ... it all flows despite the gaping holes - for eg: = from creepy hair-standing newbie driver who doesn't check side mirrors or changes lanes at all ... AR is now proficient at driving, after she dives and rescues? = those driving comments about her parents being "Race car drivers on Jeju?" ... Idyllic peaceful Jeju + vroom vroom car racing? With all the quiet winding streets? For real, or some tongue in cheek humour going on there? = whoever Red Shoes is ... she only has THIS one pair of heels? (as practical as a BLUE sports car for Bon. Way to go, so folks can spot that punch of color anywhere, even as while trying to make a speedy getaway.
  14. Hi all! Just jumping in to say - this drama, the top notch acting between the 2 leads, the adorable twins, the KIS vs NIS crew, her nutsville ex boss and his bizarre antics ... the pacing, the humour ... such a warm, and hilariously entertaining captivating combination. So much so Terrius is my top Wed-Thur drama to look out for ... and it really was a hard fight between solid So Ji-sub and Choi Jin-hyuk's delicious gravelly voice. Just jumping in to say - for those who cannot understand how she can fall for him so soon: = empathy (mutual): him for how hassled she was as a home-maker, and later as widow. her for how lonely his existence seemed to be - bread for meals, and his sterile prestine apt. = for a stay-home housewife who's (dead) husband cldn't see/understand her, largely took her for granted (even her miserly thrifty resourceful ways were not appreciated and all he could jump onto was how much she was spending/wasting at a bakery. rather than question how 'out of the norm' it was for her to be spending). All those indicate that communication/connection between them had been dead for a long time. Sit in on enough marriage counselling sessions/legal court cses between couples - you see the same underlying patterns, and finances are also part of it. If that relation ship had dragged on - it might be seperation and eventual divorce. They just 'existed' but were not connected = many couples live like that ... there're little or no feelings left but they're still together, seemingly like a family. Status-quo, for those who stay together for the kids ... or are too afraid to rock the boat (another case in pt was the recent Ji-sung drama which just ended its run). Yes Jung In-sin (beautiful acting!) has some attachment left to dead husband, yes it was a sad mysterious yet connected to NIS end for Yang Dong-geun .... but the couple had drifted apart. There was also resentment, on both sides and that's always kinda toxic. Bon can see her for who she is/what she was doing as a mom, and yet also appreciate that she was intelligent .... and most importantly - he was supportive at the right time. And doing all her could to help her grow. So Ji-sub was a breath of fresh air who actually observed (a very strong trait of his, in all roles plus attention to detail) and validated her feelings. Even before he felt empathy for her ... and then fell for her bec she's such a warm, genuinely nice caring person. (I didn't watch Waikiki despite all the hype but I just might pick up Naked Fireman for Jung In-sun).
  15. @roli @gutibear Thankful to say - after a drought of lack-lustre, somewhat mediocre offerings ... Where Stars Land (beyond an irritating unprofessional female lead) is looking promising. As is The Beauty Inside ... and Esom in The 3rd Charm. (so much so there's no time to even peek at 100 Days Prince. And Ghost Detective Daniel Choi has also been completely parked to the side. ) Actually ... now there's also Terrius on Wed Thurs which totally captures my attention first. Beyond "dead pan slow-burn" highly enjoyable SJS and a kickass heroine who isn't irritating ... Plotwise, pacewise it's also a little more captivating. I am in Devilish Joy for CJH and the OTP, the bromance ... far less da plot - too many holes that I am not totally invested in unrevelling. ===================================== @stroppyse @booha I'd like to think it's going to be REVERSE Cinderella ... that at some pt - JGB might be the one who capably steps up to rescue him. Esp in 2018! Even in my own childhood - NEVER been a big fan of anorexic 50s-ideology Barbie or pretty slew Disney Princesses or fairytales ... where they all have to be "rescued" or protected = was so secretly glad when my daughter moved out of her own 3 yr phase of hyping over them - coping skills for living in 2018 and beyond. Cutesy "5959" is fine ... for only as long as she remains in this age (25, and below). And a tad patriarchal 大男人 on his part - there's a subtle vibe of it, in this drama imo. Note: He doesn't really discuss anything serious with her, nor his worries. Depending re: that 5959 aegyo or baby cutesy - esp past age 40 - is pushing it, in reality. She's what? 30s? now since the incident? I'd much rather she continues to develop more resilient sass and maturity, plus capable brains to survive as a TEAM (not as someone adorably cute, or to be rescued) for whatever the future together