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  1. I can’t believe she’s on Top 4 now! Looks like she’s really famous in Vietnam. Or maybe one of her dramas is broadcasting there right now. Keep it up!!!! Can’t wait to see her again!!!
  2. But I also read in Soompi what drama will replace Mother of Mine. The follow-up to “Mother of Mine” will be “Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” (literal title) and it’s set to premiere in late September. It’s really confusing! I hope we’ll find some lights in the coming days.
  3. I think we don’t have thread for black dog yet. Coz I remember, we’re still waiting for Soop to confirm HJ’s appearance to it but we haven’t from them yet. But looks like it’s already sure! She’s in the hashtag!!! Sooo excited!!!
  4. As I’m traveling to my work, I heard these two ladies beside me talking about Korean dramas. As they’re talking, they suddenly talked about SHJ. They both agree how great an actress she is. And how they watched every drama she have after watching her on AOH. It’s really refreshing to hear that since it’s really seldom to encounter that kind of conversation about her here in our country. Now, I hope we hear some really good news from her.
  5. Saw some posts that Black Dog will be showing on Jan 2020 and looks like SHJ is already confirmed to do that. Are those true?
  6. I think RMR already confirmed she’s gonna do it right after the news came out. It’s only HJ who’s not yet confirming it. Or there’s no news for any male counterpart confirmed on it.
  7. We got new stills from her new Socar CF. Thanks to Soop for always giving us some monday boosters.lol
  8. I have the same dilemma with you guys! I hope we will get all the answers this July. Coz as I remember it was July when they confirmed TBI. If HJ, now have time to go for vacation, I’m thinking that she’s already done filming The Allies. She now also have time promoting for that Tax thing. And by the way, we’re now getting some news about RDTK’s casts. Looks like they are really going on a different direction.
  9. Still no news about this and it's making me more anxious. I will feel really bad if it's all fake. I hope it's not!!!!
  10. That's right! HJ and Soop will not postponed that event if they don't have very valid reason. And since the drama is not yet public, they can't provide more reason behind her absence aside from being sick. People were just really judgmental during that time. Looks like this will replace the current drama which is popular and always have a very high rating. Can't wait to see her again!!!
  11. Yeah, that’s a bit confusing! Maybe because the production of Black Dog already release the news and Soop just go with the flow. It may sound greedy, but I hope we’ll see her on both. I will be really nice to see her in a saeguk drama then on a modern one after.
  12. @justright, Sure will do the updates once we get the confirmation from Soop! So now, everything make sense. Can’t believe LMK is only for supporting role. DaSom is one of the members of Sistar and now she’s an actress. I hope she’s still take Black Dog. Looks like she met with JHB recently. JHB posted this on IG and that’s definitely Shideo
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