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  1. Hello my fellow HPL fangirls (and boys) ! I'm delurking again after finishing watching HPL. Just want to share my thought with you guys once again before I turn into lurking mode again. What can I say right now is what a brilliant and excellent work of the drama team and actors. I am super entertain and enjoy this joyride with big smile on my face all the time. Overall people might say that this is a typical cliche boring recycle plot story drama with lovey dovey cringe worthy scene if they just watch it to find it flaws. But hell no, its actually a really clever anti cliche drama who looks like a cliche one. Heres my arguement. 1) Male lead. Ryan Gold. This piece of gold really is precious itself. At first, uri geum-saja is decscribed as arrogant, ego maniac, self centered male lead who we think will end up like other male lead that so dominant and using his veto power to win against female lead. Oh my, we are completely wrong when this fellow sweetly admit his mistake and ask for forgiveness as early as episode 2. At that point we already fall in love with this lion gwangjang nim. 2) Female lead I love how Deokmi character being built as a successfull career woman and a fangirl. She is a strong woman inside out and no need to depend or being bullied by the male lead (remember how instantly and bravely she revenge on saja by putting the expresso into his drink haha) She is an example how a female lead should be. Strong but full of feminine charm. Independent yet sofisticated. She is really a major girl crush for us! 3) No noble idiocy. I have mention before, in my 1st post on this thread that i love LUTYN before, because of this reason, and thank god HPL also did a good job by not fall into this noble idiocy path till the end. Kudos! We were afraid all this time that HPL will also have this noble idiocy when the leads will ask for a break up just for the sake of others but thru understanding, 2 ways communication, and mutual respect, they manage to avoid any noble idiocy while resolving their conflict. I love how Ryan will always ask for forgiveness and look at the bright side, think positively and forgive others. This is the main reason why the major conflict have been resolved beautifully. 4) 2nd lead. I love how briliantly this drama lead us to assume that Eungi seki will end up with Choi Da Out the female 2nd lead, as usual. But suddenly bam! Make a huge turnover by pairing up Eungi with Cindy. Dont let me start with how cute this couple are. Maybe HPL season 2 can focus on their relationship? Ehems. But of course i prefer watching lion-deokmi lovey dovey scene all the time. Hahaha. 5) Ending At first we thought it will end up like other ro-co drama which the lead characters will face year of separation for unnecessary reason. Uri geum saja also thought like that, he even mention about their long distant love. But no, uri deokmi will never let go of our precious lion and take him with her to the US. HAHA clever girl who cannot be separate with her beautiful canvas like ryan gold. There is many more reason I want to add but just this 5 reasons already mark a huge different between this drama with another cliche typical rom com drama. Overall this is a drama that I will happily repeat once in a while, as my happy pills. And i know you all will too. Psst, just to add some more. I'm actually not fond on lovey dovey love story where the leads keep on doing romantic and sweet things all the time. Seriously its not my interest at all because i will easily feel disgusted especially if there are so many unnecessary kiss scene just to boast rating. But i dont know what HPL have done to me. Although there is so many kissing scene (14 kisses starting from ep 7 till the end, to be exact as someone mention before) i still can bare all these kisses. Hahaha. For me, all the kisses have their own reason and suitable for the situation. And we know how passionate deokmi is. And we also might be as passionate as deokmi if we get someone like ryan hahhaha. Kudos to KJW and PMY mind blowing chemistry that make us believe that they are truly madly in love. ( and i wish it is true, in real life. Finger crossed) Ok sorry for long post. I dont know for how long will i have this lingering feeling and cant move on. But im happy with it and will always visit this thread once in while, reading all of your post with big smile. Love you all, my fangirling family. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. GilGirl
  2. Hello there. I'm out from my lurking cave after a year of hiatus just to greet all of you and comment on this beautiful drama. Hah, what a sizzling chemistry that I cant resist myself to ship them hard. Pls be real PMY x KJW! But the main point here, I want to give credit to the director and the production team for choosing them. Seriously without their hardwork, this out of the world chemistry wont be showed to us. I remember this director from LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME, and seriously i just love the chemistry between Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Jung in there, i ship them very hard before and never knew that i would jump into another ship too. Thats ok, im big enough to fit in both ship hahaha. I know this director has magic that he use in HPL too. Man, how i was not wrong I find similarities in both drama. The group family photo scenes. The main casts that understand each other, no noble idiocy involved and how much they love each other that shows that make us believe that they are truly in love. *coughthehotscenealsoveryhotcough* PMY, I watch several of her drama but never ship her with her cast before. I stop watching her prev drama after 1 ep because i feel the drama is to unreal, maybe because its adapt from a webtoon. But hell no, HPL also from a webtoon but why I feel so close to my heart? Haha maybe im bias. PMY did really a good job on potraying both side of her world as a great curator who knows her job and a pro fangirl. Yeah! KJW. What can i say about this most hot sexy masculine handsome man on planet earth? I just fall for him from top to toe. What have you done to me Jae Uck oppa? Im glad i can call him oppa (im same age with PMY but im not as lucky as her) Towards only a few episodes left, i hope this drama will give us a decent, nice, memorable ending that will remain in our heart. I hope i heard good news also from PMY X KJW. Thats my shipper wish hahaha. Ok sorry for long post and bad english. Going back to lurking mode. Enjoy HPL till the end peeps. Love u all my fangirling siblings.
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