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  1. This drama brought me back to kdrama land. I was never a fan of both leads but boy this drama is changing that. I giggle so much like a fangirl watching this show. Love, love, love it!
  2. This makes me so sad. I hope it airs. I wanted to see Yang Zi in a modern drama and I like the Go go Squid story.
  3. Sorry folks but Min Yura is not dead She can't disappear without knowing the truth about Wang Shik. We are now halfway through and everyone still batty as ever. I need to stop eating dinner while I watch dramas. Almost barfed when the empress dowager had her milk bath.
  4. I was laughing like a mad person the last 5 minutes. I was telling myself, this makes no sense at all but I am enjoying it too much. Ari scares me --so sly so young... I wonder if they filmed some of the scenes a while ago because Choi Jin Hyuk looks really puffy, poor boy.
  5. Makjang is the term you are looking for. Addicting but crazy ..... There are certainly repetitive plots but I will continue to watch weekly because I know if I stop now will have a hard time picking it up again.
  6. I'm watching this before encounter so you know which one I like better. Gutted a bit but if this is what makes Sunny stronger then I'm all for it. The romance between Wang shik and Sunny will be so good later on.
  7. How amazing was the last two episodes? I had no intention of making an MV for this drama but couldn't resist. I loved Gaho's song the first time I heard it and was surprised they released it early. Raise your hand if you got Naruto vibes from the animation scenes
  8. We are only in week two but I feel I've been watching this drama for a while. I mean that in a good way.
  9. I think this is the first time the main leads were given so little screen time in the premiere but it was engaging enough. Gosh, half of our cast are crazy lunatics. Adding this one to my weekly watch list!
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