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  1. At last after some time, finally a drama of quality!!!!!!! I was hesitant at first but damn when the interview scene came and “Bap is mightier than rice” was said, it was a moment. Getting misaeng flashbacks but at the same time its different from misaeng, really different. Glad to have started this and damn i finally have another drama on my list beside uncanny counter. The acting on this one is just superb and I really like the writing, similar to FoS but lighter and less technical but that doesnt mean that I dont like FoS, i mean hit me with those technical shizz, anyway if anyone is hesitant on whether or not this is a must watch, definitely one of the better dramas the country has to offer for this year, really apt for the year end, lets end this freaked year with a bang, and yoona you have proven me wrong, finally a drama that shows her prowess as an actor, give me moreeeeeeeeeee!!!! And also for soo yeon’s actor, give me more tearsssssssss!!!!

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  2. 18 hours ago, Nodame said:


    @loopo I do heart Seong Ah's crush with CEO /Sunbae Dong Yoon. Yes I LOVED the clip when he tells her to say I love you three times to your violin. He is sweet and he does care for her. I wonder if he reciprocates her feelings but just did not do anything.I mean who OFFERS to tutor teach just like that? I know you can be a sweet and nice guy but STILL a chunk of time of your life. When she asked him to fix her violin he asked to have her go to the airport to pick him up!? Me thinks he liked her enough to ask her to SEE her lovely friendly face first thing after landing! I mean he was going to eat with her and did not REACH out to anyone . Plus her going to the gathering late and her bff Min Sung wondering why she could not contact her. (Must be hard to harbor feelings for someone your BFF loves/likes and you do too). He is handsome, gentle and has a nice vibe.





    exactly, that guy is extra swoony TBH AHHAHA but still that scene still rings in my head, it made me pause the scene (something i dont really do) and just squealed my heart away AHHAHAH

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  3. WOW just finished watching both episodes. Episode 1 was good, it introduced the characters properly but I loved EPISODE 2 more and the scene that stands out the most if the "I love you" scene to the violin, I WAS SCREAMING HAAHAHAHA I WASN'T READY (seriously I was screaming and I think the whole house heard me). 

    The way they use music to set the tone is just good and it really compliments the screen and affects the mood and emotions being portrayed as if the viewer can hear the emotions they want to portray. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE.


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  4. Okay so here we go again, I thought that no drama would suck me in the way The World of Married did this year but damn this drama though, its up there, the quality, writing, characters, story, as in everything is on point even from the beginning, I have no issues whatsoever, ITS JUST SO DAMN GOOD! I just started watching over the weekend since I had spare time and now I had to get to this thread cause I have to let off some steam. Some of the story plot reminds me of Dear My Friends, one of the best kdramas out there that made me cry multiple times, but it has its own personality and the way the characters are characters of their own speak for the writers and actors. I'm calling it, this might be one of the best dramas this year no doubt about it, looking forward to the next 12 episodes, KEEP ME HAPPY AND SAD FIGHTING!

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  5. As I said last week, this show really wowed me with this week's episode. The perfect combination of romance, comedy, and a hint of melodrama. I just like the lead characters' struggles and how they are similar yet very different. Im already looking forward to next week's episode.

    Although if I have a concern it would be the stalkerish approach of the second leads, its pretty disturbing to be honest especially with Jae-hyeok's character. Also this is me being nitpicky and totally choosy but No-Eul character is a bit dead to be honest the same with Jae-hyeok but she seems to be more flat and almost seems like a second female lead from a kdrama 10 years ago. I guess I have to wait for their backstories (IF THEY HAVE ONE, PLEASE LET THEM HAVE ONE) to get my peace of mind cause honestly right now I'm confused whenever they're onscreen.

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  6. fudge am I too late to the party? 

    As much as I was happy for Chilbongie (FINALLY!!!!!), do we really have to wait for season 2 for any news about my ship? hahhaaha, it was such a nice open ending to see them even wrapping up previous patients, it was nice seeing the cop patient being a cop again. 

    to be honest though, when are we getting Mo Ne scenes? hahahaa I was really looking forward to her character

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  7. after watching the first few episodes, these are my thoughts: I kinda wished the characters were established more, were kinda just thrown everything, also there were some scenes that were too draggy for me and ended up skipping some seconds haha (im impatient). But I do appreciate it and hopefully next week's episodes deliver, dont get me wrong the premiere episodes were great but something was just lacking, I was hoping for more. 

    One thing to note though on this drama is the comedy, its a double-edged sword, sometimes it delivers but there are instances where its kinda awkward to watch, but hey you can't have everything haha

    let's look forward to next weeks episode, finally we're gonna be introduced to the second leads


    also, let me just ask, is the  guard from Sky Castle a part of the love triangle or not?

