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  1. Hello I'm back after a long long time just stay in Instagram . What should I do now? Actually after just staying in Instagram, I found many post that attract my eyes. And by the way, don't forget that we will have five days festival in just 2 days. But in my opinion, i think we don't have to wait 3 days for updates because I'm pretty sure that they will have rehearsal photos and videos tomorrow (since it's D-1). I can't wait for tomorrow. The rehearsal maybe will start in the afternoon or evening like last year. As I don't post here for long time, I also forgot to say happy birthday to my favorite man here on soompi, Actor Joowon or now should I say Soldier Joowon . HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY MY DEAR LOVELY MAN!!! I PRAY THAT GOD WILL ALWAYS BLESS YOU WITH HAPPINESS AND SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR CAREER AND ALSO LIFE!!! Anyway, if we talk about Joowon now, we can't not talk about his achievements. He has a lot of achievements in the army in just 1 year and 4 months. As always, he always do everything sincerely and always working hard. He already received many achievements in the army which are: (1) He got first rank in his 5 weeks basic training (2) He was promoted to be the assistant instructor (3) He got the Special Class Soldier title [특급전사] (4) He is choosen as the troops leader or Squad Leader [분대장] (5) He is choosen as the front line soldier (6) He is the best recruit (7) He is loved by all troops there (8) And he do all that in the most difficult Division in South Korea which is the White Skull Division. Hmm, with all that we can sure that if he is not an actor maybe he can be a perfect soldier with that great attitude and personality oh and don't forget that good looking face tho . Okay now let's share pictures! Who doesn't want to be treated like that? He is such a sweet and gentle man. Come on, I want to be that actress. Look how that child became now. He is successful actor with many achievements and also a great soldier for his country. Great fanart! And this is the fanart for 2018 Ground force festival! Joowon looks so cute! When you see this smile with your own eyes
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