holds for them. Sinister ex manager, plotting aunts and doctor-mentor et al ==================================== 16 hours ago Booha said: Btw perhaps DJ red shoes are a modern version of Cinderella glass shoes. Besides they are visually stunning on the screen!! Well I can’t wear high shoes. lol As matter of fact I can never understand how anyone can wear such shoes. hehe But strangely red high heels on the screen always make my eyes zoom in ahhaaa I noticed that too something about formal suits fit well with CJH. He looks dashing. In FTLY, he got to play a second role because he was in need of finance, and they offered him something like drama CF. At the time he was supposed to enlist after FTLY, and his family had debt from his mom’s back surgeries. All those fancy wardrobes he wore in the drama were from an Italian company. However he cancelled about going to enlist right after FTLY until next year, and got another drama, Pride & Prejudice. Even in my teens/20s ... I only wore heels when need be. For clubbing functions and parties, or whatever occasions. Or when wearing short skirts clubbing. Even then for a while s'times ... packing a pair of flats were way more fun on the dance floor - and ballerina flats or pretty flat sandals went so well with the short/sarong wrap skirts too. These days - hardly ever - I don't even own many, except for wearing with palazzo floaty pants. And sparingly with time limit -- 2h max! At that - I never wore those impossible red-sandal heights. Don't know how actresses can run ... and then run some more .... and do stairs in them! Esp when being chased OMG Their poor feet! = Kudos to those females who religiously wear their heels to work day in, and day out until 60s ... and on Saturdays too. Digression: CJH was first in I Need Romance series (in local SEAsian jargon - he looked like an "Ah Beng" aka uncouth lout type there - still does sometimes, although he's packaged to be way more refined-tailored these days). Hence maybe all the suits, in almost every drama - his frame certainly carries them off very well. But he caught many people's attention in INRomance (never ended up with the female lead Cho Yeo-jung - HER loss!). CKH was also Lee Min-ho's elder brother in Boys Over Flowers, cameo lead role in Gu Family Book ... before FTLY. *FanService Alert* INRomance has a steamy bed scene starring CJH btw - shirt removal for sure, and maybe a little more than Devilish Joy's shower scenes* He was finally lead in Pride and Prejudice, before ER Couple (*where he also sang - OST has been in my car, for a few yrs now) I do NOT enjoy his smile at all - it kind of brings out the Ah Beng factor (to me anyways, he's better not smiling then smiling) ... but love the crinkle-effect in eyes when he does. Yupz, yup - thanks to his beautifully modulated gorgeous VOICE - been noticing this dude for a loooong time.
  16. Random this and that thoughts: 1) Not sure I enjoy the overall flow of this script. As a drama - enjoyable yes but my focus definitely is : CJH, and his VOICE. Totally in it for CJH. Missed the dude since he enlisted - I didn't catch Tunnel. These days I am replaying his sexy rendition of the ER Couple OST ad nauseum in the car. Like: = OTP moments and interactions - though NOT ecstatic abt his buying the cafe and reserving table for her. = I like my heroines independent, determined feisty and thankfully she's all that. With ck1Oz that the man can sprout drivel and I will still listen to CJH speak deliciously-sexy gibberish. = Love JGB and her bestie friend moments. = Love the Secretary + GMS moments = Love ethical CEO Jang 2) Song Ki-joon (LOL Song Joon-ki ) totally irritates me. It's like his only script mandate is just to act like an OTT blustery fool, and just when you think it can't get any worse - an even bigger blundering fool! Even more so than the actress Ha-Im (at least that one is just self-centred selfish). Please hitch them together soon and pack them off to Siberia or something, with as many real and fake fur collars as they need .Save the time and screen space for more OTP moments please! And hey bring back those per-episode shower scenes yo, while writing all that in. 3) The amnesia plot - how come GMS can recognize his irritant cousin Ki-joon each day and recognize he's there for something each time? And his secretary ... and everyone else on a day to day basis? - Why even write GMS as a neurologist? If he has to visit his own neuro specialist just to get his own MRIs/CT scans etc - why not just make GMS some other type of medical specialist instead? - In Kdramaland ... they just wait at seperate gates in the same playland ... diff entrances at parks, cinemas, airports, wherever etc forever. They don't ever use their cellphones, in one of the most IT tech-savvy countries - Korea. That garden looks familiar ... wasn't Park Shin-hye touching those Roman Statues in one of her dramas? When she was in a convent. Terius = So Ji-sub! I am heading there too. I hope no Noble Idiocy arises as a result of her finding out about the accident.
