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  1. I just loved DM was nudging Ryan to tell tell her mom how he fell for her and Ryan being the awesome boyfriend that he is, truthfully told her mother even if he was cringing internally. In this scene, I think maybe KJW broke character because you can see him trying so hard not to laugh as he lower his head when DM tells her mother "it's not because of the fangirling that I couldn't date".
  2. That's right. He had to cancel because DM made plans with her parents.
  3. I absolutely loved Ep 10 but there are a few things that I loved more in ep 9, like when RG and SDM were having picnic with DM's parents and DM refused to eat so RG ate the spicy gimbap. He was so charming then, smiling even when his mouth was burning and he was crying because of it but he was smiling cause he was finally able to see DM smile again. Also when Latte was talking to SiNaGil, and she said that that he might be in a one sided love but he was so sure that it wasn't what what was happening. He was sure that that she was feeling something too. Another favourite scene in episode 10 when CDI asked RG if he was able to make up with DM, and he replied that they never even fought. All this little things make Ryan Gold a man of Golden Standard..
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