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  1. I just saw @kohnlee already updated it Sorry, I didn't noticed it before posting... I tried to delete my post... but seems there is no option to delete feeling bit weird with soompi forum... I think I need some more time to get used with this site
  2. It was Dragon Club > Money Flower > Ugly Duckling (though it is just a casual talk show) -> Carefree traveller > WOL > Fisherman > Bad Papa I remember the senior ladies are all fangirled over Hyuk's charm (like young girls) ke ke ke and his responsible nature as a family man!! . I remember one of the male host in that show voiced the horse, Buster in WOL show.
  3. I want that cool sunglass he wore !! Its amazingly stylish !! I think its the same brand as this...
  4. It was so amazing to re-read many of our comments just like rewatching the show !! Amazing show!! and amazing comments too!!
  5. Im trying to find Money Flower Drama thread where we all discussed it live watching episodes... Im bit kind of new to Soompi forum... Could some one let me know to access that thread?
  6. I will rewatch MF time to time!! One of the best after Chuno, Beautiful Mind!!
  7. Many of those commenters write - why he didn't join Voice 2? Also why he didnt follow his celebrity friend, Jang Nara in Instagram.... When I read those comments I get a good laugh...
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