  17. Absolutely! Shall we suggest twice a day? I am in it totally for CJH too ... and his VOICE. It's delish!
  18. 1) Me too I contemplated that - but wkly deprivation from one shower scene per episode without fail (so far) doesn't sound like much fun either. And among the Wed/Thurs current offerings; for me there's really nothing captivating or appealing out there ... I am watching Daniel Choi (more wide shoulders, more sexy voice) just for the heck of it. Heck he's a ghost! And 30 but 17 ... Yang Se-jong! (whose voice is decent too) and Shin Hye-sun will be ending pretty soon. Ditto Lee Dong-wook and Jo Seung-woo in Life. 2) And that uber sexy VOICE of CJH's (which is not only deep, but with gorgeous husky intonations ) ...NOT as much his looks but I fell in love with THAT VOICE since the first drama of CJH (I Need Romance?). Hands down in my books; it beats 'da Voice' that so many cyber friends fell for back then - ie Lee Sun-kyun, aka known as "The Voice" among drama commenters in Coffee Prince. (well it's deep sure, but ajusshi kinda deep imo. it's nowhere gorgeous or sexy to me). And CJH sang, in Emergency Couple. Also his character has that fun teasing streak (making her freak out over the phone to come collect the family picture) - which also makes it an enjoyable element to look forward to. Bring on the cliches! 3) That aunt - or rather that actress; has NEVER acted a role that isn't deviously scheming or plotting in secret, in any drama I have seen her in. And I highly doubt this time is going to be an exception. (the most recent one was the Shin Hye-sun wkend drama My Golden Life - and yes she was the evil sis in law/aunt of Park Shi-hoo's ). 4) To me, the lead actress looks sooooo much better slumming it in Ep 2 onwards. So much prettier than she looked all dolled up (her face looked kinda weird too), and with that hairdo in Ep 1. She kinda reminds me of Chinese actress Vicky Zhao-wei 赵薇
  19. Hi all! Enjoyable so far - after 2 eps. Ep 2 was more enjoyable than fluffy Ep 1 (I thought she was too OTT + vapid bimbotic ... and was wondering how to last 15 episodes of her). She settled a whole lot better in Ep 2, and it's fleshing out. Though stranger-danger is something completely non existent in her vocab, as we can see. But hey, it's Choi Jin-hyuk! Ep 1 was a nice but somewhat unreal bubbly fairytale. (reminded me of that Sung Joon/Sung Ji eun drama - My Secret Romance). I have always liked Choi Jin-hyuk, so it was curiosity that got me to check this out in the first place when I saw a new drama with his name. He seemed to have 'tailored' his face so it's more refined now. Drama's got a nice easy feel, with a nice tinge of romance. I am in!
  20. Hi all! Sorry just had to jump in. Had to say - THANKFULLY, they developed it to current scene today. I watched the RAW, and I was going YES! go for it~ Today's scene was definitely infinitely so much more spontaneous and fluid. Thankfully! Because imo the last episode - ie the one on the couch (and all previous leading up to the couch scene) ... was anything but HOT In fact, that couch scene was so stilted ... it destroyed all the previous chemistry they built up thus far. Today's was great redemption! It got to the pt it felt awkward watching them in the last episode.
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