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  1. Why didn't Sunny tell ED that the bandaged person was Emperor? I mean it seemed like she had the time, at least after the first shot. And as it was proved in this drama, only one gun shot to ANYWHERE, doesn't kill the person
  2. I just watched the final episode with subs and I feel sad, it's 2 AM here and now how am I supposed to sleep. I watched this drama after I finished watching "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" which was really beautiful but really sad. after watching some clips of TLE on youtube I decided to watch it by saying ok this is exicting I can forget TSHLE. I didn't know this was coming thank you all. I really liked your posts
  3. I made a video of the emperor and oh sunny, hope you enjoy it. by the way I am a fan of CWB and oh sunny but I don't think they'll become a couple. they didn't have that much emotional scenes together especially after episode 17 I guess.
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