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  8. 4 hours ago, ryanallright said:

    @loopo Neither will sink or dock, we will have to find out next year. I think Shin PD and Writer Lee will continue to tease us for the finale 


    As long as my ship is alive, I'm alright be it a year or two I'm willing to wait. But hey no matter what happens next episode I've been through enough watching their previous series together, I watched this knowing a heartbreak was possible in the future (yes, my heart broke for looney in PPB, it was greater than chilbongie).


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    Of course I start from minute 35:00 and my happiness ends at 36:00, that banmal scene cause me to roll over my bed and scream at the top of my lungs while being cautious of other people around the house, I thought was going to sink but I have a 50/50 chance next week so bring it on. The flashback scene of Captain Ahn and Song Hwa was really cute and how now Captain Ahn is doing the same thing in the elevator, (writer-nim please be good to me next week)

    Seriously though, the chemistry of Ik-Jun and Jung-Hwan is really good and how you can know that they've been friends for a really long time, the call scene was hilarious to say the least.

    As with Gyeol-oh and Jeong Won, all I have to say is that as long as Chilbongie is happy, I'm happy, I don't have any expections.

    As for you guys, prepare you hearts, cause definitely next week we're finally gonna know at least 1% about where are ships are going to be, either at the bottom of the sea or at the dock, the writer decides (sob). 


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  10. I loved the premier of this drama, god Jang-Nara is amazing. It had a good balance of comedy and it really pulled off comedy as something that's funny and not cringey. The heart-tugging moments of JN remind me of her character in Go Back couple and I'm excited to see next week's episode.

    Thank you Lord for the dramas this year, they are interesting, after experiencing a big slump of not finishing kdramas last year for no reason finally I'm back on board for the Korean Hype Train, choo choo

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  11. Episode 10 was good, it primarily focused on mothers (with Seok-hyeong's patient, Rosa, Seok-hyeong Mother, Song-hwa being somewhat of a mother to Uju (sob my Chi-Hong)) and had a ton of funny moments, (my favorite part is the Prison Playbook Reference by Officer Na and when the ost started to play I lost it).


    I might have to accept the fate of my Chi-Hong Song-hwa train but hey at least we are having a Chi-Hong focused episode next week or so I think so. But really, I had so much hope for the opening scene only to find out they were gonna eat as a team and Chi-Hong sudden comments about having a relationship with his coworkers and Song-Hwa agreeing that it is good (fanadsf my heart breaks) and then we cut to Uju having a fever, at first I didn't recognize Song-hwa (I was watching on 360p or 480 I dont know it was so pixelated I thought it was Ik-sun) while she was sleeping beside Uju but damn when they had breakfast together and Ik-jun telling her what he does for himself (I lost it at this part as I started cursing the writer and realized that I was headed for the Chilbongie wreck train all over again, why?). 

    Kidding aside, I loved how finally the the female doctor confessed to Seok-hyeong and seeing him all flustered was so cute.

    P.S. I don't hate Ik-jun, I love him and especially his son Uju so cute, also he was also really funny in the Wangshimi Station Scene I was laughing real hard I stan! (although not for Song-hwa UGHH!! haha just joking)

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  12. 13 hours ago, Dramageek said:

    I am conflicted between Chi hong and Ikjun. He was burned before waiting for Looney in the restaurant. Even though that is different drama, I hate to see him broken heart again.

    Exactly why im on the Chi-hong train (if there is one), thanks @dairymilks @DonnaMae for making me believe hahaha, I've been ecstatic when I saw him again on this drama and vowed to support his character no matter what knowing what he went through with Looney from the previous drama

    with that I would like to say, ALL ABOARD THE CHI-HONG HYPE TRAIN, choo-choo

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  13. damn, I just have to get this off my chest but that "last scene" with Chi yong and Song hwa and whether or not they're waving at each other is testing my patience or rather my patience to wait for another week to find out what's really happening cause if the writer just Chillbongied me once more I'm gonna throw a fit

    P.S. pls give Chi Hong happiness, and also of course Song Hwa, love them both, Ikjun already has Uju (p.s.s. im joking)

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  14. 5 hours ago, kiefshi1056 said:

    i believe and think Shwa is dating Dr. Ahn not Ikjun :blush: by watching the trailer. i wish witernim will let Dr. Jang show cold shoulder to Jwon that will make him confuse of Priesthood :blush:


    EDIT: WAIT what ahn are we talking about? the priest or the captain cause I'm rooting for the captain just to be clear

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  15. THE LAST 4 MINUTES THOUGH OF EPISODE 10 WAS ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE WEEK, so sad for hyun-seo's character although I do understand the intentions of the writer, her character didn't have a place anymore in the story but watching her crumble in fear in front of in-kyu really reflects the abusive relationships that happen irl. 

    Can't believe we're down to the last 3 weeks (or so we might think *wink* *wink)

    P.S. I hate it that Dr. Psych came up to SW just to counsel her without her consent, I just feel that it is a bit off for someone to do that, he might have good intentions but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth


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  16. Wow episode 7 was good and finally we get Dr. Chi-Ahn's story yihee (STILL SHIPPING SONGHWA-CHIAHN).

