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  1. On 7 December 2018 at 6:18 PM, Sejabin said:

    Feels like I am not having any spirit to continue this life :pensive:

    Tsk tsk... :unamused:

    This is not the sejabin I know...the sejabini who is adventurous, daring and full of life...

    Here...let me tickle you... :kiss_closed:Your spirit will definitely come to life with my tickles... :innocent::mrgreen:

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  2. 19 hours ago, Sejabin said:

    I am very sad today because I can not find your pink rosary after the earthquake :( 

    I always put it on the pink roses on my desk at office :( 

    but yes when the earthquake happened, magically, my desk, my cabinets still stand firmly while everything in my office room did fall to the floor including a very big filling cabinet and a very big gallon 

    while my pink roses, my pink mirror, my calendar table, my glass and other stuffs didn't fall. yes they moved a bit but just that. they still in their positions before the earthquake. my friend said it was because of my pink rosary :innocent: ira said that pink rosary hold the earthquake to shakes my desk and my cabinets and after that it flew to the sky and disappear wkwkwkw ^_* (I know she try to comforts me)

    but still.. :( I am very sad because it's your gift to me :( :( 

    It will come back to you...If not, then think of it this way: The one who found it can now pray the rosary more meaningfully... Don't be sad... everything has its own time...:innocent:

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  3. @Sejabini You're welcome, chingu! :wub: Ahhh, those good old days when this thread was on fire with our crazy posts... :w00t:, making us pant and sweat and hyperventilate because of the intensity of RinSan Love :sweatingbullets:

    That kiss in the bridge sealed the deal... It transformed RinSan forever...that's why, after the kiss, they could look into each other' s eyes with so much emotion...no more pretenses, no more holding back...just honest to goodness pure unadulterated love... :heart:

    Hmnnnn...:mrgreen: I wonder if HJH and Yoona look at each other in this intense way everytime they hang out together with the other TKIL cast....just wondering....wkwkwkw :relaxed:

    Thanks for sharing your first kiss experience, chingu...:blush: Heiii...you could write a one-shot fanfic just on that intense story of your first kiss...wkwkwkwkwkwk:love:

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  4. On 15 June 2018 at 8:42 PM, Sejabini said:


    OHHHHH .. any relationship starts from being close.. and it is better if Yoona becomes one of the closest!! :love: ... closest can be mean:


    1. you both texting everyday on IMessage

    2. you both go to cafeteria or restaurant together

    3. you both send happy birthday message to each other

    4. you both knows bad/good habbits of each other

    5. you both want to spent vacation or holiday together!!


    :relaxed: :heart: thankyou Eunsani for this hot news and thank you breathsurvival for the translations xuxuxuxux... saranghae yo!! *hugsssssssss 

    :blush: You're welcome , chingu... Huggsss :wub:

    oh, how I miss your posts here... :bawling: your scenes, dialogues, songs, and fan fiction on RinSan used to light up and set ablaze this thread... :heart:

    :blush: let's continue to believe that HJH-Yoona's overly-close friendship will remain strong and even lead to an even closer relationship in the future...:mrgreen:


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  5. 32 minutes ago, Sejabini said:

    guys.. have you ever felt guilty with your weights? 

    :flushed: Not really guilty, but worried, when I noticed that at some point, I couldn't see my toes when I peaked from above :joy: or when I gasped for air when all I did was reach down to pick up an object on the floor :flushed::mask::joy:

    but now...:yum: I'm back to my ideal weight, I can see my toes, and can pick up objects off the floor easily...thanks to...EXERCISE and a a little discipline on food intake...:blush:

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  6. @RPM chingu... I'm just so pleasantly amazed and in awe :scream::blush: that you are singing now in this thread, hie hie hie!

    Keep on singing!!! For our RinSan! @Juni Asat I love those two songs too...but especially 

    DO YOU KNOW which is really the theme song of RinSan as it has been played often as BGM during RinSan tender moments :kiss_wink:

    I would love to hear once again the angelic voice of our in-house singer, @Sejabini2013 singing sweetly yet passionately this lovely song of our couple...:kiss_wink::love:

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