    But let's talk about the best parts of the episodes, the Reply 1988 cameos, damn I was squealing when I saw Jinju-Mom and Taek-Dad, and then the golden turtle emerges I was shouting. Also for the OST to be played, the writer and director really knows our soft spot. 

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  17. 6 hours ago, sal2 said:


    But what is wrong with a story about her moving away from crazy town to heal from everything and work on herself? I do like those story more as it gives warmth to story and show a positive progress for her. I mean why watch the rest of the story being this two exes fight over each other when we can have warm growth story. sure it seems like many people love this explosive story with many awful people being awful. In end their son and his daughter gonna be collateral damage this way things are going....

     I think she didnt move because of her son and also her job, she's already established in Gosan and her motivation is to provide the best for her son by giving him things he want (financial security) as we have known since the earlier episodes, also moving means another adjustment for her son which she also doesn't wanna do since their situation already stressed him enough. 

    Anyway, wow damn Episode 9 was that episode especially that ending (I HATE TWITTER I WAS SPOILED BEFORE I WATCHED, DONT OPEN TWITTER ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNING, PEOPLE DONT PUT SPOILERS!!!), kinda surprised, we were all rooting for him (insert antm meme here) although we still have upcoming episodes so he might redeem himself (pls do, dont disappoint me). As for Hyun-Seo's situation, still not sold on them being back together together, I can sense some hesitation on her part, maybe she is also planning something?, although if they do get back together I understand since they were in an abusive relationship, you can't just "leave" especially if you're the victim, like she's "brainwashed" to think that what they have is true. 

    See you guys tomorrow for episode 10! FIGHTING!

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  18. After watching episode 8, I really love how SW is a manipulator in some ways, twisting her enemies heads and ideas. Feel bad about JY, to know that he had to undergo everything alone was sad. (P.S. I STILL HATE SNAKE FRIEND OVER TAE-OH, ATLEAST TAE-OH HAS MOTIVES, HER? WHAT IS HER PROBLEM? INFERIORITY COMPLEX?) 

    There's no point in Da-Kyung being mad over SW, she already got her husband, unless she still has some lingering anger with her but then again I kinda feel it has subsided and now they're working together unknowingly? 

    As for the perpetrator, I knew it was him, there was no other person with motive to do it but him aside from TO. 

    Also, really happy to see SW only friend to be okay and still be on her side, FIGHTING!

    Also also, really shipping SW with that Psychiatrist, FIGHTING FIGHTING!

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  19. Just caught up with Hospital Playlist after day, it was smooth sailing for the current 6 episodes. 

    Kinda felt bad at episode 5 for SH-Captain Ahn ship, it is still in the dock. (DAMN YOU WRITER-NIM)

    You guys are all rooting for Ik-Jun and Songhwa because of all the clues but as far as I know, these clues don't matter in the end (STILL SHIPPING SH-CAPTAIN AHN), I guess its time for another #TeamTrash vs #TeamChilbongie. 

    Really loved the dynamics of their friendship and how it evolved to what it is now today, you can really feel that they have been friends for  20 years with how they treat each other.

    Also lets not forget RosaXJongSu, i think it will sail soon *wink* *wink*

    P.S. I am so sad for Chilbongie, he can't get Go-Ara in Reply 1994, he still can't get her in HP because she is Ik-Jun's ex hahahahahaa, the writer is playing with Chilbongie stans, HARD!

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  20. Just saw episode 7 last night before sleeping and it was the worst decision ever, it kept my mind awake for like 20 more minutes just thinking about what I just saw for the past hour. It was my favorite episode thus far, it depicted the characters to be humans as well, and I do get where SW is coming from especially when the Psychiatrist told her why can't she just let her son go to the party, I feel for her because its like her son is "betraying" her in some ways and everything is being taken away from her all over again. The fault of the characters and their course of action is just so real and I actually felt sad for SW because she was holding up herself nicely up until her confrontation with her son about her not being enough, the one thing that makes her feel alright suddenly just expressed hate towards her. For a parent to be told by his/her child that they are a humiliation or that they're not enough is just heartbreaking. We actually saw SW character that she is actually traumatized by everything that she went through and no person can be alright after everything that transpired no matter how much she thought that she was okay, deep inside she was still broken. I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!!.

    Its kinda petty to be honest to seek revenge and I actually despise TO character, like you're the one at fault and everything happened because of your decisions in life, don't blame other people. 

    JY is just confused I guess by everything and he is actually stressed and his parents are doing him no good, but I just like for him to be open to his mom and tell her his thoughts.

    As for the SNAKE DOCTOR FRIEND, I know that we all hate Da-Kyung but I am more furious towards that SNAKE DOCTOR FRIEND, one thing positive about her is that  she is consistent at betraying SW and she would always be at TO side, DAMN YOU!


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